This is not an illusion.
Can you tell Zhou Jia that if he does it, then his distance is really as far as he feels?
And the other side
Without being negatively affected.
At this time, Aoli can crush him with one finger. This is not an exaggerated metaphor, but a special means of manipulating the virtual. Although I don’t know if the other party does it, it is the fact.
"Da …"
A drop of water floated out of a small handless cup in front of Aoli with a flick of a finger.
The water drops are only the size of soybeans, but they fall on Zhoujiatou, but they pour like lake water, and the speed is so fast that people can’t avoid it.
"Wow …"
Zhou Jia’s mouth is stuffy, humming and stumbling, and his breath is suddenly low. Many people have become soaked.
"Brother Zhou!"
Cloud begonia face discoloration quickly from one side to help him live.
Zhou Jia Kouga clenched stuffy way
"It’s not that I can’t finish it, but it takes a lot of iron ore to refine iron concentrate, and it’s not a year and a half to find so many iron ores."
"When adding refined iron, Zhou didn’t have three heads and six arms. Can you do it?"
"Well ….." Ao glass hand Toba seriously wanted to think and then reached out a finger beside Zhang Xizhou.
"You help him find the iron ore."
"Master" Zhang Xizhou immediately bowed down and nodded.
"Looking at him, by the way," Ao Li straightened up and pointed his finger at Yun Haitang.
"if he doesn’t listen, kill this girl first and then bring him to see me."
Zhang Xizhou’s face was ferocious and he nodded with a smile towards Zhou Jia and Yun Haitang.
"Rest assured in the temple"
"I will take good care of them!"
He bit the word’ good’ very hard.
abode of fairies and immortals
Zhou Jia and Yun Haitang sat opposite each other.
The face of begonia yunnanensis is gaunt and the eye band is unwilling to endure.
"Brother Zhou, it’s my fault."
"You didn’t" Zhou Jia shook his head.