"I have no choice."
If he is not mean, he will never be able to keep her around.
I know that some things were forced by him, and I just wanted her to stay in my sight, but I don’t know what he wanted more and more as time went by.
Want to see her smile, her anger, her gentleness …
Many, many, but not what she looked like in her previous palace.
Maybe she didn’t realize that these days, she is no longer the doll with the same expression as Ruby in the past five years, and she has gradually returned to the chapter 1396 of 1396, which used to like quarrelling with him.
Although he is not sure whether she will ask for a divorce when she returns, he wants to gamble. He doesn’t want her to live like that again. He doesn’t want her to lose all the colors in her life. He wants her to be happy.
She said that if she left the palace and left him, she could return to her former life.
But he always felt that even if she left the scar in her heart, if the law healed it, her generation would live in the shadow, even if one day she was with someone else …
Even if Nangong Che doesn’t want to think deeply about this possibility, it is also a real possibility.
He has always felt that it is necessary to ring the bell if he really wants to make her feel guilty again in this generation, he can be the only one.
But it was true that Redjade said he was mean.
Because he never really wanted to let her go, even after returning to the palace, she would not let go if she wanted to leave him.
Even if he loses the bet, he will never let her leave.
Because he knew very well that once he let go, she would never come back to him.
"Aren’t you afraid to go back and make your people laugh?"
Redjade was used to his impudence, but on this day he couldn’t help feeling angry, as if he didn’t care what she said, and all his strength was like beating a ball of soft cotton.
Suddenly, she was able to understand the mood before Nangong Che-nothing she said was in that mood.
But she didn’t understand when they were upside down like this.
It’s backwards!
Nangong Che raised his eyebrows faintly. "You are the queen of South Vietnam. Let them laugh at me as an emperor. Do you have a bright face?"
"Not soon!" Redjade blurted out
The Nangong Che’s face froze slightly, and his face sank again. After dark eyes, there was no light, as if there were no stars and no moon at night.
Redjade didn’t realize what she had said until she looked at him. There was a flash of chagrin in her heart, but it was obviously impossible for her to say anything to save her life now, so she couldn’t look down at him.
Two people are immersed in their own thoughts, and only occasionally cicadas sing around, but the atmosphere becomes more and more silent and strange.
Until the white homing pigeon suddenly flew in front of them.
Nangong Che reached for the letter and read it skillfully.
Redjade squinted at the white homing pigeon in his hand. "How did you know we lived here?"
This isn’t a place that should be known, is it?
The Nangong Che’s eyes finally fell, and the letter didn’t look up, and his thin lips gently opened the light tunnel "as you guessed."