Liu Shiying looked at Ye Liangkai, who was full of guilt, and said, "I forgive you for what you did wrong. Get up."
Ye Liangkai looked up at her with red eyes and asked carefully, "Really?" Really? "
Liu Shiying sat on the bed, grabbed his head and looked at the closed door and said softly, "Well, I will forgive you this time. If you dare to do it again, I will never forgive you so easily."
Ye Liangkai holds Liu Shiying’s waist and face close to her knees. Her face is full of peace of mind. It’s good for her wife to forgive him. But for a moment, Liu Shiying insisted: "I can forgive you but you must dismiss Qi Yue."
Ye Liangkai looked up and explained seriously: "My wife, she really blames me for not being able to control her bust." Liu Shiying’s almond eyes sank and her face immediately pulled to take a deep breath and said: "Ye Liangkai opened me whether she was active or passive, but the fact is that you betrayed me. Now you can’t even make this request, so I will forgive you."
Ye Liang has performed so many plays, which is no stranger to this scene, but it really happened to him, but he can’t stay out of it. Ye Liang is very guilty of aligning with the moon when he opens it. Now it’s even worse that his wife ordered him, but he can’t help sighing and saying, "I will do as you do, and I will always love you. Why don’t you believe me?"
Liu Shiying heard that he felt nothing in his heart. She is sometimes soft and weak, but innocent girl is actually a very independent and thoughtful person. Liu Shiying doesn’t know if Ye Liangkai knows her heart, but she is deeply touched by Ye Liangkai’s happy changes.
The man’s heart began to be a little scattered. It’s not too sad to think that Liu Shiying’s heart tightened and her breathing felt a little bitter. She had three boyfriends, but Ye Liangkai was her true love. She used to be very clever and always kept her feelings until she broke up.
Now this seemingly obedient man in front of him doesn’t cherish Liu Shiying’s black and white eyes after taking away her love. He is still a little sad. The man said seriously, "Don’t make me sad after Ye Liang leaves you. I may be crazy."
Ye Liangkai nodded gently. She regarded love as her life, and he didn’t taste it either. This woman once brought him the feeling of boiling blood. He always remembered Liu Shiying. I want you to grow old together and say quietly.
Lin Shen watched Ye Liangkai’s husband and wife get back together, and his face was a little lost. Liu Qingya gave him a heavy push. His beautiful face was full of anger and anger. He said, "Lin Shen, why are you so sad when I talk to you?"
Lin Shen’s face smiled, but it was uglier than bitterness. Liu Qingya saw him slam his bag on him like this and scolded him, "Lin Shen, I’ve had enough of you. I don’t want to see you again." Then he walked away with high heels.
It’s a sigh of relief that Liu Qingya left Lin Shen. Hehe, I can’t even show that I’m in a bad mood. What’s the point of living? Think about how many months later, two people will be engaged, and then one year later, they will enter the marriage hall. Will the future wife be a spoiled young lady?
Lin Shen looks up to the distance, where the leaves are cool and open, and Liu Shiying and his wife are happy to eat fruit. If he hadn’t learned from Liu Qingya that they almost divorced because of a little assistant, he couldn’t believe that such a good couple would happen.
Lin Shen saw that Ye Liang opened his eyebrows and smiled. He took out his cell phone and sent a message, holding his cheek and waiting for Ye Liang to open his reaction.
The message came from the mobile phone, and the sound indicator leaves cool. Looking at the message from the mobile phone, it says: Are you happy? I am not happy at all. I miss that night very much.
Ye Liangkai is invisible and wrinkled. He turns to look at Lin Shen’s eyes not far away. His eyebrows and eyes are all melancholy. Ye Liangkai is the first to put aside his eyes and bow his head and reply with a message: You must forget what happened that night. It was a mistake.
Lin Shen looked down at the information and quickly replied, I can’t forget that when I close my eyes, my mind is full of you.
Ye Liangkai also wanted to reply to Liu Shiying and asked him, "What’s the matter?"
Ye Liang opened his finger and deleted the two messages, stuffed them into his pocket, shook his head and said to Liu Shiying Nai, who had doubts in his eyes, "Some people don’t have junk information to eat pears."
