If we don’t handle it properly, I’m afraid that the friendship between Dai Jia and Zhu Jia will be destroyed in one thousand.
And once it really becomes like that, don’t say it’s the throne. I’m afraid Dai Long has chopped him to pieces. Now those in the palace are all burning with such magic soul incense. If Zhujiajian wants to check it, I’m afraid it will soon be found. He couldn’t help but gasp at the thought of this.
But soon he calmed down, because Zhu Zhuyun, since he came to see him, I’m afraid he didn’t know that this matter involved so much. Now he needs to take all the blame on himself, and then tell his father about it and let him wipe all the traces clean quickly, so nothing will happen.
Of course, Zhu Zhuyun will hate him at that time, and Zhu Pride will probably break off an engagement for this reason.
But he won’t be such a loser as Dai Mubai. If he wants Zhu Zhuyun now, Zhu Zhuyun will still be his fiancee when raw rice is cooked. Otherwise, once he and Zhu Zhuyun get divorced, he will have no fiancee, so he will be at the same starting line as Dai Mubai. At that time, he is not sure that he can compete with Dai Mubai.
"Davis, why are you doing this to me?" Zhu Zhuyun, brimming with anger and injustice, forced him to ask. In his heart, he still had a glimmer of hope for Davis.
"Zhuyun, I love you, so I’m lustful to you for a while. Forgive me, okay?" Davis looked at the beautiful Zhu Zhuyun with some greed.
"Forgive you? You deserve my forgiveness for doing such a thing? " Zhu Zhuyun’s eyes are full of sadness, and his chest is slightly undulating. He is a little angry. "Even if you give Zhu Qing the means of Dai Mubai, I can still say that I will forgive you slowly, but that is the magic soul incense and that is poison."
"Bamboo cloud magic soul fragrance will not harm your body, but will make you love me more." Davis walked forward and approached Zhu Zhuyun slowly to hug him.
"Ha ha love you more? And then become your slave. No resistance. Slave, you drive? " Zhu Zhuyun body slightly side away from Davis hug and then angry and said
"Zhuyun, you forced me to do this. You forced you to know all this?" Facing Zhu Zhuyun’s questioning, Davis’s eyes were red and angry, saying that the exposure of magic soul incense might lead to consequences, and Zhu Zhuyun’s constant questioning made him lose his mind.
"I force you? When have I ever forced you? "Zhu Zhuyun looked at Davis with a trembling charming body. There was some fear in her eyes. It was the first time she saw Davis. It was like a demon.
Only then did she realize that she came to Davis House alone. No one knew that if Davis did something to her, no one would help her.
"What did you force me to do?" Davis ha ha a smile at Zhu Zhuyun way
"We were engaged from the age of six to the age of nineteen for twelve years."
"You keep saying that you are my fiancee, but neither of us has even touched our hands, let alone that."
"Bamboo cloud, you are so beautiful. You are the only great beauty in our star city. Whenever we are together, do you know how proud I am when I see others envy and look at me? But I am also very painful. You are so beautiful, but you haven’t touched me. You don’t know how much I want you. "
"Your figure is so good, your legs are so long, and you are so beautiful. I can’t wait to hold you in my arms every day, but what about you? Every time you refuse my request, I can’t even give me a hug. I will come up with this strategy. I have racked my brains to get the magic soul fragrance to make you love me. I want you to love me enough. Listen to me and I will do whatever I want to do to you. "Davis looked at Zhu Zhuyun with red eyes and was full of greed. The resentment accumulated for more than ten years broke out in an instant.
"You this beast selfish will hurt me like this? It’s not that I don’t promise. I’m thinking about giving you my best side when we get married. "Two lines of clear tears flowed from Zhu Zhuyun’s eyes. Zhu Zhuyun didn’t know that Davis had begun to resent her so early.
"Hum marry? I can’t wait for you to be so beautiful. Being by my side every day makes me want to stop. I can’t stand it, "Davis said, releasing her terror and rushing towards Zhu Zhuyun.
"Davis, what are you doing?" Zhu Zhuyun’s beautiful face turned pale and looked at Davis with some vigilance. He also released the Wu soul, two yellow and two purple, and four soul rings appeared.
