Chapter one hundred and twenty Two World Robberies
No eternal enemy has eternal interests. At the moment, Barr didn’t want Zhi Li to take the bait. The fisherman’s profit actually gave up the long-term opposition to heaven. He told Zhi Li that "Winster, you can’t succeed in your plan." Barr collected two golden immortals and collided to form Anu’s will, while constantly talking to tyrael. "Someone has begun to control the world stone?" Tyrael was a change.
Tyrael?’ Tyrael’s look changed suddenly, and other archangels perceived that his change was only an instant and soon returned to normal. "I came up with a method of mutual destruction without Samet." tyrael’s eyes changed in Zhan Ran’s heart, but it was not as simple as his face. At this time, it was simply a stormy wave. It was not a day or two before he wanted to seize the world stone. It was said that he would kill Inarius by using the incarnation and power of the devil to clear the way, and then he set out to destroy the world stone, or he would clear all enemies and merge with the world stone. He had already planned it several times.
This time, he was blocked by the magic fortress, and it was also a natural trend for the hell demons to fight and collide with Samet, the tower of hell. At the beginning, if Anu had enough will, he could go straight to Anu and reach the world stone handle. At that time, whether Baal was in the world stone or not, he could solve him by integrating the perfect Anu will. Now, after Baal killed Inarius, someone made a yellowbird. Now he has begun to integrate the world stone. This is not what he wants.
Tyrael looked at the battle between Anu and Ta Samet, and his mind did not know that he had turned hundreds of billions. Anu and Ta Samet continued to fight, but he could reap enough. The will to harvest and integrate was strong enough for him to bring the two Anu incarnations into control and become a new Anu.
However, according to this progress, it will take at least many years for him to have that ability, which is too far away. By that time, Winster may have brought the world stone under control, and it will be too late for anything. Even if he has it, Anu will control heaven and hell at the same time. It is still unknown whether he can face the shelter world with the past efforts. In fact, it would be good if he can gain the strength of the Ministry of Heaven and Hell to become Anu, but now Barr actually has the means to collect Anu’s will. It can be said that he is doomed to wait until then. If there is no truce at this time,
"Want a truce?" Zhi Li sneered in his heart, "How is it possible for you to fight forever when I am here?" tyrael has a world stone bar, a world stone and an Nu will, and both of them can collect the amount of Ann’s efforts from the collision of the two incarnations of An Nu, and the more they collect and merge, the greater their influence on the two incarnations, so that they can stop fighting at the same time. Wouldn’t it be bad if the influence is big enough for heaven and hell to directly drive the two incarnations to the world stone to kill them first?
Under normal circumstances, it may take decades for both sides to gain enough influence on the two avatars of Anu, but in fact, there is another weight to Anu’s will. They don’t need to completely influence the two avatars of Anu. They need to control Anu’s will to offset each other. They can and will be able to offset each other. They can also freely control their own world. The ultimate force to offset the influence requires less power, but they don’t need to offset how much. It is enough for Anu, the parliament of Angris, to unite and control heaven.
"Their plan must be destroyed" Li Zhizhi’s vision is tightly locked in Anu’s two incarnations. At this time, the fighting between the two incarnations is heating up sharply in tyrael and Barr’s interference. Zhi Li knows that they don’t want to fight so much. At this time, the more fierce the fighting, the more efforts will be made to create a new security. Whether tyrael or Barr has very limited influence on Anu’s two incarnations at this time, they need to gain stronger influence through the fighting between the two incarnations.
If you want to take it, you should first discuss that tyrael and Barr are not strong enough now. If you want to resist the two incarnations of Anu, they must first accumulate enough efforts, so the battle is intensified. Although Barr or tyrael can’t be friends, it is possible to temporarily unite.
The more fierce the two avatars of Anu fight, the greater the efforts of Baal and tyrael to gain security, and the stronger their influence on Anu, which is enough to form a vicious circle. It would take a hundred years to complete the destruction, but now it has been shortened, and their goal is by no means the destruction of the two avatars. It is enough to accumulate enough power to resist the two Anu avatars. I am afraid this condition will be achieved by them in a short time.
