The old man listened carefully and then went out of the door, and throb was sitting here for a rest.
Within an hour, the old man went back and took out a lot of things from the belt
It was in this stone house that thunder changed a new appearance.
It’s not easy to provoke dangerous people from a black robe and black gas before an hour.
Turned into a white robe, personable, and a folding fan.
It seems that the old man surnamed Zhou wanted to wear a human skin mask, but he volunteered.
I took a bunch of make-up things and directly helped Lei Dong make up.
Willy looked in the mirror and took a closer look at his face. It was still his original face but it became a sword.
The eyebrows turned red and the teeth turned white, and the tough faces of the original lines were almost finished.
Even familiar people can recognize that this is throb and I was slightly surprised.
"Zhou Lao Yi Yi is good. It is much better than wearing a human skin mask. After all, that kind of thing is normal.
Some, you can see at a glance that it’s a human skin mask, and now it’s a makeup reality.
Or is it more difficult to expose his whereabouts, but if it turns out to be true
If you expose your whereabouts, the sky will not fall. After all, you are not that kind of person.
Rely on scattered practice, but open the door. The bodhi old zu disciple who lives in a ghost cave is very tough in the background.
Is willy feel trouble can be so cautious.
The old man surnamed Zhou originally estimated that the elder was already fifty years old, but he was playing.
Have thought. He was so young that I became more respectful to him. Humble way
"I didn’t know that the predecessors, such a poorly qualified person, wanted to be alive.
You can’t live in Daoli without some special art.
After a long time, all sorts of things will know this. "
Willy, carrying a folding fan, for example, is a bit graceful and beautiful.
Yes, willy still dislikes this dress-up, but it’s too much to hide his whereabouts, for example
I can also accept a sigh from my heart. It really is that the dragon has its way, and the mouse has its way.
Repair. It may be unremarkable, but the head will still have this unique skill more or less.
It’s no longer precious when he’s more concave and wordy, and it’s out of this stone gate, and a few flashes.
I’m back on the main street again. It’s not bad to dress up like this. Live
Living is the kind of aristocratic family who comes out to experience the appearance of a male friend and his former black robe
Walking in the street is two treatments.
Almost no one hid from him, and all kinds of merchants sold low-order character seals.
Riki, there are all kinds of exquisite ornaments, one by one to pander and push hard.
There are more things to sell them, that is, middle school girls who are scattered here, and many of them. Don’t.
Although you are beautiful, you are not beautiful, you are affectionate, and you will come over at a glance.
Pandering or deliberately bumping in.
Willy also has this sweat, but instead of using his posture, he relies on his own flexibility to hide left.
Right Flash regrets dressing up like such a butterfly. But he doesn’t look down on it in his heart.
Some women are scattered. After all, in this world, people who cultivate immortality seem to be more beautiful than ordinary people.
Fairy general
But in fact, this is a very dangerous world where you will lose your mind at every turn.