"Of course I want you today." Davis looked at Zhu Zhuyun with a smile and some greed in his eyes.
"Don’t you dare to do this, my father won’t let you go." Zhu Zhuyun Cu Cu Xiu Mei looked at Davis’s face with some despair. She didn’t expect that she was just worried that the scene still appeared. She was too big to dare to come to Davis Mansion alone.
"Zhu is proud?" Davis looked at the beautiful Zhu Zhuyun and said, "If I let you go another day, Zhu Pride will go to my father and break off an engagement. At that time, I will be really finished. The magic soul fragrance is a hundred times worse than Dai Mubai’s ecstasy. When it is exposed, I will never be able to inherit the throne again. Even if I have the qualification to inherit the throne, my talent is too different from Dai Mubai’s. Without you, he and I will be at the same starting line. At that time, I will certainly be unable to compete with him."
"So I have to get you now, and I will go to Zhujiajian to apologize and Zhu Pride won’t say anything more when we cook uncooked rice." Dai Mubai said the mighty soul force rushed towards Zhu Zhuqing.
Davis repaired as high as level 45, and Zhu Zhuyun just broke through to level 43. There is a huge gap.
Plus Zhu Zhuyun is in a bad state now, and Davis will beat her soon.
"Bamboo cloud, you are so beautiful. Today you will be me." Davis smiled wickedly.
"You can’t expect me to die and I won’t let you succeed." Zhu Zhuyun looked at Davis and gave up on him completely.
Davis is a demon. Zhao is far from it.
Zhao helps her massage every day these days, but she has never overstepped her bounds. He is sincere, and Davis is a lecher and a beast.
At this moment, Zhu Zhuyun’s body, magic, soul and incense can’t stop her from hating Davis.
Looking at the beautiful face of Davis Zhu Zhuyun coming towards her step by step, she has a touch of despair, and Zhao keeps flashing in her mind. Now she knows who her true lover is.
It was none other than Zhao.
Zhao is her brother-in-law and her true lover.
"It’s really an enemy. It’s impossible for us in this generation. If we have a generation, everything will stop me from pursuing." Zhu Zhuyun’s beautiful eyes are closed, and her face is clear of tears, and a sharp knife appears towards her white neck.
Chapter 13 How much did Zhao pay?
Just when Zhu Zhuyun was ready to slash his throat, Zhao appeared.
The black dragon sword lightly picks Zhu Zhuyun’s neck knife and flies quickly.
"Zhao" Zhu Zhuyun saw Zhao Mei’s eyes red and tears flowed involuntarily.
"I said I would protect you when I was here," said Zhao pity, wiping tears from Zhu Zhuyun’s face with his palm. He came early, but he never showed up, just waiting for Zhu Zhuyun to be completely disappointed with Davis.
Now he doesn’t know if it’s time to appear, but he doesn’t want to wait any longer. He doesn’t want his bamboo cloud to be bullied by him later.
"Zhao turned out to be you." Davis’s eyes were full of murder. He almost got it, but Zhao got mixed up.
"Davis, long time no see, I didn’t expect to meet you today, but it is on this occasion." Zhao light way has a cold and murder in his eyes.
"Zhao, you are a genius of heaven and earth, and I am a star empire to me. I want you to give me the bamboo cloud in the future. I promise to give you a title and a fief when I succeed to the throne in the future." Davis’s eyes are uncertain. He knows that Zhao is very strong and he is no match for Zhao.
"The title? Fief? " Zhao smiled and then looked at the jade man in his arms and hugged her tightly. "You said that these things may be very precious to you, but they are not mine."
"You bamboo cloud? When did Zhuyun become you? " Davis looked at Zhao roaring out and looked at Zhao holding Zhu Zhuyun in his arms. He was jealous that he and Zhu Zhuyun had not hugged her for so many years.
"I said I was me" Zhao looked at Davis with disdain, so his fiancee didn’t know how to cherish it. What a waste.
"Davis, from now on, I will be with you again. My lover has Zhao." I just saw Davis’s ugly face and was saved by Zhao. Her heart has completely belonged to Zhao, and even the magic soul incense can stop Zhu Zhuyun from this emotion.
"Ding, congratulations on the completion of the host"