"Sister ice cloud, don’t worry." The saint is a little relaxed when she is influenced by throb, but the color of despair has not subsided. "Although Fa learned the real strength of this wild ancient flying dragon, from the point of view of its coercion, it is probably the level of deification in the later stage of Yuanying. We are not even qualified to escape in the face of such absolute strength."
An Tai Bing Yun’s face is a little unwilling, but he knows that the Saint is telling the truth. It’s like a mortal facing her An Tai Bing Yun. The absolute power gap can’t escape. It seems that God is also an H not U. He murmured, "Can I, an Tai Bing Yun, fall here?"
"Don’t be sad, Dan Tai. Although I know that your qualification is the best among the younger generation in Kangzhou, it takes only one day to be a genius, but is there less genius in this ancient and modern exchanges?" Willy shrugged his shoulders with a wry smile. "We are just poor people struggling in this mysterious and great world."
"Willy, you don’t sell yourself short." A platform of ice clouds sighed. "I’m afraid I want you to be the first among the outstanding generation of young people in Kangzhou. It’s a pity that we are different. Y and N evil spirits are also sworn enemies, otherwise we may become good friends."
"Dan Tai you are wrong" willy and the pie mouth disdain "whether to join the y and n evil spirit cases or auditions palace? Is it up to you and me? I think that when Lei Mou was still young, he also wanted to join the noble family, step on the sword and fly in white, but he was born in the range of Y and N evil spirits. What can he do? Look, you said that as if I was born in the wrong country. "
A platform of ice clouds is taught by his master that good and evil are at odds. Although I have met many people who are heterodox and evil in my own debut experience, they are not necessarily dirty and filthy. Among them, there are some young people like Ding Wanyan and Dongfang Fu who are at odds with good and evil. Now that she has heard this, she suddenly has some unknown feelings in her heart.
"If you are willing to turn over a new leaf, I am willing to guarantee that you will join Kongoji." An Tai Bing Yun’s eyes lit up, but she turned to regret. "It’s a pity that we are all dying now."
Willy smell speech couldn’t help laughing. "Dan Tai, you’re really interesting. Brain washing in Audition Palace can turn you into such a clever girl with ice and snow. It’s just a compliment. Leimou is fine in the Y and N evil clan, so he won’t bother you." His eyes glanced at the head and he couldn’t afford to fly a dragon. "It’s a little strange that the dragon floated for a long time as if listening to our chat?"
Saint Dan Tai also stared at the dragon’s face with a puzzled look.
All three of them are very smart, and they suddenly realized that they were scared just now, so they didn’t pay attention to it. From a distance, the giant dragon’s eyes are full of agility and some curiosity, which means that the dragon has been out of the beast and I don’t know when it has enlightened wisdom, so it won’t be out of low wisdom that the monster beast can directly attack three people.
The three men cast a glance at each other and saw the joy in each other’s eyes. Of course, it is too early to say that it is a rescue, but from their inference and observation, it should be that this dragon is in a relatively ignorant wisdom. Maybe this dragon has already advanced in these tens of thousands of years, but even if it is advanced, what about wisdom? In this film, it is the only one who studies corporate law. Even if it can’t command human beings, even if it stays longer, it is as naive and intelligent as a child. It is true that some monsters who have lived for a long time will become cunning and far beyond imagination, but that is the normal monster. If it wants to survive, it will have to face the same kind of killing and different kinds of killing, but this dragon is not necessary.
Otherwise, it wouldn’t have a curious look in its eyes and felt very curious about the conversation between the three people.
"Feilong" thundered and said to the Feilong directly with a smile, "Can you understand us?"
Sure enough, the dragon was extremely human. He lit a little bit of a huge faucet jar jar and said, "I can understand it." Terrible things happened. As it spoke, a powerful airflow surged to the crowd and rolled straight. Three people were like pieces of fallen leaves floating in the wind and flew straight out. After a hundred feet, the three people stopped, and their ears were roaring and their faces were shocked. It was too terrible. Even in 50 thousand years, the dragon could not have advanced to this level, right? Even if the temple area is full of aura.
In fact, the three of them didn’t know that there were many spirits Yao growing in this temple for a long time, and those spirits Yao became the dragon’s complement. Of course, the most important thing is how many times the soul tree has borne fruit in 50 thousand years, and each time it was washed and strengthened by the dragon, which made the dragon’s spirit strength become stronger than that of the dragon, which in turn affected its chances of breaking through the advanced stage.
Of course, everyone also slightly misjudged its true strength, and it was overwhelmed by it, even if it was too powerful, it was far beyond its position. Of course, even so, its strength is far from throbbing, just like three ordinary humans can resist in front of throbbing and others, and they can crush it with their fingers casually, let alone escape.
Some mess but throb face is some joy to prevent continue to suffer throb and hurriedly said, "dragon boss, please keep talking a little. Have you been here for many years?" No one can talk with you, and if you accidentally kill the three of us, you will be lonely again. "Willy talked but joined the temptation, hoping that this dragon would not kill himself because of loneliness.
Sure enough, there was excitement in the dragon’s eyes. I just wanted to open my mouth and talk, but I closed my head and thought for a moment. Then a wave of pure J and jīng came directly to the three people’s minds. "Thank you for coming to accompany me. I can’t let you die or I will continue to be lonely."
