"Ha ha ….." Two people laugh.
"It’s only natural that normal income should be accounted for, but it’s jammed … haha … forget it, forget it, let’s drink."
Wine is a good wine with fresh and tender meat slices and crispy grains.
"Xue Ge" glass turned twice leopard squinting mouth talking about business.
"What’s going on over there?"
Ike smell speech move a stop at Xue Dongcheng.
"There are several goals"
Xue Dongcheng took a sip of his wine and his eyes were cold.
"Some of the guests in Qingfengju are outsiders with no background. Even if they are missing, no one will check that some of them may have good objects."
"There’s a man named Guo Daoke who repairs five tendons. Every time he goes out, he goes to the flower lane, and there must be a source stone."
"There will be a call Zhou Jia …"
Speaking of which, his voice is slightly dull.
"What’s wrong with this man?" Leopard’s eyes shine
"Is it a big fish?"
"Maybe" Xue Dongcheng licked her mouth way
"Since he came to Qingfengju, this man has almost never left the gate and even brought his own bacon for dinner."
"But his package is too big to eat, and his eyes are alert, as if he were afraid that others would take his things."
"The key is …"
His eyes shrink cold hum a way
"This guy made me look bad today. He fucking wants to die!"
"Then start with him?" Ike knows
"Xue Ge or according to the previous practice, you can fix your dad. After the two of us get it, things will be divided equally."
"Well" Xue Dongcheng nodded and looked at the eyes, and some were not very happy to say with smile.
"Leopard, don’t be unhappy. There are two targets in that room from the baron’s collar. There may be something good for me to put them together and solve them together."
"Are two beautiful women able to play for a while even if they don’t have good things?"
"Ha ha ….." Leopard smell speech blink eyebrow eye smile.
"Or Xue Ge understand me, I did you casually let’s wait for it to get dark …"
Suddenly, the wooden wall on the side of the three men cracked.
Leopard side first eyes suddenly shrank.
In his eyes, it seems that at this moment, an axe with cold light broke the wooden wall and chopped three people with flying sawdust fragments.
Xue Dongcheng’s head was cut horizontally by the axe blade, and his brains splashed, his head cracked with blood and his frightened eyes painted a picture together.
The axe blade was castrated and cut in Ike’s chest with blood.
Julius broke out and smashed Ike’s breastplate in one fell swoop, cut it into the sternum and cut it into the dirt, directly tearing the one-meter-nine body.
"Save …"
Panther’s fear opened her mouth to cry for help when she saw a flash of cold light in front of her eyes and a cold throat, and her strength dissipated as quickly as she lost her breath.
Kill the sword-seal the throat!
It was dark in front of my eyes.
Until then, three bodies fell to the ground one after another.
Zhou Jia quickly swept a circle, and finally broke the oil lamp in the field, which was ignited by the flame and started with dozens of source stones moving away quickly.
Chapter 3 Revenge
early morning
The breeze blows the wind chimes and rings around the ears.
Zhou Jiahe was lying on the hardwood bed side with an axe shield. His eyes were open but he didn’t want to get up.
He is used to rest assured that God is also happy to enjoy the peace brought by the city.
A smell of meat wafted straight.
"Zhou Dage"
Sound carefully
"You haven’t eat? Sister asked me to bring you a bowl of broth. "
Zhou Jia got up and looked at the end of the bed with a bowl, and the girl named Jiao Yuanfeng stood pretty.
At this age, the other person should be in high school on earth, such as venting his youthful passion and distress, but he has learned to adapt to the environment here.