The collision of black and white two divine lights in the vast virtual space has been extinguished, and the interweaving of life and death in the world has been disillusioned. The powerful Jin Xian has abandoned all other means. At this time, it is full of physical collision with powerful forces to support them. Every blow is virtual and broken, which shocks the material. It depends on playing everywhere and returning to virtual, and then it is filled regularly in the universe. The filling speed is too slow compared with their destruction. This is the Jin Xian-class battle. What tenth-order power is here? Absolute power is force.
"You can influence me, too." Zhi Li observed for a while, and he already had a calculation in his heart. But the world stone fragments attracted Anu’s will. Zubar relied on the fragments in the world stone fragments of the soul stone and the past Anu’s will to attract Anu’s will. He also has the world stone and has the conditions to receive it. Accepting Anu’s will can also deepen his speed of integrating with the world stone.
"You can’t succeed in your calculation." Li Zhizhi’s vision is locked in the fighting range between the two avatars of Anu, and then he runs and hopes that the avatar will temporarily open up a small one. This is to jump out of the inherent level of the world, and then from this small one, he knows that the vision locks the coordinates and exerts his strength for a moment. After that, Zhi Li also joined in the collection of Anu’s will, so that the collision between the two avatars will produce another one.
"What?" Zhi Li was probed by tyrael and Baal from the very beginning. They were not stupid. When the two incarnations of Anu collided, every force was extremely focused on Zhi Li’s interference. They knew at the first time that the original Anu will was actually one third. When Zhi Li absorbed Anu’s will, he suddenly felt the benefits of this will. Almost every time he absorbed a ray of Anu’s will, he controlled the world stone in a few minutes. When playing like this, when the two incarnations of Anu died together according to normal procedures, he was afraid that he could control one third of the world stone.
With the incarnation of hope controlling the world stone, this incarnation of hope is also changing into the world master. If he can control one-third of the world stone, he can also become a great dharma like Tower Samet and Heaven Anu. "What about tyrael?" Seeing this phenomenon, Barr’s mood fluctuated greatly. Today, he was too impressed by Zhi Li. He now doubts that the other party will calculate the current situation. To some extent, Barr has become frightened, otherwise he will definitely not ask his old rival tyrael for countermeasures
"What happened to Baal, the demon king of hell, when he fell to this point?" Tyrael’s heart also attaches great importance to Zhi Li, especially this person actually has the means to collect the will of Anu. "Let the will of the hell demons converge on you and continue to intensify the battle of the two incarnations. To achieve enough resistance to the two incarnations, you should immediately force the tower Samet to stop fighting and dissolve the tower Samet."
"Now it is necessary for us to temporarily unite to solve the problem of Winster who has occupied and tried to control the world stone, and we will pay attention to it later." tyrael firmly said that this is the best solution. Barr will start to exercise according to tyrael’s general plan.
All hell demons don’t resist the tower Samet at this time, but instead, they can follow the tower of power. Samet’s offensive is more strengthened. Compared with the paradise Anu, the history of the past two incarnations of Anu has been accelerated several times. According to Zhi Li’s calculation, according to this progress, I’m afraid it will take only half a month for tyrael and Baal to control the power to resist the fighting desire of the two incarnations of Anu … This is of course the ideal state of tyrael and Baal, but will they be satisfied with Zhi Li here?
Tyrael and Bardi Zhi Li already know all about it, but Zhi Li’s card hasn’t really come out yet. Zhi Li hopes that the incarnation will focus on Anu’s two incarnations, and they will both lose even if they are not completely destroyed. On the other hand, his natural incarnation and Baal’s delivery door let him condense the Creator’s incarnation, and they are repeatedly active in the outer virtual space of the shelter world, which leads to countless monty’s gathering in the depths of the virtual space. These monty’s from outside are the strongest in the fifth order, and they are all led by Zhi Li to the outer virtual space where the magic fortress is located.
The outer boundaries of heaven and hell are much smaller than the refuge world. If the pool is too small, the laws of the world will not be complete, so fish will not be raised. At this time, the outer virtual channel in the interwoven area of the outer boundaries of these three interfaces is not as marginal as that in other places, but just a channel. That is why Li Zhicai is going to prepare the mage tower to cooperate with the saints to seal the mountain and block this card. Otherwise, the outer virtual limit of the vast mage tower field is absolutely not enough.
"The virtual interface channel of the magic fortress has arrived", and the method of heaven and earth is as high as three or six hundred feet. At this time, the virtual channel of the magic fortress is a new incarnation of the creator in Zhi Li. This incarnation is full of fire, and the red avatar also has its own unique avatar. This avatar avatar is a red divine light with a very mysterious name.
