The old duke had to bite the bullet and repeatedly said that he was busy making people write a new memorial tablet on the table now.
Someone put a futon in front of the table.
Blue ink Yan stepped forward, but his hand was still dragging RuXiaoNan in a fog, and RuXiaoNan was pulled to the table by him.
Blue ink yan will hand area RuXiaoNan to futon.
"Little darling, bow down with me to my birth mother." Blue ink Yan looked down at her.
Little darling …
She will never hear anyone call her that again in her life.
No one has ever cared about her except the old grandfather with a magic stick. After her grandfather died, she grew like a weed and couldn’t find her direction. Her uncle forced her to take her grandfather’s property from her everywhere.
There will be no more reliance in this life
Jade-like cat’s eyes are full of fine water and light, so she blinks with big eyes and doesn’t want water vapor to block her sight.
Blue ink Yan knelt directly on the ground, Ru Xiaonan, and accompanied him to kneel on the futon surface. This time, she did not slack off but bowed down in good faith.
Looking at the two figures in front of the table, one big and one small, the old duke breathed more and more heavily.
I don’t know if it’s his illusion. He saw the blue ink face with a soothing smile on her mouth and a girl in a bright red dress gave three big gifts to the Lushi memorial tablet.
When I got up, the green ink Yan directly picked up Ru Xiaonan and moved skillfully and intimately.
The old duke felt that he couldn’t support it any longer. He managed to support it until the servant left, and then he was helped back by the servant.
The servant put up the curtain and blew out the candle.
The old duke fell into the darkness.
But as soon as he closes his eyes, the woman whose eyes are as clear as the lake will emerge.
No identity, no status, I heard that I still fled from Qi to Xia Guo at night.
He found a treasure, but he didn’t want her, but he was already pregnant with a bastard
After death, she became a lady.
The old duke felt uncomfortable at the thought that her memorial tablet would be displayed in the ancestral temple in the future.
The old duke gasped deeply, trouble sleeping.
But even if he hates and is angry again, he clearly knows who Hou Fu is relying on to keep up appearances now.
When RuXiaoNan went to Baiheyuan the next day, it was still sent by QingMoyan.
All the way, she was trapped in her little head bit by bit.
After being led back by Qing Moyan last night, she, he would feel depressed, but he took her with great interest to take a hot bath
Then she was ordered to dry her wet hair, and it was almost dawn when they went to bed.
Qing Mo Yan won’t feel sleepy even if she runs errands all the year round, but she can’t. She yawns with her mouth open and her eyes are full of tears.
Yu Jingqi sat staring at her for a while.
"Who bullied you?"
"… in addition to the green ink yan who else …" RuXiaoNan vague should be a sentence in a state of waking and sleeping.
"How did he bully you?" Yu Jingqi has some serious expressions.
Ruxiaogaigen didn’t notice how misleading her words would be to others.
"What is escort?"
"Wash with sleep with … ah … so sleepy." She yawned greatly again, and then she swallowed it back before she finished.
Yu Jingqi’s face turned a little pale. "Aren’t you a young woman?"
"Who said that?"
"Didn’t he adopt you?" Yu Jingqi didn’t know what was wrong with him. Before, he never asked questions about such things, but looking at this confused little girl, he couldn’t help but want to know more about her, but he didn’t want to be too obvious.
"Yes, but he doesn’t want me to be his adopted daughter … anyway, I won’t live many years …" Then even she didn’t know what she said, and her head fell asleep on the desktop.
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