I heard that Fu Yunyi was angry enough to hurt people, and he dared to completely eliminate the evil spirit. This is the rhythm of everyone’s mutual destruction. He gritted his teeth and said again, "Absolutely not!"
Magic hate way "you’re having fun. That’s why you’re here when you’re old. No, that’s why you’re bullied, right?"
"You still play less? Didn’t you put that lock bell on purpose? " Think of that Fu Yunyi is also entangled, I feel trap to feel avenged, but whether it is warm or not is also sour in my heart when other men listen to it.
Smell speech magic guilty then momentum is a little weak hum bursts way "that what ah is not to let him listen to a piece of music and anodyne …"
"Well, he’s coming to your side. I won’t tell you any more. Anyway, it’s just two words!"
The magic is still stubborn. Fu Yunyi saw that Fu Yun couldn’t hold on to Zhou Han and quickly added a home sentence, "There is a chance later. This time, the Uber has been abused enough in the Rose Garden. I am afraid that things will turn against each other!"
This statement was finally heard by the magic, which means that the evil spirit is cruel and then inspires rebellious psychology. You all treat me as an imaginary rival in love, right? Ok, little ye, anyway, if you have suffered the crime, then you can simply sit down and be innocent.
He didn’t want to hum and hang up. This time it’s cheaper. That Uber
When Zhou Hanhan came over, he saw the magical strangeness. What did the other person look like when he was cheap? What did he take advantage of him? He hasn’t been in contact with Magic yet, and I don’t know his thinking. Most people can’t help but think about it, and then they wonder if they came to see other people’s weapons themselves, but they didn’t say anything. Well, this is really a big advantage.
So he rarely said to the magic, "Thank you very much this time."
Most people will be polite when they hear this kind of words. Who knows that the magical heart is suffocating and opening its mouth is "What’s the point of saying thank you?" I want to be affordable! "
Fu Yun can’t help covering his face, Hero. Let’s not be so straightforward, okay?
Zhou Hanhan was dazed, but he always disliked the hypocrisy and politeness. He was not annoyed by such straightforwardness and nodded seriously. "You should tell me what benefits you want?"
Magically, there is a saying "something or money"
Zhou Hanhan raised his eyebrows and thought it was too vulgar to talk about money. "What do you want?"
The magical cold star-like eyes flashed "airplane"
Zhou Hanhan "…"
Did Fu Yun ask someone for a plane without even spraying blood? Even if the duke of Zhou has deep pockets, he won’t spend a lot of money just by looking at your weapon, will he? This visit is too expensive!
Partial magic also serious frown urged "what? No? "
This made Zhou Hanleng even stop suspecting that he was joking, and twisted it directly into this warrior with high martial arts and rare weapons. But he still held the last glimmer of hope and asked, "What kind of plane do you want?"
If it’s a private small plane, maybe it’s not impossible to send one
As a result, the magic smell speech directly pointed to Fu Yunyi coming over and said, "I want his kind."
Fu Yunyi steps a lag.
Zhou Hanhan’s expression froze Fu Yunyi’s famous plane. He still knew about the luxury private jet, which was specially customized to build a conservative valuation of 500 million. He was not unable to afford or loathe to give up. This feeling was really …
He didn’t mouth magic some impatient "what line not line? If you can’t give money! "
Zhou Han asked coldly, "How much?"
Don’t be what he thinks.
It’s a pity that magic didn’t let him down, pointing to Fu Yunyi again, "I just want to buy his plane."
Fu Yunyi corners of the mouth could not help smoking.
Fu Yun has simply gone far away to play dead.
Weeks not cold staring at the magic that half points don’t play smiling face suddenly hook lip smiled said Fu Yunyi coming dozen circle field "duke of zhou don’t mind magic like a joke …"
Magic stare at him to undermine "who’s kidding? Always talking about people like that? "
Fu Yunyi secretly warned him, but he pretended not to see it. Anyway, he wanted a plane.
Zhou Hanhan hooked his lip angle with a smile, which can make people swoon. See Fu Yunyi and raise my hand to interrupt the lazy way. "I didn’t expect there to be such a frank honest and frank person in the three brothers of Shenjia."
Compared with the sacred and fascinating, honest and frank is really frank and touching. Is it true that all the scheming methods have been left clean by those two people, and it will be clear to him?
This compliment is really hard to comment on
Although Fu Yunyi is also very deep, he can laugh at the moment but not speak.
The magic is still urging "whether it’s ok or not? I’m still busy giving a good talk."
Weeks don’t cold eyes rested on him holding Gu Jian ponder a smile lazy way "is not impossible, but those weapons I’m a look at a luxury plane gift how to say it’s a bit of a disadvantage"
Magic frown "and then what?"
Zhou Hanhan said slowly, "If you are willing to give up one thing, I will fly."
I heard that Fu Yunyi would magically refuse. As a result, his magic eyes lit up and he waved his hand, "Deal!" The word "happy" seems to be waiting for this sentence.
Zhou Hanhan "…"