You can pray that the other person will not compete with you or spend money to eliminate disasters.
The state’s founding capital is not less than Wanhua’s. Isn’t it also beaten?
It is said that even the boss was angry and went to the hospital?
"This money seems to be saved …" After a long time, Xin Zhining finally made up his mind.
If you don’t pay protection, you have to pay it.
"But how is this money going to go out? What is the name? Donate money … how can I reimburse the headquarters?"
"In fact, this is simple …" Gu Yundao "directly told the headquarters that it needs to be fixed …"
The meaning of these two words can’t be put on the table, but this kind of expenditure for real estate projects has always been indispensable. Gu Yun is familiar with this aspect. In fact, he is the product of "dot"
Although it is a bit much, it is not the highest in Wanhua history.
Seems to be able to do the same.
Xinzhining some uncomfortable Gu Yun mobile phone looked at the five pictures and sent for a while sorrow took out his mobile phone and dialed the headquarters.
After a difficult conversation, Xin Zhining said, "How much is five Luo … five Luo? You don’t even know how much is fifty? How to make money? 5.6 billion! State currency! That’s it! "
"Where is the money? I’ll give you an account … "
He looked at the last declaration of the "Energy Cancer Research Foundation"
In very small handwriting, it says "Opening ceremony will be held at 9: 00 on January 2nd …"
Location "No.1 Hall, Fengqiao Research Institute, Valley of Fantasy Shandong Tunnel"
Then in a huge font, it said, "Foundation non-profit organizations welcome to donate donation accounts …"
Compared with the square characters, the small print on the face is really exaggerated and people are not allowed to participate.
If you want money, you will be good. What does it mean if you can’t get it?
But that moment XinZhiNing suddenly paused.
I haven’t even seen this person, so I just sent the money over with such a message?
What if you encounter fraud?
No, you have to be safe anyway
"Money to me …"
I will deliver the door myself!
He has to see for himself who this village is not far away!
What a shame!
If you spend less money, you should hear the other party promise not to enter the field of pension real estate!
Otherwise, wouldn’t it be a draw water with bamboo baskets? Did the meat bag fetch water?
"Gu Yun, you go and ask someone to customize a donation card, which is the type of oversized check."
"Let’s go to this unveiling ceremony!"
"Ah, are we going to attend?" Gu Yun stared. No way. Isn’t this exposed?
All this is not the so-called pension real estate at all, but me?
"Don’t go …"
"No, I must go and see the characters who are so ashamed and so reckless!"
"Virtual city people are arrogant!"
Xin Zhining is determined to go with anger.
The second day early in the morning Gu Yun followed Xinzhining to the unveiling ceremony in fear and trembling.
When I saw a sea of people everywhere, colorful flags fluttered, and all kinds of congratulatory banners, baskets and gifts were arranged for hundreds of meters. It was so beautiful that Fengqiao Institute was dressed like a groom’s official with red satin. Don’t be so tacky.
"Mom, why are there so many people?" Not to mention Xin Zhining, even Zhuang is a little dumbfounded. "Why are you all here?"
"How dare we not come?" Jia Yelian walked over and said, "I said the news in the group, and everyone said they would come to pay tribute to the Lord Zhuang …"
What if you don’t come and get beaten?
You can’t come. What if you get hit?
"And cancer research is a good thing for the benefit of mankind. Maybe one day we will be saved by the owner’s achievements. How can we not say that I will donate a lot to the foundation on behalf of the Atlas Group?"
And he had a huge photo of Luo Qiao handed over.
Two people, one holding a photo of Luo Qiao, posed on the stage.