"then why didn’t she tell you something that she couldn’t telepathically measure?" Lu Kang asked.
Xu back "…"
There’s no explanation.
The main reason is that Xu retired from his own position.
"President Cai said that your genetic miracle has always been used to being sloppy. Many times, some big guys know common sense, but you will have problems.
President Suocai asked me to pay attention to you, especially when you chose cultivation resources.
Of course, it’s just a suggestion, "said Lu Kang.
This is the first time that Xu tui heard Cai Shaochu’s name.
It is also the second time that Cai Shaochu, a star-rated strong man, has made a retreat.
With instructor Lu Kang-lu giving personal advice, it’s very fast to get a reward for retiring.
Especially the list of freshmen.
The first prize in the individual meritorious service list of freshmen is better than the original Blue Star Tianjiao Challenge List.
The top three all have a bottle of mutagen which can strengthen directionally.
And this is also the main goal of Xu tui.
However, in the first place, in addition to a bottle of copper medal source energy-strengthening mutation medicine, there are three bottles of energy-quenching medicine.
A bottle of energy quenching agent is worth 500 personal merits.
Three bottles is an additional reward of 1,500 personal merits.
This reward is quite generous.
After all, the first place in the general list of freshmen’s exploits in normal conditions is just two or three thousand exploits.
Need to choose is the first prize in the list of freshmen’s Tianjiao team.
Team rewards are slightly more complicated.
For example, the first place in the list of Tianjiao team of freshmen is to get a bottle of directional strengthening mutation medicine with energy source.
But it is a team reward and there are other rewards.
And because the source energy can directionally strengthen the mutant medicine, it is of great value. If the team method distributes or converts it to someone,
This source can directionally strengthen mutant drugs and can be exchanged for other cultivation resources.
Of course, it’s no trouble to retire alone and form a team
Once again, a bottle of source-energy directional strengthening mutagen is obtained.
Besides, there are ten bottles of potions.
The agent can be selected from the source energy quenching agent or the B-level energy active agent.
But if you choose class B energy active agent, it is two for one.
It can also be replaced by limb regeneration agent.
For example, Cui Xi’s broken limb injury can be treated with this medicine
But this is ten for one!
It takes 5,000 people to make meritorious deeds in order to regenerate the limbs.
This is still the welfare price
This is more troublesome if a team is assigned.
But Xu retreat here is particularly simple.
Is still a bottle of source can strengthen directional mutation medicine.
In terms of medicine, four bottles of energy quenching agent were returned, and three bottles of B-class energy active agent were required.
It’s still very important to keep the keys alive at all times.
Then there is the 2013 individual meritorious military service award.
The total list reward makes Xu retreat shine at the moment.
There is also a special reward for one bottle of source-energy directional strengthening mutation medicine, one bottle of genome chain stabilizing medicine and five bottles of source-energy quenching medicine.
"Instructor, what does this genomic chain stabilizing agent do?"
"You see, as expected, President Cai was right. Your genetic miracle is short of genius and common sense," said Lu Kang.
Xu back a forehead sweat he really don’t know.
"Some students with gene mutation will be disabled or die when they break through to gene evolution.