However, he found that the work of these mechanical departments was not as glamorous as the surface, and many pieces were burr when touched by hand, so he couldn’t help polishing them carefully and reinstalling them.
As a result, the car is much better than before
But the power source in the car seems very magical, stranger than his power core.
Later, he learned that it was called gas turbine, which was one of the most important power sources in the world.
In addition, he also found a lot of messy wires in the car. He didn’t know what these wires were for, but they were connected back as they were.
Of course, he didn’t know that it was the cable of various parameters of the driving brain control car.
If you put that kind of power source into the war giant dog, I’m afraid it will far exceed the power of ordinary war giant dogs!
Old boom felt his head suddenly hit two eyes shining.
Zhuang shook his head not far away. The Sunllians are all good, but sometimes they are too old-fashioned and conservative to jump out of their own mindset.
It’s as if they have gears and levers in their brains.
Of course, the diesel engine is easy to solve. Just find a boat or a large engineering vehicle for Lao Bang, and let him disassemble it and rebuild it in exile.
Brain problems are hard to solve.
Not far from Zhuang, Liu Jinge was called and asked, "Is there an entrepreneurial team in robotics and artificial intelligence in our pioneer park?"
"There are three" Liu Jingue, the body manager, must keep all kinds of information in his head. He gave Zhuang an answer not far after a little thinking.
"Ask them if they want to invest or accept the acquisition," Zhuang said.
Liu Jinge turned to join these teams.
Zhuang not far flipped through his own account.
Then let out a deep sigh
Mom, the egg is really broke this time!
Chapter 571 Which excavator technology is strong?
There are three robot and artificial intelligence teams in Neng Manor Pioneer Park.
Zhuang was disappointed after not far contact with them.
One of the top three teams is studying sweeping robots, and the other two are studying artificial intelligence assistants.
Although the smart speaker can talk to you and run around the floor, the sweeping robot looks cute, but this doubt is completely different from the kind of big robot that Zhuang expected not far away.
After talking with the three families, Zhuang held back his disappointment. When he returned to the forge, he saw that a huge diesel excavator had stopped at the forge, and several people in Nasonia were jumping and disassembling the car.
It seems that they want to copy this diesel engine.
But not far from Zhuang, I didn’t see the old boom figure looking around for a few times before I saw the old boom and Xiao Wei actually quarreling with each other.
Look at two people flushed, just fight directly.
Not far from Zhuang, I wonder that Xiao Wei is one of the few engineers in the manor. Not far from Zhuang, I think he is going to dry up the harvest in Xiao Wei. Why will they quarrel?
"What’s the matter?" Zhuang is not far away. Hurry up and walk over there. Otherwise, I’m afraid I’ll go to the hospital for a few days if I go to Xiao Wei all the time.
"Master Xiao Wei, this little …"
"The landlord’s old roar is too much!"
Two people can’t wait to let Zhuang not far judge, but both of them are loud voices. When Zhuang not far away, his head is big. He quickly waved his hand and said, "Stop and slow down. What’s going on?"
Then the two men began to talk about it again, and you said that I didn’t understand it until I was not far from Zhuang. What’s going on?
The study of war giant dogs is much more difficult than Zhuang not far from imagination.
Although it seems that the Industrial Party is also a fan of all kinds of machinery, compared with the strange things of manor owners, the Industrial Party is closer to the earth.
But not far from Zhuang, one thing is overlooked, that is, industrial party machinery and human machinery are completely different categories.
They are like twin brothers who have been brought to different countries since they were born. Ten years later, when they meet again, they seem to have nothing in common except their looks, and they don’t even know the language.
There are species of organisms, and different species reproduce.
Industry has different standards to replace it.
However, the industrial party technology and human technology are two completely different development contexts from the root, and it is not necessary to mix them mechanically.
It boils down to the fact that the giant dog of war either completely reshapes the earth gas turbine according to the industrial party way or completely reshapes the structure of the giant dog of war according to the earth model.
Either one is so difficult that it is outrageous.
Or … completely overthrow the two weights and build a new body.
This is even harder. It’s almost epic.
What standard should we follow?
With high pride and a high sense of honor for their ancestors’ achievements, the Nexans absolutely don’t want to lose their ancestors’ glory and compromise with earth technology.
And Xiao Wei, a native of the earth, of course, desperately defends what he has learned and everything.
So the dispute came.
"Master Zhuang, please comment!"