"Thank you for not killing grace."
Jade Yuan Zhen breathed a sigh of relief and crawled on the ground, still afraid to move.
He is afraid to look up at them now.
Zhao Gang also said that even thousands of people need to be respectful to him, and he has no doubt.
Zhao’s identity needs to be feared even in the pyramid of the mainland, so what is he in front of Zhao?
At this time, his heart was full of regret. Even if he thought that Yu Tianheng had provoked such a presence? If you know, how could he come to Zhao?
Although Yu Tianheng’s talent is good, his outstanding brother, Blue Overlord, also has a lot of jade heavenly heart talent, which is not much worse than Yu Tianheng’s. In the future, he will have a chance to become a champion. In the future, he will be the less patriarch of Blue Overlord.
When Yu Tianheng died, he died, which provoked Zhao. He deserved to die.
"Well, you get up. Today, I won’t pursue the matter. If you commit another crime, no one can save you." Zhao looked at the prostrate ground and didn’t dare to have a jade yuan shock. He said faintly that he was not a murderer. Is it so scary?
"Thank you, Mr. Zhao. When I return to Zongmen, I must strictly order the younger brothers of Zongmen not to offend Mr. Zhao." Yu Yuanzhen said that they have many younger brothers in Tiandou City. If they provoke Zhao, he dare not think about the consequences.
If this happens again, the whole Blue Overlord Sect will be in disaster, and all three of them will make moves at the same time, even if the Blue Overlord Sect gets together, they are not rivals.
Moreover, in the eyes of Yu Yuan Zhen, Zhao is far more than these three strong men, and their blue overlord Zonggen will not be rivals.
"You are not allowed to reveal my identity." Zhao Feng said that if his identity is revealed, how can he wave?
"Let’s leave first, and you should go quickly. There’s a lot of noise here. I’m afraid it’s already stirred up a lot of strong people fighting in the city." Zhao said, and Sharla Cheung and them fled towards the distance at the same time.
Zhao Yuan Zhen was relieved after they left.
Just when Zhao was by his side, he seemed to be facing a statue of a fiend, which made him unable to help but be afraid.
"This jade Tianheng almost killed our Blue Overlord Sect." Jade Yuanzhen couldn’t help but denounce it. If Zhao had a bad temper, let alone his life, maybe they would all have to be removed from the mainland.
"There is still a force in the mainland. The situation in the mainland seems to be more chaotic, but if we can get along with Zhao’s adult, they will have their support in the future and don’t want to take our blue overlord." Yu Yuanzhen murmured.
At this time, he suddenly had an epiphany.
Their Blue Overlord Sect needs to make every effort to make friends with Zhao so that they are not afraid of the invasion of the Soul Hall in the future.
Today, it is not only a bad thing, but also a good thing. He knows that Zhao is strong and has the opportunity to make friends first.
Chapter 35 Yu Yuan Zhen mind
Tian dou cheng tai fu
A elegant man in a long robe looked seriously at an old woman with a nightingale-like voice before him. "What did you say? The title is strong? "
This is the incarnation of the snow, the clear river and the snow.
"The temple is really like this. I just went to explore it and felt a few strong smells there." The old woman looked at Qianxue with a serious face and said that although she didn’t see the real situation of the fighting, she could and could feel the toughness of both sides of the fighting. Through the analysis of the fighting scene, she could get the general strength of both sides of the fighting.
"And one of them seems to be Yu Yuanzhen. He seems to have been injured in that battle," the old woman continued.
"What did you say? Is Yu Yuanzhen still injured? " Qian Shenxue’s face turned slightly surprised and asked, Yu Yuanzhen is a blue overlord, and his strength is not underestimated, but he was injured near Tiandou City. She felt a little unbelievable at the news.
"I took this from that place." Suddenly, a handful of soil appeared in the old woman’s hand. Some blood was scarlet, and the blood had a faint ray arc flashing and thunder energy. Only when the blood was cultivated to a high depth can there be such a phenomenon, which could cause such a vision. Maybe Jade Yuan shocked the 95-grade blue Tyrannosaurus Rex with the title of Douro.
"Can jade yuan earthquake wounded is seven treasures coloured glaze ZongJian DouLuo? Is it so late that they will fight in the suburbs of Tiandou? " Thousands of snow have some doubts.
"The temple wounded jade yuan Zhen should be someone else. Judging from the breath I felt in that place, it is by no means a sword fight." The old woman frowned and said slowly.
"Don’t day bucket city and other strong? It seems that it is not a person? " Thousands of snow lost in thought.
There are many strong people in Tiandou City, but they can reach the level of Jade Yuan Zhen. There is no root that suddenly appears now, which surprises her.
"Will this matter be reported to the Pope’s Palace?" The old woman asked
"No, it’s not a big deal. Don’t tell her that you can help me search for information about the blue overlord clan and what happened in Tiandou City these days. I’d like to see which strong man is in Tiandou City."
Lanbawang Sect
After Yu Yuanzhen returned to Zongmen, he searched all the information about people around Zhao.
And the most consequences also surprised Yu Yuanzhen.