Cloud to pursue a look at Liu Xiangling also inside is a face of happiness.
"Back to the emperor nothing? Everyone is just chatting, "Wang Kaihuai said first. If this matter is made in front of the emperor, the name of the dancer will be really ruined.
The cloud chasing the moon sneers at the old fox, and now she knows the convergence. If it weren’t for today’s important day for finding children, she would have let him go so easily. The father and daughter must have some conspiracy against her without smoke.
Looking at Wang Kaihuai, others won’t say anything, and no one wants to get into trouble. The Oriental Holy Shadow and Chu Ling2 han2 are not afraid but not. Chapter one hundred and fifteen Make an exception this year.
"It’s urgent for the emperor. Let’s start the second round of testing!" Don’t care about Mr. Mo Qing. Today is the happiest day for him.
"good!" Ouyang Jingkang walked to his position and sat down with his eyes inadvertently looking at the clouds and chasing the moon.
Ouyang Tianyi looked at Ouyang Jingkang and his eyes were angry. He wouldn’t let things repeat the same mistakes. He fed the boiled water to the cloud and chased the moon. After drinking it, he looked up and drank the rest, so he inadvertently stirred up a thousand waves in several people’s hearts.
Ouyang Jingkang’s eyes crossed with a touch of pain and cleanliness. Tianyi actually drinks the leftover water from others, which means that Tianyi already loves the moon.
"Bang …" Chu Ling2 han2 crushed his glass and looked at Ouyang Tianyi angrily.
The Oriental Holy Shadow has been relieved, and I know that Ouyang Tianyi is showing off the moon to everyone.
"Now start the second round of testing." Mr. Mo Qing felt the atmosphere was a little strange, but he didn’t have much time.
Mr. Mo Qing glanced at the cloud pursuit, and the cloud pursuit came back to pass the first round of tests. The cloud pursuit in the crowd probably counted 25 people after passing.
"The second round of the test is to test all of you, me, ministers, teachers of the Ivy League College, and famous palace lords and champions in the Jianghu. You are witnesses. The teachers of the Ivy League College set the questions for people to expand. We pay the most attention to benevolence, righteousness and morality, and please ask your brothers to write their own opinions on people." Ouyang Jingkang kept warning himself not to go to the clouds and chase the moon, and he was free to be handsome.
While sitting quietly chasing the moon, I didn’t notice that I took a sip of water and caused several men to have different ideas in their hearts.
"Yes, the emperor" has tested 25 people and sat down to arrange a few short ones after saluting.
Cloud to pursue looked at the front of rice paper is written with the word "people".
Yun Xun closed his eyes and thought about it. My sister and dad taught him the truth of being a man since I was a child. He put what he had learned over the years in his mind. When others were almost finished writing, Yun Xun opened his eyes and began to write.
Just as everyone was waiting quietly, Wang Yiwu gave Yun a wink to the man around him, and the two of them winked at each other.
It is this subtle movement that is still detected by the cloud chasing the moon.
Clever eyes flashed a hint of YinZhi murder, and the ice-cold soul-chasing needle in his hand was ready to let the man dare to move and find a hair on his head, and she would let him go to dust.
Cloud pursuit seriously wrote the root and didn’t notice that the man next door had already killed him.
See the cloud chasing the man around him, dressed in a simple white robe, with a brush in his hand stopped, and the magic in his hand slipped past the brush tip, and a few hairs went straight to the cloud chasing and shooting.
The cloud chasing the moon looks like frost, while the man’s hair is shooting at the cloud to pursue it, and the silver needle with a gloomy light in his hand is shot at a critical moment, and all this is done in an instant
"Bang …!" Three hairs on one’s head and a silver needle were fixed in a short height, and everyone was shocked to watch this scene.
There was a flash of horror in that man’s eyes that he should be found at such a close distance.
Wang Yiwu and Wang Kaihuai saw that the plan failed and pickled the cucumber instantly.
Cloud after eyes a fiercely instantaneous put away the table silver needle without trace, he won’t let sister identity exposed at this time.
"How dare you kill people under the old man’s nose?" Mr. Mo Qing roared with arms. He almost took a fancy to his apprentice’s saving the soul.
