There was no ambush behind the door, and the two men quickly searched separately.
Baishi stepped into the corridor, pushed the door on the left hand side and looked inside Zheng.
This room is quite tidy. There is a brain desk in front of the window with a heavy desktop brain.
At this time, a middle-aged man was lying prone in front of his brain, and his back was full of ups and downs. The white stone crept around his side and looked down, and then poked through the gloves that came from the bedroom. The man was really dead.
The body had a plate of semi-transparent sashimi at hand.
Baishi took a look at it and quickly looked up at the brain screen, which was the interface of the "Magic Fans Alliance" forum.
Two lines of bright red characters in the window to be sent are very conspicuous.
This is the first one.
-Shadow Master
Add the words "Grandpa" and "Granddaughter" Baishi to this message just now, which case is this?
He glanced at the right corner of the forum, and the owner ID was "Escape King"
Pick up the mouse and take a cursory look at the forum. Baishi found that it was really a magician’s communication niche community.
Hanging out here are mostly magic amateurs.
But in fact, there are also bosses, trumpets and white stones. Looking at the chat records in the forum, I gradually remembered more things.
A year ago, Harui, a famous magician who was good at escaping, stopped his magic performance because of his old age and poor physical strength.
When he browsed the forum with his granddaughter’s account "Ikasamatong" after retirement, he found that many people said they wanted to see his performance again.
Harui wind hasn’t played magic for a long time, and he has one’s fingers itch. Besides, he doesn’t want to go against the expectations of fans. After struggling for a few days, he finally held an escape show for the last time.
The old man left it in his brain before leaving for the performance scene.
"Dear water friends, I succeeded! Surprise.
-Ikasama Tongchunjingfeng "
In this way, the Flag intends to send it with one click after the performance is successful.
But it’s a pity that the old man didn’t come from Taiwan alive this time.
Granddaughter Tanaka Guijiu Hui saw the chat record of the forum when he was sorting out his relics. That’s why Bai Chunjing suddenly came back.
Although she is very sad, her reason tells her not to take offense at these netizens.
However, after continuing to pull the page and seeing the chat record of the forum on the night of the old man’s death, a certain two ID words made Tanaka Guijiu Hui’s sadness and anger have an outlet-
[Escape King himself wants to die on the stage (laughs)]
[Old man Pani died in cold water … (Laughter)]
….. I make you laugh! !
In the original book, Tanaka Kyuhui first found the chairman of the forum "Escape King"-that is, the one lying next to Baishi-and then killed him.
Later, she went to a party on the magic lovers’ alliance line as an "Ikasama boy" and killed "Vanishing Pani" there.
Now the escape king is dead, but he has not failed.
This puzzled Baishi a little, unless … someone didn’t kill her, but came in and found that the person was dead, so he left a message with the code name "Shadow Master" and picked up a leak?
In this world, it seems that it is not difficult for a man who is somewhat beautiful, has some wealth and a poisonous mouth to provoke several women who want to kill him at the same time.
It shouldn’t be said that it is very simple …
After going through the chat records roughly and thinking about receiving the action plan, Baishi is going to tell An Shitou that there is a body here for him to look after and deal with.
Who knows that the sliding door just took a step outward, and suddenly someone punched him with a sharp wind.
Baishi was shocked to raise his hand against the block, and his reaction was fairly quick. The punch was hitting his palm and he took a step back.
Followed by a lotus flower floating in front of my eyes.
Blood is certainly not white stone.
An Shi Tou stopped chasing and grabbed the hand that had just hit Baishi, and the blood was constantly dripping from his fingers.
He was silent for a moment and said, "How dare you …" Hiding a blade in your hand during the fight?