Wherever the divine light shines, the force that attracts each other will disappear, that is to say, the tight structure illuminated by the divine light will be completely destroyed and reduced to the cornerstone of pure celestial vitality, while the will power will be destroyed and reduced to the basic spiritual particle, which can be said to be worse than the disintegration ray in the research dream of the Crist family in the past, which is far from being compared with this divine light.
At the moment, this incarnation holds the oven of heaven and earth and manipulates the oven of heaven and earth * * and dissociates the divine light from it, shooting at it everywhere. The vast expanse of extraterritorial monty directly together with the vitality to build the body and the core of will are dissociated and reduced to the most basic composition by the divine light, and then it is dragged into the oven of heaven and earth by the divine light. In the oven of heaven and earth, Li Zhike controls the oven of heaven and earth to shape their new composition. Whether it is synthetic substances or various equipment is simple, but this creator’s handle is really sharp and unusual.
Dissociation of divine light is reductive destruction, and the oven body of heaven and earth is reconstructed, so destruction and creation are both wonderful. At this time, Zhi Li’s three high incarnations hope that glory will rule everything and other kinds of magical powers can naturally change and operate. His other incarnations are divine. Is it the ultimate divine light of natural forces or the latest creator’s divine light or even the power of stevo? I hope that the incarnations can be perfectly exerted.
The natural brilliance runs, and the four great powers of heaven and earth can transform the two ultimate forces of birth and death. The original natural incarnation has seven orders, but now the natural incarnation also has orders. The original breeding force is the God’s Mountain. Now the God’s Mountain has become a scale, that is, once it runs, it is overwhelming. At this moment, the natural incarnation is constantly waving its handle, like a landslide and tsunami, and his center is sweeping around.
The root resistance of the fifth-order and sixth-order extraterritorial monty is directly attuned by the white divine light, and the core is incorporated into the natural body to become a natural servant. Although the seventh-order extraterritorial monty has some resistance, the order of the divine light will often be confused when it is brushed. I am afraid that it will be forced to change the camp to naturally attune the mystery of the divine light, but it is very powerful.
In this new creator incarnation, the divine power is the most powerful. I’m afraid Zhi Li can’t compare with this creator’s divine power. The creator’s power has two attributes: one is destruction, the other is to recast the heavens and the earth and release the divine power. This destructive divine power not only destroys all the acquired material structure, but also directly breaks the innate thinking structure. When it is really terrible, it turns out that the peacock is too big and the five elements are extinct in the universe.
Zhi Li, the two incarnations at the entrance of the magic fortress, run their own way. It is invincible to sweep around the place where the divine light is touched and detached. Two divine lights jointly sweep the seven orders and seven orders. The monty outside the territory is vulnerable, or it is touched and incorporated into the natural body, or it is cracked by the dissociated divine light, and then it is put in the oven of heaven and earth to prepare for Zhi Li’s re-casting.
However, such an invincible thing is that the appearance can be so real because the two incarnations never stay in one place for more than half a second. At this time, there have been nine orders in the extraterritorial monty. How dare they be rampant in Zhi Li? Zhi Li, the incarnation of the "magic fortress", almost stopped after arriving at the magic fortress, and continued to lead these foreign monty into this passage to the core area of the tripartite junction.
Arriving here, Zhi Li’s two incarnations disappeared almost at the same time, completely throwing off the team of foreign monty. At one time, the foreign monty lost its goal and was about to disperse. It seemed that the foreign monty suddenly felt a rush faster than the delicious shelter. The foreign monty in the world boiled. They saw two pieces of food, which were more delicious than ever before. For several years, the foreign monty began to rush wildly to two worlds and went to heaven and hell. The archangels and the big demons did not survive the doom. Today, they were led by Li Zhi.
I saw two pieces of food, and all the foreign monty have long forgotten the two incarnations of Zhi Li. How many foods are there in this huge shelter world, but heaven and hell have developed differently for several years. The number of archangels and big demons in the two worlds is far from that of shelters. Compared with the world in the sky, the number of foreign monty is always shining with the brilliance of archangels and big demons. How can we care about the shelter world?
