Xiao Duo’s aunt looked blankly at the lake. Where are her friends?
The serpent? That sounds terrible!
There are snakes in this lake?
Snakes also send fish?
Wait, what is this little girl talking about? You must be hiding something from me, afraid of being scolded and lied by me. What friends are you?
Xiao duo Xiao Yan is in distress situation.
"Xiao Duo, we’re here to treat the disease. If you want to eat fish, why don’t we make it for you when we get back?" Xiao Duo’s aunt reached out and stroked Xiao Duo’s head and said, "Shall we put this fish back?"
"Oh …" Xiaodi was a little careless, but she still obediently handed the fish in her hand to her aunt and asked her to throw it back.
As soon as the big fish entered the water, it shook its head and wagged its tail to escape, but it was caught by a huge tentacle before it could run.
"Hey, what’s that?" Aunt Xiao Duo didn’t see clearly and thought there was something in the water.
Just as she looked into the lake, the lake slammed and three or four fish were thrown out of the water.
Just landed at the feet of Xiaoduo.
"Look, I said this is a fish from Xiaomao!" Xiao Duo cheered, "Thank you, Xiao Mao!"
"Uh …" Little aunt stayed away.
Not far from Zhuang, look at Xiaoduo and then turn around and look at the lake.
He keenly felt that Xiaomao was lurking in the lake and staring at Xiaoduo closely.
The eyes were gentle and nervous, just like watching your lunch, for fear that someone might accidentally steal it.
Eat more, eat more, grow up quickly and I will eat you!
What should it end like?
Zhuang not far from lost in thought.
At noon, dozens of volunteers were brought to Fengqiao Institute, and when Dean Tian and medical staff entered the building, Zhuang started it not far away.
The purpose of his experiment is to find a treatment plan for grandpa, but grandpa can’t wait for his illness and naturally can’t do it step by step for a few months.
All the volunteers who participated in this experiment signed a confidentiality agreement, and all the treatment processes were not personal.
When the whole treatment process is closed for four months,