"Hum day eyelid bottom also dare to do such a bold thing Li Re arrested him for me" Ouyang Jingkang showed the majesty of the emperor incisively and vividly at the moment.
"Yes, Emperor" Li Re quickly flew to catch the man.
When a man sees a bad form, he wants to escape by throwing a smoke bomb, but chasing the moon will make him succeed.
As soon as the man is fixed, Li will catch the man without blowing off dust.
Yun Zhuiyue stood proudly and walked step by step to the male Ouyang Tianyi, caring for Yun Zhuiyue like a bodyguard.
"Xuner, are you all right?"
"Sister, it’s okay to find a son." Cloud pursues gloom and looks at the motionless man around him.
"Nothing is good!" Cloud chasing the moon and looking up gloomy man
"Who told you to kill Xuner? With your courage, you can’t dare to sit under the emperor’s nose and do such a daring thing." Cloud chased the moon and glared at the man and asked.
"Today, if you don’t tell me who sent you to the main hall of the Ivy League College to kill the man behind the scenes, I will dismember you. This Ivy League College has never had such a thing since ancient times." The old man was angry and threatened to glare at the white man like a man
Men’s eyes are flashing with waves, which is really scary. After all, it is a matter of life and death. At this critical moment, no one can do it, not afraid to look at the clouds and chase the moon step by step.
"If you really don’t want to say princess, let you say it yourself." Cloud chasing the moon is cold and just about to start work.
See the man’s head drop seven bleeding.
"The moon has died," Ouyang Tianyi affirmed.
Yun Zhuiyue turned sharply. He was instantly poisoned and looked at the people around him, but everyone was shocked. But Yun Zhuiyue was sure that he killed a man among them.
Clouds chasing the moon, eyes hanging down, hands on the side of legs, fingers constantly banging together, a white light dizzy at her fingertips, and her ability is enough to show that she is superior to her.
Fierce clouds chasing the moon stopped moving their eyes and inadvertently swept the crowd. They stayed in Wang Kaihuai for a moment and then left.
"Emperor, since he is dead, there is no need to pursue it. Let’s start testing!" The cloud chased the moon and walked back to its position.
Ouyang Tianyi looked at the cloud chasing the moon and knew that she had found something.
"All right! Liruo, take him out! "
"Emperor" Li Re took the male body out, and the cloud chasing the moon made a wink to Qi Lin and Feng Dance, and Qi Lin and Feng Dance knowingly followed out quickly.
At this time, the teachers of the Ivy League College began to collect rolls of paper.
Cloud chasing the moon looked coldly at Wang Kaihuai’s silhouette. This Wang Kaihuai was actually the tallest person among these people, but he hid himself. What did he do? Besides, the man in white was probably killed by him.
After the examination papers are read by the teachers in each Ivy League college, they are given to Mr. Mo Qing, and finally, after Mr. Mo Qing is determined, he thinks that the literary talent is best presented to the emperor.
The cloud pursuit roll paper was the last one to reach the hand of the ink-green old man. The ink-green old man looked at a large article with handsome handwriting and courage. The poor ink-green old man seriously looked at it and said in his heart, "Here is the younger brother’s view on people."
People are virtuous, not only kindness, not only love, not only dedication, but also making people’s lives better!
People need responsibility, initiative, courage, self-confidence and self-discipline! With these people, you will make yourself stronger!
People are honest, honest, modest, grateful and happy. Having these virtues can make the heart peaceful!
People come from foresight, from learning, from details, and from dedicated life. Everything we do will be branded as a person, and we will bring our dreams closer with the brand of a good person!
People have taught me respect, forbearance and life.
After reading his eyes, Mr. Mo Qing looked at the clouds with surprise. I didn’t expect his views on people to be so deep. He lived for 70 years and didn’t really understand the true meaning of people. I didn’t expect him to have such deep views as a child under 20 years old, which made him understand the true meaning.
Mr Mo Qing personally presented the roll paper to Ouyang Tianyi.
"I don’t need to compete in the third psychic test this year. I have spied out that he is the best among many younger brothers and a rare talent among my peers. He is my cousin Han Linlang, and the other 23 people can learn the skills they want from other teachers."
Ouyang Jingkang also finished watching the cloud and was very satisfied with the answer. It turned out that shine on you was better than Blue.