At this time, Zhi Li looked at the entrance of the passage through the vision of knowledge. The monty outside the domain is strong or weak, like an ant returning home, and like a hundred rivers returning to the sea. At the passage of the group of magic fortresses, the monty outside the domain can destroy the gods and devour them to replace the identity of the gods, eroding the world. So many monty outside the domain are poured in the past, and the two interfaces are high. If the rest of the archangels and demons can resist, they can escape if they know the opportunity early and hide on the edge of the world bubble. If it is a step slow, it is hard to say.
Chapter one hundred and twenty Two World Robberies
Chapter one hundred and twenty Two World Robberies
The second volume The cone to Chapter one hundred and twenty-nine has given you the opportunity.
Chapter one hundred and twenty-nine You have been given a chance.
How long is half a month? If you ask a student who is studying, he will tell you that you are hungry. There are probably two weekends in two weeks. Of course, before that, you have to ask junior high school students and senior high school students. There is no weekend. The scariest week is Sunday afternoon, and the last two classes are on holiday. Are you talking about a myth?
If you ask a student before the summer vacation, he will think that two weeks will be a long 15-day holiday, but when the holiday is over, he will want to blink again. How long is it? For some people, fifteen days is just a moment, while for another group, fifteen days is like a year.
At this time, tyrael and Barr’s mood is like this. They have a long life in the past. Don’t say that fifteen days is a blink of an eye in their eyes. They plan their thoughts after thousands of years. But now every minute of these fifteen days is so long. Every day, they will recall their long life. Of course, they will want to kill that hateful Winster first after fifteen days.
"How long has it been before three days and twelve days before we can gain enough strength to resist the Anunnu energy?" tyrael counted every second, and every time he counted it, he felt a step faster from that time. Most people were unaware of the passage of time, and they paid attention to it every second at this critical moment, and the passage of time would be highlighted and the time would become long.
But a person’s outlook on time is changed by attention. When you pay close attention to every second, it will become longer. When you pay attention to other places and play mindlessly for a day and then wake up late to dig for a day, it will pass so fast. "After three days and twelve days, Winster, I will catch you and let you burn forever in the eternal life of heaven."
I haven’t seen Winster and tyrael, but it’s already his life-and-death enemy to meet Zhi Li. As early as before the demon king’s recovery, tyrael occasionally heard this name. At that time, Zhi Li was not even a worm in his eyes. Even the ordinary fields of the Horatim Brotherhood were higher than worms in his eyes. What was Zhi Li then?
Zhi Li really came into his sight when Sakaram’s hand was destroyed. At that time, Zhi Li finally changed from a trivial bug to a poisonous bug in his eyes, but he was also capable of threatening him and his plan. At that time, his avatar was trapped in the field of Duriel and he was unable to deal with him. But soon after he came out, he found that the growth rate of the Horatim Brotherhood far exceeded his expectations.
The Horatim brothers gathered enough strength to clean up all his forces in the sanctuary world. That’s why he chose to keep the strength and left the sanctuary world with all the elite members of Sakaram Sanctuary. At that time, he had never thought that Zhi Li and his Horatim brothers would bring him such a threat. Now he has regarded Zhi Li as an equal, and it’s hard for him to face up to Zhi Li when he arrives. He has grown up, but he is fighting for the ownership of the world together. Don’t you pay attention to this situation until he kills himself?
"This Winster has grown too fast. In a short time, there are three high incarnations." tyrael took a deep breath and was shocked by this growth rate. Many years ago, he grew very fast. You archangels are all the darlings of heaven and earth. The growth rate can make all other archangels look up, but now it is nothing compared with Winster.
Tyrael also knows why the other side can rise so fast. That’s because the refuge world has reached the end of life and death. Only the world can focus on a certain person, and this person’s future is doomed to be limitless. At this time, this kind of strong person always comes into being. He was born with the world devoted to his mission. tyrael didn’t want to know everything about Winster’s mission, but the other side could directly integrate with the world, which made him wake up. At this point, there was a haze in his heart.
"There are still twelve days", Samet Tibal and other demons are also secretly counting the days. "After twelve days in Winster, I will put you in a hell furnace and barbecue you forever." Baal has never had such a wonderful time in his long life. It can be said that he hates Zhi Li’s guts. These days, like tyrael, he almost counts the seconds. At this time, he suddenly feels that something seems to be wrong. Samet and Anu in heaven seem to be fighting against them. "What’s going on?"
