Stay leng for a while watching the young talent that beautiful girl named even xin che Yang night suddenly felt uncomfortable.
If that guy says all this is true … that means this beautiful girl named Eun-shin is really another my fiancee? Is it my ex-fiancee who didn’t lose those memories?
So cool?
Stop! Stop! What are you thinking? I’m Yang Ye. I’m a smelly worker! It’s not as good as a beggar making more money, so beautiful and so rich that a girl can see me. Still, still my fiancee? Stop dreaming! Don’t be fooled by that guy’s pretentious words!
Yang night fierce shaking his head and looked at the red Ferrari "sou" a far more looking at the car that a man and a woman talking and laughing back couldn’t say for sure what it was like.
What, this girl named Yunxin, her name, her voice, her smile, and the scene where she appeared in front of my eyes made me feel so familiar?
I thought that Yang Ye had started to run again, because it suddenly occurred to him that if yesterday was exactly the same as today, then he didn’t go to work yesterday, and if he went to work today, wouldn’t everything be different? Maybe everything will return to normal!
I went straight to the factory in the western suburbs of the city without stopping, tired and panting, and Yang Ye felt very uncomfortable. It seems that there is always one thing that he can’t let go of but he can’t remember it.
And he would rather think of it as a problem of being late for his class than think about anything else.
Everything is so weird and chaotic.
Being able to run, running, urgency and fatigue can prevent yourself from getting deeper and deeper in those thoughts.
Running halfway, I met Xiao Pi, a colleague who was riding a bicycle to drive a car.
Yang Ye leng immediately relieved. Yes, you should definitely meet him. Didn’t he go to Yang Ye’s house to find Yang Ye yesterday?
Pipi saw Yang night running over and quickly pinched the brake and put out a foot to stand on tiptoe and stop on the ground. He looked at Yang night and shouted, "Damn it! I’m going to your house to find you! Why don’t you go to work? Let’s go! There is something wrong with the car equipment! The Lord said that if you don’t go, all your wages will be deducted this month! "
Speaking yesterday, Yang’s head was shocked at night, and his heart sank. He didn’t say anything, but he apologized and smiled. He took the back seat of a small leather bicycle and flew all the way to the factory with a small belt.
What followed was very simple. Yang night was caught by a small belt and spent the most embarrassing, depressing and arrogant half a day in his life.
First of all, it’s not easy to be late. The owner seriously criticized Yang Ye’s words, and there was no lack of hurtful cynicism. Of course, these Yang Ye’s words have been used to nodding and apologizing with a mean smile.
Then there was the mechanical equipment failure in the factory. The old technicians happened to be seconded to the general factory to help with the installation, maintenance and care of some new equipment. The remaining technicians in the factory were Yang Ye and two other temporary workers.
After being scolded by the owner, Xiao Pi came over to repair the mechanical equipment in Yang Ye’s car and secretly told Yang Ye that a new mechanic might be transferred to their car, and this mechanic is the owner’s brother, nephew, cousin, mother, niece, uncle, colleague and child.
Very rich
Yang Ye’s heart sank at that time, knowing that this kind of thing was bound to happen and that a new mechanic would naturally dismiss a mechanic, otherwise the quota of temporary workers in the factory would be overstaffed, and the benefits would be very average.
Jia was late today, and Yang Ye had a bad feeling.
What surprised Yang night even more was that this time, some equipment failures seriously affected the processing of a number of important goods, and the leading class in the factory also personally came to inspect and supervise.
It’s not very simple to solve this mechanical failure. Yang night is sweating all over the equipment, and the main leaders of the factory leadership class, the car owner and the young mechanic who is very young with him, and a large number of workers waiting to produce cars.
It can be said that almost the whole factory people are watching and waiting for the completion of mechanical equipment maintenance.
During the maintenance process, the owner suddenly talked with the factory leader, and then asked him to go with the young mechanic to help Yang Yewei repair the equipment.
So the young mechanic wore coarse linen gloves and walked beside Yang Ye with a look of arrogance. He looked at it and forced him to talk.
Yang night turned to look at the young mechanic, and there was no doubt that from his blindness, I didn’t know where to look and my mouth was full of nonsense. Yang night knew that this little girl didn’t understand equipment maintenance and was pretending to be pure here!
However, due to Yang Ye next to the owner, it’s hard to say what he can do while trying to maintain it, said Hu, a young mechanic