In fact, this love has also brought him a lot of gains.
The senator from Brooklyn, New York, has never lost a record in all previous elections. Whenever he needs public attention, he always attracts public attention. In this regard, he regards China as a threat rather than he is in China as he is in Argentina, South Africa and Cuba.
Chen Yi was greatly relieved by this statement in the document. If it is not discriminatory against China, it will be able to speak for the benefit.
Nie Hao obviously felt the same way, and Chen Yi smiled at one another.
Think for a moment. Chen Yi said, "I can grant American companies $10,000 for a short time."
Chen Yi can easily pay tens of millions of dollars, but that is meaningless and easy to raise the other party’s price.
Nie Hao was silent and nodded. "I will communicate with each other again, but there are more conditions for Schumer to do things."
The price of 10 thousand is about enough to do a little work in front, and by the way, send some campaign classics through various channels
When it comes to terms, people may not receive money.
Chen Yibai thanked Mr. Nie Hao.
Nie Hao is equally satisfied that Chen Guren can be so informed and well-advised. Once again, he said, "After more contact with Nie Ping, they will help each other."
Nie Ping is his son, Chen Yi, and he has met in vain. A young man speaks a little, and some students are more childish than themselves.
Although it is not extremely clever, it is not annoying.
Chen Yixiao and should be this just left NieHao office.
The driver chatted and smoked with a group of car drivers in the compound. When he came out, he quickly stamped out the cigarette butts and asked, "Where shall we go next?"
"It’s all right to go to the paper supermarket." Chen Yi thought about finding a business card from his wallet and handed it to the driver.
In the car, it sent a short message to Lu Fan urging him to get some interesting fossils early, preferably at the fossil excavation site.
Lu Fan is busy demonstrating how his doctoral program can’t keep his promise now.
Audi turned quickly, and Chen Yi closed his eyes slightly to have a rest. Now he is very concerned about his high spirits.
Wait until Chen Yi gets three boxes full of paper from the boss and goes to San Chio again.
Judging from his little experience, this trip to the kingdom of San Chio is bound to gain something new.
Expectation made him get to the subway early.
Too early to stay too long made many people notice Chen Yi, who had to move three big boxes all the way to the front steps of the subway to be seen.
Without the luggage taller than others, Jiangning people’s interest in him suddenly drops, just like losing their second brother’s weight and failing to attract Master’s attention. Master who doesn’t sprinkle salt always makes monsters wait and wait; Dress up, big brother, and let Uncle Sha look Mu Na.
Sitting on a subway bench, Chen Yi waited for 3 minutes as if he were sleeping before he saw the San Chio subway.
He hurriedly pulled out the box and stuffed them into the subway respectively.
When we are about to arrive at the kingdom of San Chio, the iron gate is gradually lit up.
Chen Yi raised his bus and was ready to go to see it. The subway stopped at the huge mage tower.
"Oh Timothy, are you back? How about playing outside? " Chen Yi spoke without paying attention to the outside, and his nerves were tense in front of the screen.
"Thanks to the master, we stopped the allied mage troops on the sea. They lost four less red wizards. Now they are much better," Timothy replied with a big smile.
It’s really a pleasure to count scrolls and kill ten times as many high-ranking wizards as you are.
Chen Yi didn’t listen very carefully, but he still nodded, "You should pay attention to yourself after the Great Magician Pavilion. I brought some scrolls to make up for your losses."
"Thank you, master." Timothy bowed down, not because of many scrolls, but because of the master’s instructions.
Chen Yi "uh-huh" for a long time before his eyes moved from the screen and asked, "Did you capture the mount on this trip?"
His tone was slightly excited.
In addition to the original scrolls, potions and other items, the light curtain has more mounts to choose from, but there is only one.
Obviously, this is a reward for his exercise results.