Rowling’s eyebrows couldn’t help beating a few corners of his mouth and twitching violently. Because his knee hit the gravel ground, the pain was never tried, and he would never know how painful it was. Rao is a tough-minded Rowling, but he couldn’t help but let out a scream. The ghost who taught the Shura world to teach the ghost face a ui to carry a strong attack into his body, but also shocked him and spit out one mouthful blood.
"Mumu" saw Rowling’s painful expression. Yunrou couldn’t help but shout out her heart’s slow worry and remorse, and that deep love filled her eyes with tears.
"Little things" Rowling smiled at the soft lu of the cloud and suddenly turned his head. When his eyes fell on the right ui and he pressed the ghost face on his shoulder, his God Se was even more ferocious than that crumpled ghost face.
His double ui power was pressed by the body, but it was overbearing than the gesture. The ghost face who pressed the right ui on his shoulder was thrown out to kill God.
However, at this time, the name of the knife method is sharp, and the ghost teaches the strong to rush over again. Instantly, Rowling cuts off three knives, one knife is faster than the other, and the power of each knife is multiplied, and the wind blows and the fire burns the sword, which has the same effect.
At the same time, the ghost face man who was just killed by his top flying out also cut himself back to Rowling’s side again. The double ui is like a wooden stick. A ui hits his head and a ui hits the cloud softly.
Rowling is an earth element and there is an earth element armor to protect himself. Although Wu Shenyuan didn’t wake up, the earth element armor defense was also extremely strong to resist two knives. However, because of the softness of the heart, the cloud helped the cloud to block the ui attack of the ghost face, and at the same time, the ui was smashed to his head, but it flashed across another person. The third knife was severely chopped by the third knife.
Even though there is earth element armor for protection, the power of the third knife is rock-breaking. His body is cracked by the earth element armor, and his body is shaken to one side and slid back against the ground. Killing God will draw a long and wide ravine on the gravel road, and Yunrou also suffers from the ui offensive of the ghost face man Ling Fei for a moment.
Cloud soft himself dodged a few times, and was finally kicked by the ghost face and fell to Rowling’s side.
However, Downing, Liuman, Huatian and others are also in jeopardy. If they face the Dreadwind Gate alone or the ghosts teach a sect, Juxian Pavilion, these people all have a fighting force. However, in the face of the joint efforts of the two major forces and the initial sneak attack by the ghosts, everyone is very embarrassed and scarred, and their fighting capacity has dropped a lot.
However, I have Hao Fengxiang Lingzhu stepping on a flower bee. At this time, the most fierce Hao Fengxiang Lingzhu has left more than a dozen bloody wounds. Every knife is as sharp as a sword, and Hao Fengxiang Lingzhu’s blessing on his own speed is also very impressive. Whether it is moving speed or shooting speed, it can be described as a must.
However, after all, the energy of Yuanzhu is limited, and because Yuanzhu is born from the body and is closely related to the body, the more energy consumed by Yuanzhu means that the flower-stepping bee will be weaker.
It took so long for Hao Fengxiang Lingzhu to step on the bee, and the offensive gradually weakened, which also gave Qian Zhen a breathing space to slow down and launch a fierce offensive against the bee.
Watching his brothers and sisters suffer such injuries in front of their eyes, but they are eager to rescue themselves before the law, as if they were stabbed in the heart with a needle. He clenched his teeth and his eyes were cruel and complete, which made people feel creepy, and his face was even more ferocious and terrible.
See not far from the face with sarcasm and smirk Bai Yanhong Shen Tian Feng Xiao Yang even swallowed them alive.
Seeing that the brothers are suffering from such injuries and dangers, the wind can no longer bear it.
Dry kunhuo burning sword tactic
As the heart sinks and drinks the dragon blood sword in his hand, it is already flying. In front of him, the fire energy of heaven and earth is instantaneous and restless, and pieces of fire clouds quickly pour into the dragon blood sword. The red Se energy is full of perfect blood, which makes the red look even more rare.
Both Bai Yanhong and Shen Tianxiao have tried this kind of martial arts, and they are a little surprised to see Feng Yang put it to use again, but at the same time, they took out something the same size as a goose egg, and the water became more and more soul-stirring.
Two people will instantly connect the two water in their hands, and this energy will expand rapidly to blink of an eye, and then an energy wall will be formed in front of them to cover up the body.
The first sword ji of Feilong Blood Sword shoots a flame, and the sword Gang shoots at Bai Yanhong ji in the past, but it hasn’t yet reached his front. The second flame sword Gang has already shot out from Feilong Blood Sword ji, and then the third sword and the fourth sword.
A sword shoots out through a sword, just like a raindrop *, constantly bombarding the water and condensing the energy wall. The water flow is generally tangible. When the wall is hit by a dry fire and burning sword tactic, it will detain the violent movement. dàng ripples on the layers.
The more two water spirits are attacked, the more dazzling light is emitted and the more vigorous energy is emitted to supplement that energy wall defense.
Although the water more spirit energy wall let Bai Yanhong and Shen Tianxiao avoid the direct damage caused by the dry Kun fire burning sword tactic, but the water element energy wall was dented by this sword stab as if it could be punctured by this sword at any time.
Bai yanhong watched with trepidation as the water element energy wall was stabbed and sunk toward his ing mouth. The flame sword was only three inches away from the ing mouth. If the energy wall was punctured, he would not even have a chance to dodge.
But a moment Bai Yanhong is just a false alarm. The energy wall is extremely defensive and has not been pierced by this twelfth sword.
The last sword, Flying Dragon’s Blood Sword, carries a vigorous energy compared with fire, and ji shoots out to kill God, pulling out a long red Se streamer, where the blood sword passes, as if it were ignited, and the general temperature suddenly rises.
While facing this sword head-on, Bai Yanhong and Shen Tianxiao clearly felt a strong heat wave coming towards them, and the coercion was even more pressing. They all felt suffocated, and their foreheads kept overflowing with bean sweat, which was caused by nervousness and high temperature.
Chapter seven hundred and thirteen Absolute power [Chapter V]
The power of the last sword was beyond Bai Yanhong and Shen Tianxiao’s imagination. They thought that the water was more energetic enough for them to get sick safely, but at the moment when the dragon blood sword hit the energy wall, the water was more energetic and condensed out. The energy wall cried and exploded, which directly rocked Bai Yanhong and Shen Tianxiao for several zhangs.
"Is that the more water?" Feng Yang’s face cried and gave me a strange look when he saw something in their hands. This is an indispensable natural treasure for Qin Ning to tell himself to save Fang Fang. He didn’t expect the water to grow stronger and stronger, and the two old men should have it.
The wind rises and sinks instantly, which is enough to affect the mind’s thoughts. Calm down and control the flying and shooting to kill the dragon’s blood sword. The dragon’s blood sword collides with the energy. The wall itself has also been rocked by the epicenter for several times. The wind rises and controls the dragon’s blood sword to hit the white eyes and Shen Tianxiao again.
Although there is water more spirit defense, but just that kind of impact still made Shen Tianxiao and Bai Yanhong suffer some injuries. Seeing this sword maser again, the two men did not hesitate to reconnect the front two water more spirit walls again.