Three days is not long, but for Zhi Li, it is enough to accomplish many things. For example, the whole refuge world has been flooded into heaven and hell. These extra-territorial monty are much more powerful than others. Once they enter heaven and hell, it is simply a mouse entering the granary, almost letting go and eating. These days, every day, there are many demons who ascend the throne to the seventh order or the seventh order, and they are eaten by the extra-territorial monty, and even the dregs are left.
Extraterritorial monty is a powerful creature that archangels and big demons have never come into contact with. Compared with hell demons, they are the real demons, just like locusts crossing the sky, devouring everything and destroying everything, turning everything they see into their own food and making themselves stronger. Never before has a creature been so terrible. Tall angels and big demons are not weak. The seventh and ninth orders are also there.
There are too many foreign monty. As soon as they come into contact with many archangels and big demons, they don’t know the characteristics of foreign monty. If they can kill some low-level foreign monty in the early stage, they can get a lot of benefits. When they get these benefits, they often ignore the hidden crisis. More and stronger foreign monty is coming towards him. When they are addicted to harvesting power and growing themselves, the number of foreign monty has arrived and will be destroyed.
In the whole heaven, whenever you touch an extraterritorial monty, archangels and big demons are like locusts. The impact of extraterritorial monty is less and less, but the higher the level. The farther away they are from the world, the lower the chance of living. Or the seven-order archangels or big demons can easily find out that these extraterritorial monties often don’t cross the line. They never cross a certain line and get too close to the world. They have found this, and they live longer than other higher-order archangels.
Do you live longer? When the extraterrestrial monty digested the archangels and demons, they got these archangels and demons, which eroded the world. They changed into these archangels who were no longer afraid of that boundary and attacked those lucky enough to escape the first offensive.
This time, it was brushed for the second time, and the whole elite of heaven and hell was almost completely destroyed, especially heaven and Defense of the Ancients, whose fields were taken back by law, which directly led to their not being directly besieged by the extraterritorial monty, and even their handles were occupied by the extraterritorial monty.
Up to now, heaven and hell have suffered heavy losses. A few powerful archangels and demons have survived. Some of them are not strong. They hid around the world in the early stage and did not expand in the middle stage. They fled directly back to the world. The sixth order in other archangels and demons can’t live outside the territory even if they touch the monty group. The strength of monty is too strong and the number is too large. It is hard to imagine that the archangels and demons are not successful in preparation and understanding.
Will it be safe to hide in the world? The answer is no, the second stage of invasion is completed, and the third stage of invasion is coming. Monty has swallowed the handle and openly incarnated. In the past, archangels and lords began to prepare for a big purge of the whole heaven and hell, extending the destruction to the lives of middle-class beings in the world. "It’s hard to imagine."
At this time, Zhi Li felt shocked by the visual sense. The destructive power of these extraterritorial monty is simply terrible. In just three days, these two worlds have already reached their dead ends. If we don’t curb the whole virtual reality, the archangels will probably not be able to support it, and the damage of extraterritorial monty to the world will also spread. This destructive power is beyond Zhi Li’s expectation. His extraterritorial monty is very destructive, but I didn’t expect it to be so strong. In fact, if you ten strong people in heaven and hell were not trapped in one side, things would never come to this point.
By this time, the two incarnations of Anu can already feel the seriousness of the form, and each of them is very anxious, and you archangels and demons, even Zhi Li, have added fuel to the flames. It would have taken half a month to evolve into tens of thousands of years of fighting and mutually assured destruction. Now, these two incarnations can want to fight faster to take care of them in crisis.
Extraterritorial monty invaded the middle world of heaven and hell, and the battle between the two incarnations of Anu suddenly became hot. At this time, they wanted to quickly defeat their opponents and then go back to deal with all the crises. At this time, they didn’t need everyone to help them. All kinds of destructive means of both sides were repeatedly transported, beaten and collapsed, and the virtual reality was repeatedly erased. This set off a storm and shocked both worlds
"What the hell happened? What made Anu and Ta Samet so furious?" Heaven Anu and Tower Samet are really furious at this time, and the collision between the two will produce more and more Anu will. If the battle is too fast, whether tyrael or Baal will produce so much will be less than the two incarnations fighting for a hundred years.