It’s always good to keep a force here.
In Kyushu, Tsukida Shinhwa, a right-wing person, naturally couldn’t give him a thank-you officer, so he got the new Youweimen in Shikoku and let Tsukioka take over most of Kyushu’s forces by being backed by Tsukikawa.
Niigata still has some abilities, and the Niigata Group is also a relatively mature force after this year’s development. With this force as a team, I believe that the ability of Tsunami Shinhwa will also be helpless.
Ma Paoer has been paid a lot of bail by Tsuda Shinji, and then Heng Yu received a private hospital to recover.
Xie Cunguan instructed Lin Hufeng and Heng Yuli to smuggle Ma Paoer out of Ri immediately. Zeng Shixiong cooperated to enter Indonesia to recuperate. Yu Hengyu immediately sold his business to Longhan Branch of Kyushu Island, and then flew to Indonesia with Li Mochi the day before Ma Paoer smuggled.
With the smuggling of horse guns into Lin Hufeng, people also withdrew to Indonesia.
In Zhu Xianghui and Guo Tanlu, both of them have been taking care of the injured Dai Ruoxi. With the lifting of martial law, Xie Cunguan asked Chen Changdong Long Han to bring people to Tokyo to meet him immediately.
It’s meaningless to collect information from the Black Dragon Club. More information has been exposed. She and Liu Fan immediately left Ri.
Zhu Di has stayed in Tokyo for the time being to continue to note the information of the Black Dragon Club. Although it seems that the Black Dragon Club is not very important to the forces behind it at present, the Oracle of hūn River Warming Duck can always get some feedback from there.
When all this was arranged, Wang Yibing came in with Luo Youcai
Luo Youcai’s eyes are red and he obviously hasn’t slept.
"Cunguan has searched all the information of Banyuan’s family together. Come and have a look!"
Xie Cunguan followed Wang Yibing to the next door and entered the door. Several Han people were busy there in an orderly way. Some of them were sorting out documents. Xie Cunguan looked at most of them were letters and a lot of photos from Banyuan’s home, and of course there were some shares of Daiwa Co., Ltd. and some bank notes.
There are also a large number of documents in Banyuan Hengkang, Banyuan Zhixin and Banyuan Yidu’s mind, which will be printed one by one when a Han Zheng identifies them.
There are also two computers and one computer software.
These two men are experts in information warfare among the mercenaries with fierce knives. They are setting up a high-end encrypted brain communication device at Banyuan’s home to establish a link with the intelligence department of Longhan Tokyo Branch.
Because Xie Cunguan wants to hand over these searched materials to Longhan Intelligence Service, and investigate these people and materials through the Intelligence Service, so that the psychological defense of the other side can be broken when interrogating Banyuan’s third father.
That’s how people feel. When others don’t know, they always want to hide it.
But once you feel that others already know, it is easy to give up fighting.
When Xie Cunguan looked at these materials, Wang Yibing called over a fine-eyed man and introduced to Xie Cunguan, "This is Zhou Xinran, a confidential staff officer who specialized in intelligence analysis in the army before he retired. He will be in charge here for a while. You will tell him what you know and keep it for you. Make this thing easy!"
Xie Cunguan saw that such professionals naturally did not show off their "intelligence" and immediately told Zhou Xinran about their mastery.
Zhou Xinran said nothing, but simply asked a few words when he met some keys.
After Xie Cunguan explained all this, it was time to eat, so several people went to the first floor to eat.
During the meal, a Chinese man ran from the building and whispered a few words in Wang Yibing’s ear. Wang Yibing pushed his rice bowl and said to Xie Cun, "That Banyuan Zhixin has collapsed. I’ll go and have a look!"
Banyuan Zhixin is Banyuan Hengkang’s eldest son and Banyuan Yidu’s elder brother.
Xie Cunguan: Oh, I’m so worried. Why didn’t Banyuan collapse before his brother collapsed?
