"God help me get rid of the old man."
"I’m really not to be taunted. You can handle it yourself."
Suluo’s neck shrinks. Master has been very dissatisfied with my performance recently and asked me to help you with him. He will do it in minutes.
"I don’t care if you don’t help me get rid of him, you’ll be dead." Xia Han yi tooth crack mouth holding a powder fist shouted and went to bed with alacrity.
Alas, there is still no position
It’s always easy to leave when you’re young and limited, and it’s better to pity the people in front of you.
Enjoy the little things in life, because one day you may look back and find that they are actually very important things.
Despite the noise outside, it is better to relive the warmth and peace of this moment. This is life.
The Internet is still hotly discussing or discussing what will happen to suluo and Camilla, or comparing Adelaide and suluo in a 360-degree dead angle, or cursing suluo for being a fake. The next day’s exchange meeting didn’t show up, and the fans wanted to see Su Luoxiu’s erhu again.
But up to now, no one will deny that suluo is indispensable to the student orchestra of Beijing Conservatory of Music. The evidence is that the appearance of two beautiful girls in the video is definitely the beauty of the Conservatory of Music.
Music fans suddenly performed later than expected, and now they are much more confident than just sighing. No matter how bad the Chinese music is, we still have a music poet here to discuss and guess what songs suluo wrote this time and what tricks he will play.
The hexagrams are more concerned about what those two beautiful girls and suluo are. Yuxuan Leng and suluo are still unclear. Think about the fact that there is a goddess Yang Baobei in DreamWorks. Now it seems that a sogeum princess is about to emerge.
Break your fingers and figure out what to rely on. The beautiful girl leaned over him. This product is really a blessing.
Gossip is really fake, fake, fake, and really idle. Netizens always have endless topics.
Chapter one hundred and thirty-one Deal with the Dean
I was woken up early in the morning and was reluctant to go to the Beijing Conservatory of Music with Gong Yu Xia Han. I had to rehearse again at the request of the dean, and then I had lunch and went directly to the National Grand Theatre to prepare.
Tang Yike changed to Tang’s mother, who carefully prepared the children’s small cheongsam in Tang suit, dressed beautifully and excitedly. This time, I can take a kite with me. Others can watch the concert at home. It is hard to find a ticket for tonight’s concert, and it has long been robbed of all the roots.
"Bye, Mom."
"Go, go, go. Come on, we’ll watch the show." Four people got into the car and Tang’s mother waved goodbye.
The university town is a good place, but now suluo is a little afraid to go to the Conservatory of Music. He is irritable, and the old dean starts to panic every time he sees him.
Especially before Xia Han changed the musical instrument without authorization, this time probably didn’t use to be cannon fodder.
I don’t know how to explain to the dean for a while that Xia Devil’s heart is dead and his left hand finger is still wrapped in a circle of tape. It’s a matter of great importance, and the dean certainly won’t agree easily.
"You go first. You get up too early. The baby hasn’t even had breakfast yet. After drinking half a cup of milk, I’ll take her to breakfast."
Suluo righteously said, how can a conscientious and good master in China starve his precious disciple?
And Gong Yu Xia Han waved and picked up a cosette baby. I was so angry that Xia Han stamped my feet.
"Dead suluo, you don’t speak loyalty."
It’s silly to be loyal at this time. Is this a war between the big devil and the dean or not to participate in the war? suluo decided to hide first. Well, anyway, it’s better to wait until they’re finished.
I ordered a steamed bun. suluo is going to eat it for two hours. It should be about the same by then.
On the other side, when Xia Han took out the erhu in the last rehearsal, the dean jumped directly.
"No, I disagree."
"If you don’t agree, then I won’t play. I want erhu." Xia Han slowly tore the left finger potion tape.
"Where’s suluo? You call me suluo."
"Don’t be such a coward. No one came. I just want to practice the erhu, so I’ll go home and sleep."
The old dean collapsed directly. suluo was right. Xia Han is definitely a big variable. Suddenly, he has to change his musical instrument. Who will bear the burden if something happens?
It’s just that his whole orchestra is stupid and Xia Han is not interested. If I weren’t afraid that you would scare me on the spot, I would just wait for the stage to take out the erhu and I would tell you first.
"Dean, an audition might be better."
Gong Yu little angel patted the dean on the back and said, don’t be angry. Everything is not that bad.
"So you also"
"Well, if there is any problem, you must change back to Sogeum for me." But the old dean can command the podium.
"If there is a flaw, how can I live up to my delicate left hand?" Xia Han looked at his swollen fingertips and muttered to himself.
After it was repeated, the whole orchestra was less angry. Xia Han rubbed his fingers with pride and then wrapped the potion tape.
And the old dean is still thinking it’s too risky to make a decision easily.
"Where’s suluo? Call me suluo."
The mobile phone has been ringing. The grumpy master called and raised his hand to glance at his watch. Well, the battle should be over. suluo patted the table and shouted
"Boss pays the bill"
"so expensive"
"Small business does not bargain"
After eating two steamed buns and two cups of soybean milk for more than an hour, I still bargain. The boss can’t see anyone. If I hadn’t seen the little girl so cute, I would have driven you away.
Walking slowly to the concert hall of the Conservatory of Music with my precious apprentice, I hope Xia Han can pass smoothly.
Girl, it’s not bad enough. If you change yourself, you won’t even call the station to say hello. Let’s talk about what will happen.
Suluo was very accurate and amazing. He was not scolded. Because he was hiding behind himself, Tang Yike timidly leaned out of his little head and shouted, "Grandpa’s big eyes are blinking and cute." This means that the normal school is expensive.
"Oh, if it isn’t a baby, what about a big star?"
See cute baby heart to not mercilessly stared at suluo and then a picked up Tang Yike.