People who haven’t lost their body don’t understand the feeling of regaining it.
And this new body is still so powerful.
"It’s not as good as my heyday, but it’s not bad. It’s much worse than before."
"Now that you have such a strong body, go to work quickly," Zhuang said. "Now let all parts of the manor work, and you can upgrade the manor."
"Work? No, no, no,no. "Emperor Indigo laughed." How can I go to work with such a strong body? Of course, I have to take revenge first! "
Emperor Indigo turned and ran to the North Island. "Get out of here, you monkey cub! Aha, hahaha, the old man is coming for revenge! "
Zhuang looked at Indigo Huang’s back and shook his head naively.
Forget it. Forget it.
Oh, please help yourself.
This monkey cub is probably the guy who has the most casual life in the manor, the hardest backstage and the most offended people.
I guess he must be wonderful every day, just like walking a tightrope …
Let’s leave them alone first. Let’s get the rest of the manor up and running, improve work efficiency and prepare for an upgrade!
Not far from Zhuang, the servants were called and all the matters were arranged. Now everything is ready and we owe it to the wood factory.
"Indigo emperor, you should finish your revenge …"
When he came to the North Island, he saw Emperor Indigo sitting on the floor, holding his red monkey ass in one hand and shouting.
"Come on, get revenge and have a grievance. Does anyone want to spank this monkey cub? It costs 1 yuan to hit one! It’s now or never! "
A group of people next to them are lining up to pay the money.
"I’ve long wanted to teach this monkey a lesson."
"I play 1 yuan!"
"A dollar? So hard? I will play 2 yuan! "
"Can you get one free if you buy ten?"
He struggled in the hands of Emperor Indigo, but his strength was too small compared with that of Emperor Indigo. How could he struggle out?
Can desperately shout "you let me go!" Be careful that I bite you! "
Click one
The tooth was broken.
"Meowed you are quick to let me go. My brother-in-law is (Migu) and my brother-in-law will not let you go …"
"Are you sure?" Indigo smiled, and when he turned his finger, he saw an embarrassed face with money beside him.
"I’ll just hit 2 yuan" (Gu Gu) made an embarrassing excuse.
"Don’t you stop this nonsense, Master Zhuang?" Liu Jinge beside asked "everyone is waiting for the upgrade …"
"Don’t worry. Do you have any cash?" Zhuang buqian asked
Chapter 131 Upgrade manor city-state!
Servants and residents in the manor who are ready to keep the manor running find that they don’t know when everyone suddenly stops working.
Walking out of their respective posts, I found that everyone was queuing in the North Island.
There are several people shouting.
"Come and play the monkey MAO! Come on, it will become more and more popular! It has been booming for a whole year! "
"Upgrading the Monkey King Manor must be red!"
"Prosperous drifted off …"
What is this?
This monkey cub found himself rebellious and divorced from the law. After struggling, he simply broke the jar and fell down and asked Emperor Indigo, "Hey, big head! You’ve made a lot of money, haven’t you? Why don’t we split it fifty-fifty? "
"You see, my ass is so round and so warped that it can attract so many people to make money. How can you keep it for yourself?"
"Feed, even if not 50-50 split 46 can always! Or three … "
"Three you head ah extra that come from! You don’t learn monkeys well! " Emperor Indigo couldn’t help but reach out and pat his ass.
"This also have to pay money also have to pay money! Your hands are so big that you pay twice as much! Not ten times! " Cried the water.
Emperor indigo couldn’t help sighing.
This monkey cub never remembers to eat or fight. Why is it so skinned?
Fortunately, this monkey cub is not his own child, otherwise he wouldn’t be angry.
"Okay, okay, back to work!" Look, my ass is red like a red light. Liu Jinge finally can’t watch it.
"You people don’t want to think about the feelings of adults when you hit children."
"What if you clap your hands in the corner?"
"Go back and prepare for the upgrade!"