I heard Gao Shunyao shouting at the scene that Hironori Ishikawa gave the ball directly to Gao Shunyao’s team. Now the style of play has not been finalized. They also want to know what Gao Shunyao really wants to do. After Gao Shunyao caught the ball and turned around, he still had a double line of defense in front of the opponent’s lower back. But even so, he did not hesitate to rush up immediately!
Gao Shunyao is not slow, he is also full of strength, and the most important thing is that people will take the initiative to cooperate with his teammates after he gets the ball, but he didn’t expect him to rush directly!
Directly hit the restricted area from the middle? What an incredible idea!
The lower back around him tried to rush over and stop his impact, but Gao Shunyao’s route selection with the ball was very good, which kept him behind, and Gao Shunyao’s strength made him unable to pull, and Gao Shunyao’s front defender also leaned over, but Gao Shunyao’s foot suddenly accelerated and hit him actively!
The interception defender was knocked down by Gao Shunyao and leaned against his body. Gao Shunyao directly broke through two layers of defense!
The third defender passed the defender in a row and stopped him. The defender didn’t try to block the ball technically or force him. He directly shoveled it from Gao Shunyao’s side.
During the high-speed progress, Gao Shunyao’s roots came in the same direction, kicked the ball out and was shoveled by the opposite defender. The two men collided and Gao Shunyao was finally knocked down.
The whistle sounded, and the defender got a yellow card. Gao Shunyao got up from the ground and came in front of him. He had already received the ball, and Daqian Yuanji came over.
"Are you all right?"
Daqian Yuanji asked Gao Shunyao and shook his head. The other party didn’t shovel his ankle. He was knocked down by someone. Although it hurts a little, it doesn’t matter. After all, it is more effective than kicking yourself in physical pain. This is the key.
This is how Gao Shunyao thought of solving the problem.
Since everyone can’t play well and can’t cooperate, I will run more and seek more cooperation. If everyone cooperates more, the team’s strength will be better-since I am inexperienced, I will seek more cooperation. Since I always worry too much, I will just run and let myself have no time to think. Since I don’t know how to get a good ball, I will attract defense and make all opportunities better.
Gao Shunyao is not a person who is good at thinking. After a game, he found himself unable to figure out what to do until after the game. He didn’t have the kind of genius that Li Ze said, and he could figure out how to crack the strategy by looking at the stadium. He didn’t have the experience and the players themselves, so he could think of a way to let others do it instead of targeting others.
Gao Shunyao understood that if the rhythm of the game is in the opponent’s hands, it will be difficult for him to play well. In contrast, it is better to take the initiative to throw this problem to the opponent.
Of course, if you want to take the initiative, you have to pay a high price. If you want to take the initiative in your own hands, you have to run faster and fight more. If you are another player, you may not want to do this, but Gao Shunyao never recognizes that he is a clever and diligent way to play football. He is very happy.
Gao Shunyao thought so and did so, and his efforts also played a role. After seeing that his impact could not be intercepted by a single person, Mitsubishi’s defense began to tighten, and they had enough support ability to make Gao Shunyao’s impact start.
However, it also means that they gave their midfield to the big flow, which is different from being overwhelmed by a game. This game quickly controlled the midfield.
Gao Shunyao succeeded in trying, and this time the initiative was flowing through the big hand.
Section 46 Quick wits
After mastering the advantages of the stadium, Hironori Ishikawa, Bijia, Yuha and Ishikawa passed through the big players and began to pass the football back and forth in the midfield position.
The advantage that Gao Shunyao won is hard to flow through. The big players know that they are not skilled enough to really occupy the advantage. Therefore, although they have controlled the situation, they are also carefully looking for opportunities to attack and cause fatal damage to their opponents.
However, six minutes after the game, they still haven’t found a good chance. Although they have suppressed their opponents in the situation now, Mitsubishi’s shrinking defense has made it more difficult for them to score goals.
It’s hard for Gao Shunyao or Yuan Ji to break through the tight blockade of the other side and pass the ball back and forth through the big players, but that’s the way to break into the penalty area.
"Into a! Enter one! "
The cheerleaders who passed by the stadium have begun to shout warm slogans. Even the fans can see that the team is now occupying the romantic experience. In JFL, it is a relegation team. Their strength is not excellent, and it is very rare for them to have the opportunity to occupy the wind.
The fans are getting louder and louder because they are expecting to see a beautiful goal.
After getting the ball on the left, Tomoya Ugajin took two steps forward, intercepted a kick at the opponent’s right back, gave the ball to the middle and inserted it into Hironori Ishikawa.
After receiving the football, Hironori Ishikawa didn’t run forward. He seized the opportunity to plug the ball straight and sent it behind the opponent’s right back.
At that time, when Tomoya Ugajin was running fast, the right-back behind him was caught by Bi Jiayou. He didn’t come back to intercept Yuhe. Three people skillfully cooperated to push the football forward. On the left side of the penalty area, Yuhe chased Ishikawa’s football and controlled the ball in the foot to face the center-back. He didn’t choose to enter the penalty area but took a step forward.
They are quite skillful in cooperating with each other because they have never reached an important position in the restricted area. Because the position is not important, they have not encountered too many interceptions. Tomoya Ugajin knows this very well, so he chose the bottom and did not encounter too many interceptions. The other side prevented him from entering the restricted area but did not stop him.
And this opportunity, Tomoya Ugajin suddenly leaned forward and made an arc to take the ball to the far point of the restricted area!
This way of playing is to show their high center advantage. If there is no high point of Gao Shunyao, the team must break into the restricted area. However, if Gao Shunyao breaks through the wings here, the opponent must also be careful to guard against a Gao Shunyao, which will change the game. The width of the stadium will naturally open.
That’s what they’ve been doing during the big half. They want to transfer Mitsubishi defenders to the flank. Since Gao Shunyao squashed their formation and it’s difficult to break through, they also want to use Gao Shunyao’s deterrence to lengthen their formation and make their defense flawed.
A clap of hands at the Yuhe ball rang at the same time. The fans are looking forward to some miracle. They have been waiting for the goal for too long.
None of the Japanese wingers are particularly good. Many players will sometimes find the back point but not the front point. Although the goal scored by Yuka is not bad, it is not excellent. When Yuka chose the bottom, the opposing central defender has blocked Gao Shunyao behind him. His position card is very good. This time, he successfully grabbed the ball in front of Gao Shunyao and pushed it out of the bottom line.
"It’s so much worse again."
Gao Shunyao, who failed to grab the ball, refused to throw it in the restricted area. Even if it was not good enough, he could resist it.
He has played better in this game than in the previous one. Many teams have taken the advantage, and the ball is constantly attacking in their hands. Compared with a game in which they played in a mess, they have at least been in power, and their efforts have not been dominated by the white team, which also proves that Gao Shunyao thinks there is no mistake.
However, it is also a trouble to never score a goal without any mistakes. Listen to the cheers of the fans and see if the score is still high and there is a little anxiety.
There was a sigh around. The ball was bad and failed to form an opportunity. There were a series of breakthroughs in front, but after the sigh, the fans clamored here. Although this defense blocked Gao Shunyao’s header arch opportunity, it also allowed the runner to get a corner kick. For the weak team, the positioning ball opportunity is always a magic weapon to win. Enter one! "
The fans are getting louder and louder, and they don’t ask for more goals. If they want a goal, their advantage can be converted into scores.