"Dean Erlong Liu, I just heard that little dance when he talked to Tang San."
"Yeah, yeah, yeah, I heard it, too."
"Don’t Tang San really intend to destroy other people’s feelings?"
"I didn’t expect Tang San to be such a person."
"Tang three do live up to such as? With a flower, I still want to find another woman, even if I find another woman, but I can’t rob another woman. "
"A friend’s wife can’t be bullied. Zhao and Tang San or classmate Tang San actually did such a thing."
"This kind of thing happens to me, and I will definitely fight with him. Zhao has a good temper."
"It turns out that Zhao is not the kind of arrogant person. He didn’t mean to play this time, but for a reason."
The discussion on the playground is eager. Just now, they saw Zhao and Tang San arguing, and they still didn’t know what it was, but after Zhao’s advice, everything was very clear
Suddenly, everyone looked at Zhao Yuan, and their eyes became more eager. Even those who were angry and dissatisfied because of Zhao’s bullying had a better understanding of Zhao. After all, it is only natural that such a thing will happen to anyone who can’t stand Zhao’s doing so.
Many girls with beautiful faces in bud have extraordinary splendour in their eyes. Looking at Zhao, they are full of admiration. Just now Zhao’s strength has left a deep impression on them. Now they know that Zhao came to Tang San because of his girlfriend. Suddenly, in their minds, a hero is angry, and the beauty is alone. The image of Lanba College is supplemented by the brain.
At the same time, everyone looked at Tang San with some disdain. No one likes those who destroy people’s feelings, but their disdain and contempt for Tang San are secretly hidden in their hearts because Tang San is still the first person of the younger generation in Lanba College. They are not to be taunted.
"Some people are modest gentlemen on the surface, but they are just hypocritical villains behind their backs." Many people thought to themselves.
Erlong Liu looked at Tang San’s look and looked around at the students’ reaction. Suddenly, the eyebrows were slightly wrinkled.
"Li Zhan, what the hell is going on?" Erlong Liu looked at the teacher who had just been defeated by Zhao and had a soul, Wang Xiu, and asked.
"This? Dean, I’m not particularly clear, but I just heard that Tang Sanhe and Zhao Gong had a little argument about a little dancer. "Li Zhan took a deep look at Zhao and was somewhat awed and shocked. Zhao was so young that he could easily defeat them. Zhao was too horrible. In the future, Zhao will surely be among the titles."
It’s terrible to think about it.
He doesn’t want to offend a future title, and what he just said is true.
"Shout" Erlong Liu see Li Zhan also said so suddenly in the mind also.
Tang San has always given him high hopes, and she pays much more attention to him than other students in Lanba College. This is not only because of Tang San’s talent, but also because she and Tang San are special.
Tang San is Xiao Gang’s younger brother, so she regards him as her junior.
She has always been satisfied with Tang Sanzi, but she didn’t expect him to destroy other people’s feelings, even if she likes other people’s girls no matter how much.
"Aunt Liu, listen to me. It’s all Zhao who slanders me. It’s Zhao who destroys my feelings with Xiaowu." Tang San, disappointed with Erlong Liu, quickly explained that Erlong Liu is the dean of Lanba College and he respects his elders. He never wants Erlong Liu to misunderstand him.
"Tang San, don’t talk nonsense. My little dance has been liked since the beginning. You and I don’t have any money. Do you still think about thieves and call for thieves now?" Zhao smiled and looked at Tang San, who was furious and felt carefree.
"Shame on you" Tang Sanqi’s body trembled violently and his face turned red. How did he know that Zhao was so ashamed to rob him and even slandered him so much?
"Dean Erlong Liu, did I talk nonsense? You can send someone to Notting College in Notting City to check. At that time, you will be able to know if I have lied." Zhao looked at Erlong Liu and said with a smile.
"Can the public borrow a step to talk?" Zhao said that it was well-founded and Erlong Liu didn’t believe it. Now there are many people with miscellaneous eyes, and she doesn’t want to go further here. Otherwise, the Tang three would stink, which she didn’t want to see.
"Good." Zhao smiled brightly. Now he has achieved his goal. Now Tang San’s good image among the students and teachers in Lanba College has deteriorated. Although it is less than freezing point, everything should be taken slowly.
Tang San’s face is slowly beaten to get the taste.
Now there’s a chance to be alone with beautiful Erlong Liu. Don’t waste it.
"Li Zhan, you take Xiaosan to get some medicine and have a rest."
"I’ll come to you later," Erlong Liu said, taking Zhao thinking about walking outside the playground.
Erlong Liu walked in front with a beautiful figure. Although she wore a slightly wide dress, she still outlined some perfect lines. The plump charm of her body is not comparable to that of ordinary people.
Zhao followed Erlong Liu and looked at Erlong Liu’s beautiful back and smiled. He could feel the unique fragrance that belonged to Erlong Liu’s body. The smell was light but not strong.
Chapter 41 Are you a Flanders student?
Out of the college, Erlong Liu took Zhao directly down a path to the rear of the college and soon entered the forest outside the main campus.
Going on for hundreds of meters, the Woods are gradually thinning out, and an exceptionally thick number of cards are hung with a line engraved on the face, "Please don’t enter the college unless it is important."
Across the big tree, the scenery suddenly changed.
It’s a small lake with a diameter of only 50 meters. A small stream with a width of about 3 meters quietly injects water from the other side of the forest and then flows back, so that this place, which should be regarded as a pool, always keeps running water.
There is a simple hut near the pool, which is made of wooden boards and thatch, and it is completely integrated with the surrounding environment. There is a fence around the hut, and all kinds of flowers are competing to open. It is very beautiful.
There is a fresh fragrance floating everywhere, which is the residence of Erlong Liu.
"It smells good," Zhao said with a smile, smelling the fresh fragrance. Zhao felt comfortable in his heart. This fragrance has the fragrance of trees and flowers in the forest. Of course, I don’t know where it smells good. Anyway, it is very fragrant
And this quiet environment also makes him like it very much.