Guaxin is one of them.
There are other reasons why Suzuki Garden wants to go.
There are so many wonderful cases in society every day. No matter how hard you try, it is hard to attract more people than real events.
In order to achieve good program effect, we need to add something else to the play, such as love elements!
Besides, since it’s a drama, it definitely needs more rehearsal.
If they participate in the drama writing, they may also be able to get into the role, so they can naturally invite Law Ji to help with the play during the rehearsal ~
Haibara Ai alert looked up and saw Suzuki Garden bent into a crescent moon. His eyes inexplicably felt a chill, and the hairs behind him were almost blown up.
However, before she said anything, Tian Mamei had nodded neatly.
"Of course, several members quit the club this year because of their busy studies, and we are just short of manpower, and …" Besides, Kudou Shinichi’s friends have disappeared in the past, and Kudou Shinichi may also appear …
When the two girls glances at each other and reach a consensus in a strange place, they shake hands solemnly and make an appointment.
Baishi followed, of course. After all, people want a proper meal-it just popped up here again.
The key word "Kudou Shinichi’s first love" is still relatively easy to locate and describe. Baishi almost remembers it.
Tian Mamei is a goddess, beautiful, proficient in football, tennis and other sports, learning good novels and winning the literature prize.
Her pursuers are endless, but no one has ever succeeded.
Among them is Zejing.
-Zejing Xue is handsome, versatile and a rich second generation.
From junior high school to college, a well-known flower man has chased many beautiful girls, and he has caught them all if he is willing to chase them.
However, his unbeaten record ended here in Tian Mamei.
When Zejing returned to his alma mater Didan High School to give a speech, he discovered the treasure of Tian Mamei.
He fell in love at first sight, and he began to show interest. Peacock screen seemed to offer a lot of attentions.
However, when he confessed with confidence, he didn’t throw himself at his sister with shame, but said, "I’m sorry, you are a good person, but we are not suitable."
Zejing was frustrated and shocked by his junior, but he was very unwilling. Finally, he came up with a "coup"-a hero saved the United States
The lethality of this move is really not low, but there is one priority: sister has to be in danger.
Tian Mamei, on the other hand, lives a peaceful life, has no bad habits and does not make enemies with others. She lives a quiet life, and has been waiting for a long time to learn well, but she has failed to seize the opportunity.
Finally, he lost patience-if the beauty is not in danger, let the play go if it creates danger.
It’s just that Tian Mamei’s birthday is coming, and she has to rush to the Academy Festival to rehearse a drama.
Zejing has diligently contributed to the venue of his own villa community activities.
He intends to give Tian Mamei sleeping pills, let Tian Mamei stay alone in the villa when others go out to karaoke, and then light candles with the help of real machines and birthday cakes to remotely control arson. He rushes into the fire to save people himself.
The ideal is full, but the actual fire is not easy to control. Baishi realized that it is easy to kill.
On the way to Zejing’s villa, he thought a little
It is very simple to stop this incident.
But Zejing, a man who dares to burn his house and people together, has really stopped him from setting fire, which means he has to guard against other incidents. Who knows what new tricks this person can play?
When Baishi arrived at the place, he found that Zejing was worthy of being a rich second generation-this villa even brought a courtyard. Judging from the yard area and decoration materials, even if the villa caught fire, it was not easy to wave outside.
In that case, it’s Zejing’s own room anyway. Let him burn it if he wants to.
When someone commits arson in the knowledge room, it is not only arson, but also murder, which is enough for him to be sentenced to one year in prison
The first half of the birthday party and drama seminar was very harmonious
Suzuki Park successfully implanted its own "love elements" into the drama. After all, the boys in the reasoning club also want to play love opposite Tian Mamei, which is of course more attractive than cold reasoning.
Chapter 395 Pepper spray You deserve it
Mao Lilan sat alone outside the busy crowd and looked a little depressed.
I like people who suddenly have "first love" and think about quiet and gentle Tian Mamei. Think about the body that died in his own hand pole and door … Mao Lilan suddenly felt a little inferior.
I was thinking that the sofa next to me was sinking.
She doubts a turn to see wearing a baseball cap temporarily dyed black hair Haibara Ai sat next to her hand chin light way
"Don’t think too much about that senior’s half-in fact, she took the initiative to confess to Kudou Shinichi but was rejected, saying that it was’ first love’, but the root was’ unrequited love’"
Kudou Shinichi rejected girls because he had a girl who liked them very much since he was a child.
However, Haibara Ai didn’t tell Mao Lilan about this second sentence.
She doesn’t want to see Mao Lilan and love rat sad, but she doesn’t want to fix them-who knows how many "Kudou Shinichi first loves" will jump out later, or wait for this leaking egg to be mended first.
"Is that so?" Mao Lilan eyes slightly a bright.
Think about it carefully. She is very close to Kudou Shinichi’s family. They go together after school and often go together when they have activities.
If Kudou Shinichi had really been in love, she wouldn’t be as impressed as she is now
But …
Mao Lilan’s expression is slightly embarrassing. "Little sorrow, what do you know, know …" Children don’t listen to adults!
"Sister Mamei told me." No, actually, she borrowed pepper spray from Baishi, grabbed Conan and forced him out …