Lu Jinian pressed the cold chestnut hand and wouldn’t let her take off her clothes. "You are wearing it."
"I’m not cold. What am I wearing?"
"Sneeze as soon as you come out if you are not cold?" Lu Ji-nian’s eyes flashed for a few minutes, looking at Lengli’s face lovingly, and it was like hanging ice slag when the wind blew it.
Lengli remembered to wipe his face. "I just washed a cold face."
"Wash your cold face?" Lu Jinian frowned. "Why do you wash your cold face on such a cold day?"
Lengli, of course, can’t tell Lu Ji-nian why she washed her cold face. If Lu Ji-nian knows that she was confused by caring too much about him just now, she can’t work hard.
Lu Jinian raised his eyebrows and asked, "What?"
"Nothing, but the heating inside is too high."
This is obviously an excuse. Lu Jinian saw that Lengli didn’t want to answer, so he didn’t continue to ask.
"Why did you come out at this time?" Lu Jinian habitually raised his hand and touched Lengli’s hair.
"Who told you to wait for me here at this time?" Lengli replied and then asked, "Where is your car? Why don’t you sit here and wait outside?"
Lengli thought that if he hadn’t come out, would this man have been waiting outside?
Especially around here, there is no car license of Lu Jinian, and Lu Jinian can wait outside.
"Don’t worry, it’s just for a while." Lu Jinian smiled. "It won’t be long before you come out anyway."
"What is can’t wait long?" Lengli couldn’t help being angry. "You let me work hard. Do you know how long it will take me to work hard? If I work hard, I don’t know how long it will take to work overtime. Have you been waiting here? "
Lengli didn’t find herself angry and anxious and said a lot of things.
If these words were put in the past, she would not have said them in a week.
Lu Jinian was not angry at all, but smiled at his tone and said, "But aren’t you out now?"
Prove that his idea is still correct.
When Lu Ji-nian came here, she was sure that if she joined Lengli, she would come out as soon as possible.
Lengli couldn’t help sneering, "You guessed it right."
"I’m not here now. Why don’t you go to the coffee shop next door?"
Lengli seems to say "an hour" with a cold face.
"OK" for an hour. Just one hour. Lu Jinian knew that Lengli could come out at this time and had already proved something.
In the coffee shop, it finally warmed up. Lengli took off his clothes and returned them to Lu Jinian to "get dressed".
Lu Jinian smiled and took it. His faint eyes finally rested on Lengli.
LengLi some don’t turn around "you don’t look at me like that"
"What do I think of you? Huh? " Lu Jinian habitually molested Lengli again this time, and he liked to watch Lengli blush in front of his face.
The more shy Lengli is, the more satisfied Lu Jinian is.
Section 244
After all, who else has this thing now except him?
If a man accosts Lengli, he may get Lengli a dirty look.
"Why are you here? You haven’t answered me yet." Lengli turned the topic back to the original question.
"Nothing wants to come over." Lu Jinian’s mouth is hooked with a faint smile. If you have to say the reason, it should be "
Lengli was once again quizzed by Lu Ji-nian, "What?"
"I miss you" Lu Jinian’s eyes were dark "I came here because I missed you"
Lengli’s cheeks suddenly turned crimson, and her eyes did not dare to look at him.
Lu Ji-nian is very proud of "I tell the truth"
Lengli ignored his answer. Actually, at this time, I couldn’t help but burst into jumping around.
After thinking for a while, I still couldn’t help asking, "You just left."
"Leaving doesn’t mean you can’t come back."
Lengli fell silent.
I haven’t seen any trace of Lu Ji-nian in my life these days, which has not made Lengli deeply realize that her life has been completely affected by Lu Ji-nian. If Lu Ji-nian suddenly disappears, even if there seems to be no problem on the surface, it will actually be greatly affected.
Lengli would never have thought that when she saw him, she wanted to call him a pervert and slap him. Now a man can occupy an increasingly important position in her heart.
Next time, after confirming with Qingchen, Lengli knew that it was impossible to say that she really didn’t care.
Lengli doesn’t want to explore the real answer in her heart, but even if she doesn’t, she knows how much she cares
Maybe it’s because Lu Ji-nian has never been stuck like a dog skin plaster in her life. She can’t get rid of people. Leng Li-gang just doesn’t know if she wants to deal with it and deal with it, but she doesn’t want to deal with it at all.
She doesn’t know when her lust for Lu Ji-nian has brought her a different kind of life. No matter when she is alone, she can know that someone is waiting for her. She can also think of him at the first time and share all the memorable and interesting things in her life with Lu Ji-nian. Although she has never done that, she thought about it, but it didn’t come true in the end.
Cold chestnut mouth don’t say actually would have Liu Jinian as different in.
If Chenchi was the one who pulled Lengli out of the abyss, then Lu Jinian was the passerby who kept paving the way for her so that she wouldn’t fall into the abyss again.
"Where have you been these days?" Lengli hesitated but finally asked.
"Where have you been?" Lu Jinian’s eyes were puzzled. "I didn’t go anywhere"
Lengli sipped her mouth for a long time before saying, "I didn’t contact you these days because you were too busy on a business trip."
"I’m not on business. I’ve been in Beijing."
"Oh" Lengli suddenly didn’t know what to answer.
Since Lu Jinian has never left, why hasn’t he joined himself?
Lengli can’t find the reason
"What about you?" Lu Jinian suddenly asked, "Are you busy at work recently?"
"That’s it. You know, several cases happen every day."
Not a day goes by when I can be idle, and the working hours are always long.
"I’m out," said Lu Jinian according to Lengli just now.
"Ah?" Lengli didn’t understand what Lu Jinian meant.
What do you mean, he or she is out? Leaving Beijing? What makes you think that?
"Otherwise, you haven’t contacted me for a day?" Lu Jinian’s eyes were tightly fixed on Lengli’s face. "Even if you don’t contact me often, it’s not that you won’t, but you won’t come to me without looking for you these days?"
Lengli didn’t answer immediately.
Lu Jinian also said, "I’m young. If I don’t come to you, you can come to me on your own initiative, unless you say that I’m not important to you here, the talent root won’t take the initiative to contact me."