After passing through the overpass in the city center, the car will soon merge into the special sea expressway section directly under the jurisdiction of FDM leading to the forbidden area of Nanwan.
There are almost no cars on special sections.
After a long drive, Su Mo saw a military truck carrying supplies in the rearview mirror.
The guardrails on both sides of the Hai Expressway are not blocked by walls, but are directly designed with industrial steel bars. When the steel bars directly pull the bridge car past, you can enjoy the blue sea on both sides of the bridge bottom.
It’s almost noon, and the sun is rising high and golden, and the bridge and the sea look particularly charming.
I feel warm in my heart, although the temperature is really cold today.
A gift box with a sound box is held in ega’s arms.
Because I think this gift is too expensive and too caring, my impression of Chili has changed a lot in a short time.
It turns out that an alpha like that is actually the opposite of a careless appearance, but it is actually more careful.
Be more ingenious than careful
Ingenuity, um … It seems that there is something wrong with this form and an alpha.
However, my eyes slowly skipped over the gift box painting and felt that it was really like that.
It’s amazing that this cute little animal ink painting form is displayed.
How can these animals’ lovely faces be drawn without careful observation and study?
Is it so verve?
He himself has a strong interest in painting and likes small animals, but so far he can’t draw such charm
Therefore, in addition to improving Chili, Su Mo also had some admiration for Chili.
"Madam, why don’t you put the gift in the car drawer first? Wait a minute. The young master will come to meet the lady. She may be unhappy when she sees it. "
Aside Lin Qiuwen wakes ega.
Su Mo zheng slightly wanted to think, too.
If Mr. Wang knew that he had spent such a short time with each other, but he still prepared such a gift for him, I am afraid he would definitely be jealous of a bottle of vinegar
Maybe even put this thing in the fourth floor warehouse.
Anyway, those gentlemen and colleagues gave him gifts, except what the young alpha gave him to eat, and he told Lin Qiu to have it taken out.
And that dashing-looking woman alpha sent Lucifer roses, and he had them moved to his office and kept them for a while.
Other dolls, like dolls, have been placed in the warehouse on the fourth floor by domestic servants.
Although his husband said at the time that he wanted the servants to clean up "carefully" and "carefully"
However, because of alpha’s attitude towards people at that time, most of the domestic servants also saw it, so he guessed that the final "fate" of those things was probably put on shelves or cargo boxes to accumulate dust.
After going through the consequences in my mind so quickly, Su Mo felt that Lin Qiu was right. "Then put it in."
"good lady"
Lin Qiu opened the car drawer and took the gift box and put it in. He buckled the lock.
"Then I’ll help you get it back when waiting? Put it in your office room on the second floor? "
Know your master vinegar temperament maid asked tenderly again.
Su Mo paused and nodded with a smile. "Well, please."
"Don’t bother, don’t bother." Lin Qiuchao smiled slightly and glanced at his sister’s heart. Madam, you two are good, and we will be good.
And soon Su Mo’s attention was taken away by a white group. When I just entered the government hall, the small white group didn’t follow and didn’t know what.
Maybe because I didn’t notice anything moving around and there was something else beside me, a lot of alpha didn’t follow him.
Now ChiLi left, and the little guy jumped into his arms. Sapphire blinked and looked wronged and pitiful.
Su Mo would immediately comfort each other if she didn’t know that this was a spoiled way for kittens.
However, it turns out that it is really not advisable for children to walk in the story of "Wolf Coming". At this time, Su Mo, the kitten, will not feel that the other party is really wronged like the first time.