"That’s not what I should do!"
Leng Yingdao Qinchuan turned around and prepared to go to the center of Ghost Valley. "Your daughter is now the leader of the holy witch cult, and you can feel at ease."
"… did Coral find her?"
The man in red seems to be shocked and asks quickly.
I couldn’t bear to tell Qin Chuan a lie. It would be too cruel to tell her that Arroyo sat in the position of saint wizard because he killed coral.
Let him go with peace of mind.
"That’s good, that’s good … watch out for someone coming!"
The man in red sighed with emotion, but suddenly he exclaimed.
Suddenly, Qinchuan also noticed that something was wrong. The mind quickly spread out and found out that there were a few peculiar smells of the method from the east. It seemed that the target was himself for a moment and he had appeared around this pine forest.
Bad luck!
[From the first time! ]
Chapter 15 Method of flute phantom sound array
Qinchuan looked gloomy, white clothes and patches of red maple moonlight seemed a bit rare, and the soul behind him had disappeared at the moment, and I don’t know whether it had dissipated or disappeared for the time being.
But even if it is, it won’t help much.
"Elder Xia of Qinchuan’s adult building, please welcome."
Bearers have a total of four repairs, and as far as Qinchuan knows, they are all Lou Xia’s cronies. One of the leaders is Arroyo, who was officially the leader, and was later appointed by Lou Xia to make maple trees. At this moment, Qinchuan is facing the surface politely, but there is no respect in it.
I’m afraid he didn’t even take Arroyo seriously.
But Qinchuan can ignore Louxia’s identity, and he also doesn’t put maple in his eyes.
Cold tunnel in a flash in the eyes of a kill.
"That’s not up to you!"
Immediately maple makes a complete angry, and then together with the other three people, a piccolo is now in their hands in four directions around Qinchuan, but they don’t know what to plan.
Then I saw that there seemed to be a faint white fog flashing with different awns from the strange piccolo, and four piccolo sounded together to play strange music, and the white fog gradually spread with the ups and downs of the music, constantly changing beside Qinchuan.
"The flute magic sound array!"
Suddenly, the white fog was surging and swept wildly towards Qinchuan. Although there were no consequences, the danger was obvious.
"Chaos is too virtual polaron!"
One-type mixed-element formula can instantly stop the oncoming white fog, but at the same time, there are exactly the same fog everywhere else, so the mixed-element formula can’t be defended.
"Boom …"
Suddenly, the shape flashed and the dragon broke the fire and roared out.
However, the white fog is not true, and it has no effect to counterattack the roots. Seeing that the white fog is like being blown away by the wind, it quickly gathers and recovers.
Try it several times in a row, and even freeze the ice.
Qinchuan face can’t help floating somewhat dignified.
The method of western Xinjiang is too strange, and it is difficult to find out the clues when it comes to contact with itself, but there is no time to think about such a continuous offensive.
Moreover, as the flute sounds around, the pine forest here has been completely shrouded in white fog.
"What exactly does Lou Xia want to do?"
In my heart, I have to think about the future. Suddenly, a white fog has jumped into Qinchuan’s body and I was caught off guard.
Damn it!
In an instant, the white fog did not cause any injury, but it was like a powerful spirit constantly impacting Qinchuan’s mind. However, the Central Plains practice was different, so that Qinchuan could not find the lifting method for a while. It seemed that the maple tree made the purpose not to kill but to capture.
"Wang Triple Sacrifice to the Apocalypse!"
"Ten steps and one kill!"
Confused, Qinchuan took the opportunity to lock in a shock from one person in the north, and the blade was fierce, and the magic Dao Zhen Yuan gathered and killed.
"Boom …"
Listen to a bang, but I don’t know if the man is dead.
Even if you hit it, you can know.
At the moment, Qin Chuanjue’s mind is getting weaker and weaker, and his eyes are already white. Those white atomized strange objects are either horrible, funny or have nothing at all.
It can never be true
"Calm down and you can definitely think of a solution!"
In my heart, I meditate on Qinchuan and firmly protect my mind. Maybe I can borrow the Master Dust Yuan God to survive this robbery, thinking that the real Yuan Xun is about to condense into the Nine Obsidian glass lamp.
However, I don’t know whether it was influenced by the illusion or the reason of the law body, but I realized that the nine obsidian glass lamp was a burst of straggling in my arms, but it was finally connected to several attempts. Qinchuan had some anger, blood crystal, a riot, and all the true elements poured out
Never give up!
At the moment, I don’t know in Qinchuan. One of the original four people has been blown into fly ash, and the remaining three people are even more shocking and dare not relax.
The pitch of piccolo suddenly rises, and the white fog is getting thicker and thicker.
"He will be taken back to Jiuli Temple!"
Maple makes a complete drink and looks at a place that melts into the white fog. It’s even cooler in my heart. Fortunately, there is no way for the Central Plains people to take the magic sound array of the flute.