Chapter one hundred and sixteen I’m sorry for you
In the evening, the husband and wife were lying together in the hotel room with a big bed and their faces were covered with masks.
Ye Liangkai said to Liu Shiying, "Wife, your skin has deteriorated recently."
Liu Shiying was so frightened that when she sat up, her face mask dropped. She picked up the mirror, looked at her face, touched her skin in distress and turned to complain: "You damn fool blame me for not having a good rest and my skin is getting worse."
After a while, Liu Shiying took off Ye Liang’s face mask and looked at him angrily. She said, "A man’s skin is better than mine, and I will kill you." Then she jumped on him.
Women can never beat men. Ye Liangkai grabbed Liu Shiying’s hands and looked at her with a smile. She said, "My wife is better than you even if I don’t have enough mask, but my husband won’t abandon you."
Liu Shiying gave him a charming stare, and Ye Liangkai liked to tease her most. In the face of this feminine and charming look, her heart became itchy, and their eyes became sticky and bored, and Ye Liangkai kissed her tenderly.
Liu Shiying lifted her neck to meet this gentle and affectionate kiss and quickly piled up their clothes.
"Button … button … button cousin are you in there?" Lin Shen asked politely at the door with a play, and there was a familiar sound in it.
Ye Liangkai wanted to pretend that he didn’t hear what he said, but a word from Lin Shen ruined his interest in listening to Lin Shen and said, "Cousin and I were in bed that night …"
As soon as the door was opened, Ye Liangkai looked at him nervously and said, "Lin Shen, what can I do for you? Your cousin is still resting."
Lin Shen saw that Liu Shiying was covered with a quilt in the crack of the door, and just looked out the door. Ye Liang opened his eyes and blocked his eyes. He said, "Go back first and I’ll come later."
Lin Shen nodded and went away. Ye Liang opened his heart and fell down. Just as the door was closed, Liu Shiying pressed it against the door and kissed it.
Ye Liangkai pushed her away and explained, "I need to go to Lin Shen’s place and we’ll come back …"
When Liu Shiying was pushed away, she was even more angry when she heard this sentence. She turned around and went back to bed and said, "If you miss this village, there will be no shop."
Ye Liang wore pajamas and wanted to kiss her. Liu Shiying avoided Ye Liang and finally sighed, thinking that two people’s hearts would be good and they would make a small change to face the hidden danger of explosion at any time and open the door and go out.
Leaves cool open just knocked on the door and was pulled into the room by Lin Shen. Without talking, it was pressed on the door and the lip was mercilessly sucked.
Ye Liangkai stretched out his hand and pushed him away, saying, "Be reasonable, Lin Shen." Lin Shen looked at his sad face and cried, "Cousin, I feel bad."
When Ye Liangkai heard this, he replied rationally, "You and I just had contact that night. What’s so sad about it?" Lin hugged Ye Liangkai and buried his head in his neck, sniffing him deeply and saying, "I didn’t know that the real lover in my life was you until I met you."
Ye Liangkai doesn’t know that he feels everyone’s feelings are not equal. He knows that Lin Shen has hindered his life and he must be ruled out as a time bomb.
"Let’s try again, and I will try to forget that you won’t pester you." Lin Shen pleaded painfully in my ear.
"I hope you will keep the agreement," said Lin Shen, who watched Ye Liangkai immerse himself in the darkness.
His affair with Lin Shen seems to be as crazy as the end of the world. Lin Shen threw himself into the war with a desperate desperation, and the leaves were cold and he was not infected.
The next morning, when the leaves were cool and Lin Shen was still asleep, he got up early and left. When his hand touched the door handle, suddenly someone called from behind: "Cool."
Lin Shen didn’t know when to wake up, but she gently said, "There are some things that are nothing more than persistence" and opened the door and left.
Before I walked to my door, I saw a woman in black and long hair shawl, and her expression was quite lost and hesitant in front of the door.
"Qi Yue" leaves cool open and gently calls her to turn around together or stick a band-aid to look at him with a little surprise, but then she is crushed.