But it turned out that this board-walled zhixin was a monkey J and jīng talent since he was a child, but he was timid. The board-walled Hengkang asked him to take care of the business of Yamato Co., Ltd.
"Wang Ge is not in a hurry to let him collapse for a while and eat first!" Xie Cunguan did not show anxiety.
After dinner, Wang Yibing went to interrogate Banyuan Zhixin Xie Cunguan and returned to the third floor.
At this time, the old guy Ri Chang has been moved out of the room, and it is all Wang Yixin who buys things. Xie Cunguan himself makes a cup of tea and is lost in thought.
Remembering last night, he fought Tian Shengji, and his mind returned to boxing.
For Yu Tianji, a man who has mastered the whole set of potential strokes, his current mastery of boxing skills does not seem to be much higher than that of the other side, and his eagerness to reach the top of the opponent’s bones and muscles does not seem to prevail at present
He is also at the peak of his bones and muscles. As he grows older, his skill of qi and blood will surely deteriorate faster than his own, but even after a year, he will not degenerate as well as himself. At present, he always has no choice but to take the other side.
What’s more, Tian Shengji is not yet forty years old, and there are still nearly ten years before the decline of qi and blood.
I can wait that long there.
If you can beat each other in a short time, it is urgent at present.
He suddenly felt that he needed to go back to the sea and Shanxi to meet Huang Shihong and Mr. Tian Ruwen and ask them for advice-especially Mr. Tian Ruwen, although he didn’t fight with him, he always felt that he was still very different from Mr. Tian in his usual advice.
The thought of Tian province guitar suddenly reminds me of Shibata Hiroshi, who has faded out of the Black Dragon Club, and the glimpse of Chai Tian Yingjie that day. I wonder if there are any new movements recently.
We can’t ignore these uncles and nephews!
When he entered the Black Dragon Club, he already knew that Shibata Hiroshi got Dr. Abe’s Ri Ji. I don’t know if there are any secret things in that Ri Ji, but judging from the benefits from that secret base in Malaysia, this Abe Ri Ji can’t be ignored.
Moreover, when listening to Shibata Hiroshi’s conversation with Tian Shengji, he at least knew that Shibata Hiroshi still held the secrets of two military bases. Because Nara was close to Shikoku, he arranged for Longhan Shikoku Branch to pay attention to this matter, but he never got feedback. It’s no big move to think about Shibata Hiroshi, right?
But thought of here, he dialed Chen Chang’s words and asked him to arrange people to contact the Shikoku branch immediately, and feedback the information whether there is anything suspicious or not.
After finding out the military forces behind the Black Dragon Club, it is natural to get rid of the Black Dragon Club by the way. Then Shibata Hiroshi, a force, is also getting rid of these information, which requires interest.
Xie Cunguan felt very satisfied with the intelligence search ability of Longhan Tokyo Branch in Ri this time and could not help but rely on it.
Things were being arranged here, and Wang Yibing came in at the door there. When he saw him talking, he sat aside and poured himself a cup of tea while waiting for him.
Your support is my great motivation.
Chapter 22 There is a guest door
After listening to Wang Yibing’s words, Xie Cunguan wanted to think the baggage and take the journey. "We can’t wait any longer, no matter what means, we must get this organization information as soon as possible! That old guy looks stubborn, so keep on cooking him! Interrogate the little man first. You can kill if necessary! "
Wang Yibing smiled and laughed. "Killing people temporarily doesn’t need China for five thousand years. It’s not only a splendid culture, but also a broad J and ng! Look at that sample. A hooping spell is enough! "
Xie Cunguan heard the first laugh.
It’s not that he hasn’t been exposed to this so-called hooping spell, that is, iron wire or hemp rope is tied to the head and then a stick is twisted more and more tightly, which makes people feel unbearable.
The uncomfortable part of this way is that it keeps getting stronger and stronger, giving people a feeling of exhaustion.