Yunzui thinks like this.
"Well, I have an idea." Yunzui snorted at the pool.
Chi Mie was eager to hear the details. He raised his eyebrows a little and looked calm. He was not afraid of suffering. He asked, "What is it? It will not be ordinary to listen to Ms. Wang’s thoughts."
Seeing Chi Mie drunk in the clouds is very light, and she is still in the mood to tease her here. She can’t help but stare at Chi Mie and randomly blame her, "What time is this? You are still in the mood to talk like this."
After a pause, I went on to say, "Aren’t you ancient people all able to help others heal?" You see, I have this magic, and maybe it will be better to make you feel better. The winner may be able to heal you. "
Yun Zui said that he was looking forward to it, while Chi Mi was indifferent. After thinking about it, he said, "Your idea is good, but can you run it?" And what if the mana is given to me and my body can’t control it? What about you? If you don’t have the mana, will there be any problems in your body? "
Most scruples make Chi Mie not quite agree with Yun Zui’s shame.
"There shouldn’t be nothing you think. You still have deep power, but my body has nothing but can withstand this magic. How can you not?"
Besides, she also wants to help him.
What Yunzui said is not reasonable.
After so many years, he has been used to what will make him feel better. Although the pain is unforgettable, he can still endure the past and will let Yunzui follow the risk.
His father and mother shared the pain.
They gave him life and they also gave him pain.
The antidote is readily available to him, but he just won’t.
It will make him feel better to suffer like this.
Chi Mi’s idea is of course understood by many people and can’t be supported by many people, but Chi Mi is so stubborn that it is acceptable to insist on getting Yun drunk.
"You look at me with a terrible illness, but it’s not very painful." Chi Mi didn’t expect to relieve the pain.
Yunzui couldn’t help but stare at Chi Mi when he said this, and then said, "You think I’m stupid. If the magic power is not suitable for you, I’ll stop at once. If it’s all you, why don’t you appreciate it?"
Chi Mi is too stubborn, and Yun Zui is not depressed.
17 Chapter 17
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In the end, Chi Yi couldn’t beat Yun Zui and agreed to Yun Zui’s proposal.
The left pool in the military camp and the two-person pool in Yunzui can clearly feel the body slowly changing.
See pool’s face changed, and Yunzui couldn’t help but get nervous.
There are few things that can make her nervous, but things, big or small, make her nervous.
"How do you feel now?" Cloud drunk worry asked.
Chi Mi’s face is purple with pain, and his eyes are tightly closed in pain.
Yunzui asked Chimie some difficult questions and replied, "It’s ok for you now."
Mana is the first time that Yunzui has thought about slowly closing his eyes and palms together to transport the body mana after sitting cross-legged behind Chi Mi as he saw it.
When Yunzui’s palm was attached to Chimie’s back, Chimie felt a powerful force and then suddenly transported it in his body, which made him feel a wonderful feeling and then his body pain suddenly increased after his blood vessels expanded, which made Chimie unbearable to feel a sweet throat and spit out a mouthful of blood.
Yun Zui immediately opened his eyes when he heard the ring, and saw Chi Mi vomiting blood. He couldn’t help but breathe in his chest and was very distressed.
"Well, what’s wrong with you? Did I do something wrong?" Yunzui was at a loss, didn’t know what to do, and felt particularly guilty.
Chi Mi fell on the bed and felt that he was not heartbroken all over.
I don’t know how many times more painful it is now than before.
"It seems that China Merchants Bank won’t work." Chi Mi’s superfluous words didn’t say that it wouldn’t work.
He is much worse now than before.
Seeing that Chi Mi’s face is getting ugly and her face is covered with sweat, she is so distressed that she bites her lips and says, "Hey, I’ll call the doctor too much."
Talking clouds have fogged up in their eyes, and tears will drop in one second.
Chi Mie immediately grabbed Yun Zui’s wrist. His eyebrows frowned tightly and he struggled to bite out a few words, "Which is more important?"
After saying these four words, I can’t bear to faint on the bed anymore.
Yes, calling the doctor too much will definitely let the people in the army know about Chi Mi’s illness, which will affect the morale of the army.
It’s really a matter of weight.
Yunzui held Chimie’s hand tightly, and the tears finally fell.
If she calls the doctor too much, I’m afraid Chi Mi won’t forgive her.
In fact, it’s no use calling the doctor too much because the poison in the pool is not something that the doctor too much can cure.
And add her mana. If you want to heal effectively, you’re afraid it’s hard to get to heaven.
Yunzui frowned deeply. It suddenly occurred to her that Yunyou was right. Maybe her grandfather knew what to do?
But what should she do?
Yunzui can’t help but be utterly confused
Yunzui rarely places his hopes on others when he doesn’t know what to do, and he doesn’t feel so distressed when he loves someone so much.
It’s all because of the pool.
But none of the soldiers in the army knows what Chi Mi is suffering now, and now they are still complacent about winning the battle.
There is also a leisurely discussion about the magical power of the drunken battlefield. Who knows that as soon as you are still doing a good job, you are now wandering in the ghost gate?
Chapter 179, 179
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Yunzui doesn’t know what to do, and he feels more guilty than he did when he didn’t study medicine.
If she hadn’t transported any magic, maybe Chi Mi wouldn’t be in as much pain as she is now, and she is responsible for all this.
Now she is saying the name of the cloud in her mind, hoping that the cloud can be sensed.
In that case, maybe Chi Mi will still be saved.
But the cloud didn’t sense it.
Chi Nie Yi will groan in pain, but in the end, he will fall asleep. If there is not a faint breath, Yun Zui will be dead.
Yunzui couldn’t help frowning and calling to cure too much. There was no cloud and she couldn’t connect. She didn’t know medical skills.
Just when Yunzui was disheartened, there was a sudden noise outside the military account. Yunzui was upset at this time, and she really wanted to put him to death and shut him up forever.
But when Yunzui heard that it was the soldiers outside who were stopping the army, Yunzui couldn’t help but change his mind.
Could it be a cloud?
Yunzui immediately bounced up with a glimmer of expectation, and Matsuchi ran out with his hands.
But when I got outside, I saw that it was Chiyuan.