Hearing this, the tension was relaxed, and the back was already a little wet. It should be to save Xing’s life. If it can’t be directly killed by this dragon, then things will be much easier. The saint and a surname ice cloud are also grateful for the rest of their lives. What if it were such a powerful one outside?
"No, our mission is to make you not lonely." Willy ingratiated himself with this dragon. In my heart, I also expected to be lucky enough to get along with this dragon friendship with wild ancient beasts. That is to say, I can really walk sideways. Of course, Willy is still awake. Of course, I know that it is impossible to absolutely recover it in various ways. Otherwise, once it eats itself, no one can resist it.
Fei long’s eyes seemed to be very excited, even to the sound. "You are the one who walked off the other side not long ago and came to accompany me, right? Thank you so much. "
Chapter three hundred and fifteen Fool
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Chapter three hundred and fifteen Fool
Fox? Willy immediately thought of the three-tailed fox in my mind and smiled. "Yes, the three-tailed fox asked us to come and save you."
"Great, I’ve been here for a long time, and no one has come in to accompany me." It’s huge and exciting than Feilong, and the whole air is also shaking again and again. It’s no wonder that tens of thousands of years of loneliness is too lethal for a soul-enlightened creature.
Willy showed a kind expression. It kept talking nonsense. Although Fei Long had lived long enough, he was almost alone for a long time after Qi Lingzhi. He had never seen the darkness of the sinister society, but Willy was an old jiān giant kid who deliberately flattered and guided him. It didn’t take long for one person, Yi Long, to become brothers.
After several attempts to guide Feilong’s transformation with willy, Feilong became a willy, with a similar temperament of four or five points, but also some similar young people’s appearance. The oppressive momentum of a huge horse was also well converged by it, and he was more like a big boy next door when he learned to smile with willy.
But throb and other three people really know it’s fierce. Once it annoys it, it’s hard to resist a few repairs. So San nv and a surname ice cloud dare not have any carelessness. Although they are close to each other, they dare not have a half-point mind. Otherwise, once something goes wrong, it may be the end of meeting everyone.
In just a few days, one person, Yi Long, seemed to be wearing a pair of pants. Brothers were playing hooky, drinking, bragging, chatting and farting, but fortunately, when the thunder animal bracelet was big enough to chat, some precious spirits were sent.
"Is it really so interesting?" The guy who was willy-nilly and pressed a Lei jīng name was shocked and envious when he heard willy-nilly drawing the world of flowers and drawing it.
"Hey, brother, we are both surnamed Lei. Can I cheat you?" Willy showed a face of "displeasure" and was angry. "Being a big brother can cheat you. If you don’t want to hear it, I won’t say it."
"The eldest brother is the younger brother’s fault. You can go on to tell me that I have never been outside." Just listening to the throbbing in these few days, the brontosaurus in the world of flowers has been tickled to death. If it weren’t for some special reasons, it would have flown outside.
Willy is pretending to be angry for a while. After listening to Lei Long make amends carefully for three transgressions of several times, he spoke of some trivial things again. One person, Yi Long, was excited to say those wonderful things while drinking wine.
In the absence of strength to dissolve the drinking power, Lei Long enjoyed the fluttering Y fairy beauty after drinking a few altars. He came with a hiccup and blushed and shouted, "Eldest brother, I’m going to go out and take back the dragon department of Tianmu to make a big harem. I’ll beat whoever dares not to bully you. Lei Long is the most loyal."
Lei Long has not been baptized by the big dye vat in the world of flowers and flowers. Although his strength is strong, he is still as unpolluted as a blank sheet of paper. Therefore, Willy is also secretly guiding him to instill some values, especially brotherhood and other things, and he has spared no effort to instill them. One by one, the story of blood and loyalty resonates with Lei Long. He decided to be a handout dragon.
"Yes, our brothers are one." Willy is also an impassioned face. "Whoever dares to bully you, I will kill it even if I fight for this life."
"Eldest brother, that’s very kind of you to me" Lei Long a face moved to say such a hemp "words, but it is no wonder that his only contact with creatures for tens of thousands of years is the first three-tailed Linghu or a three-tailed Linghu without enlightenment, which is naturally fooled by willy.
But instead of throbbing, the topic will be introduced to the world of flowers and flowers. One person, Yi Long, can’t help laughing.
St nv’s a surname ice clouds hide a little far from daring to make trouble, but it doesn’t mean that they don’t pay attention to this side. Those foul words and dirty thoughts are also constantly baptizing them. Both of them are born in an extraordinary environment and are well cared for. Naturally, their cheeks are flushed and their hearts are dark.
Especially, if anyone dares to make such words in front of her before changing to an ice cloud, his mind will surely be disgusted. However, when she comes into contact with this "enemy" these days, she has already made great changes to this "enemy". He is always ruthless and does not show the other side, but it also makes an improvement for an ice cloud in Taiwan, especially when he bears the blame of the old devil with bones and risks death and still lives when everyone resists the catastrophe. However, it is still difficult to calm his opponent on the surface of an ice cloud in Taiwan.
This is also the reason why Taitai Ice Cloud went out to search for throb regardless of the danger, but it was San nv who finally got to know each other.