"Huh?" Qin Rui’s ending is slightly raised
"Shadow" john young, this is honest.
"Let him get back at once" Qin Rui crooned those who cure too much for something, which can be compared with the imperial doctor’s brother; When I thought of this and looked at Gu Jinxi again, his eyes narrowed slightly with smallpox. Did she mean it?
As the saying goes, the heart is chaotic
Thought of here, Qin Rui took a deep breath and hung a heart. Finally, he let go and looked at Gu Jin’s eyes. It was really worthy that he was cruel enough to himself. But how on earth did she get smallpox for such a short time? Damn it! Does she know what danger is?
John young smell speech immediately le "yes".
Feel Qin Rui’s eyes gradually approaching Gu Jin sunseeker’s eyes flashing, his brow slightly frowning at the bottom of his heart, but he is puzzled. The eyes are so familiar … Speaking of her, Qin Rui doesn’t seem to have any contact except Cistanzhe Temple, but what will he do to her …? Do Qin clan men really have true feelings?
Until it’s nearly time
Song Yuan is just like finally checking it out. Gu Jinxi rubbed his lower back. "Oh, I’m old. I’m old."
"Grandpa" Song Jinyan is a little worried.
"Song Yuan is this …" Gu Huai also said.
Ye Zhenniang took a clean towel and carefully brought it to Gu Jinxi. Only then did she look at the right path of Song Yuan. "Is my lady okay?"
"It doesn’t matter." Song Yuan is taking Wen Anyan’s handkerchief and wiping her hands. "Although it’s horrible, most of them have scabbed. Most of them can fall off in three days at most, and it won’t take half a month to get better. It’s important to pay attention to avoid eating ginger, garlic and cold spicy food in diet these days."
"Is the handmaiden will pay attention to" Ye Zhenniang bowed their heads and carefully recorded.
Even though she dabbled in Qihuang a little, Gu Jinxi knew all about it, but she still attached great importance to Ye Zhenniang, the official words of the Song Academy. Qihuang Road never ends. It’s always good to pay more attention.
Song Yuan was just saying that he turned to Wen Anyan and said, "Gu Wench, but I think Sun’s wife will take care of me carefully. If there is any mistake, hum!"
Said the little le hu also slightly become warped a proud appearance.
"Teachers can rest assured that students will take care of them." Wen Anyan hurriedly made a ceremony toward the Song Academy.
"Well, in that case, King Rui, don’t stay here." Song Yuanzheng squinted slightly at Gu Jin Sunseeker’s line of sight, which was full of meaning. "Well, none of you are infected with smallpox, except Gu Yan Mu Sunseeker Pavilion. Others should leave."
Gu Huai repeatedly nodded, "Yes, I’ll arrange it at once."
"Then we’ll go first" Qin Rui deeply congealed Gu Jin Sunseeker "Sunseeker, take a good rest and I’ll come to see you another day"
Gu Jinxi bowed his head and said, "If the sovereign body is precious, if there is another Jin Sunseeker, he will feel guilty."
I don’t know when Qian Yue and Qin Xiang looked at Gu Jinxi and Qin Rui at the door. There was a strong anger and envy in their eyes. Jealous!
"Sunseeker" Qin Xiang carried her feet into the room.
Gu Jinxi just wore a veil. At this moment, she was facing Qin Xiang. Qin Xiang couldn’t see clearly. Her face is still affectionate. "Are you better?"
"Lao Huang’s concern has been much better" Gu Jin sunseeker looked up fiercely.
Scared by the dense chickenpox on her forehead, Qin Xiang suddenly turned pale and his stomach churned. He quickly raised his hand and covered his lips.
"Miss Gu, this is not a minor illness. Let’s take a good rest." Princess Qian Yue looked at Gu Jinxi’s forehead full of pustules. Although she couldn’t see her face clearly, the light could be seen from her forehead. She generally said that her mouth was still smiling. "If this leaves a scar, it would be bad. Gu Guogong wouldn’t you say so?"
Gu Huai smell speech was heavy.
"It’s not the princess’s heart." Qin Rui couldn’t listen to the cold tone.
"Hum!" Qian Yuebei kept biting her lip, holding her waist with one hand and holding the whip handle, and her little fist was blue.
When did the princess born by the Queen of Xia Liang, who was in the Tang Dynasty, be loved since she was a child, and she was the only person to be the master of Xia Liang?