Naturally, at present, when Ye Han is white, it is not enough for Xiaoxue to help his three daughters after playing Lengling, and he himself can figure out what great help it will bring to the three daughters when there is only a little left. He will not only help them, but also cast three stars at the same time, which will be injected into the other three stars in the nine planets comic book.
Since time is short, he can also settle for initial help. Yan Xin and his three daughters and six-star array have to be upgraded and repaired. At the same time, he has the means to help the three people at the same time, so that the three of them can absorb the stars by themselves with the help of printing. In this way, the only way is to use the power of nine planets Lingyu
Therefore, he put three identical seals into these three stars, so that these three spirits and jade feet can absorb the excess vitality of the stars. Although the method can directly let the three girls get these stars, it is necessary to make lang integrate the stars into the nine planets spirit jade. Then they will be required to absorb and refine the stars in the hidden spirit jade themselves, which can also have the same effect.
In addition to Xiaoli, all the people communicate with each other in the process of casting spells to avoid being possessed by accident. All this can be controlled by Ye Han alone, and although Xiaoli already has the seventh-order repair, he can act at will and do his best to hold the six-star array.
At the same time, no matter how small the cold ling is, Cher’s vitality has gradually dissipated, and then it is transformed into star vitality, so soon her body will be full of star vitality and become a real master of the star yuan clan.
Ye Han, in the center of the ring around them, seems a little laid-back. Although it is necessary to master the six-star array at all times, it is not necessary to move in the cold and cheerless. Others need to let their respective nine planets Lingyu absorb the energy of the stars in the nine planets comic book, and even they don’t leave at all.
Soon, the energy beam of nine planets’s six-star serial map quietly dispersed, and nine planets’s six-star serial map instantly lost its connection with the last star element and entered the three nine planets jade spirits. This time, the six-star gathering will no longer be a thing of the past.
[533] 【 Alarm Day 】
Six-star large array has lost its original, so it is no longer necessary to wait until all the people have completed the promotion. Ye Han announced the lifting of the six-star large array, so everyone is busy lifting the six-star large array for a while [
Naturally, it is much simpler to remove the law than to arrange it, and most of them are handled by Ye Han. All they have to do is to take back their nine planets Lingyu at an appropriate time according to Ye Han’s orders.
Because of the simple steps, Ye Han’s understanding of this array is more careful, so it will be completed soon.
At first, Ye Hanxian put two isolated seals into the nine planets comic strip to make six spiritual jade lose their connection, and then he took back the nine planets comic strip to his own hands, and then he let everyone take back their own nine planets spiritual jade and give back the cold spiritual jade, so this powerful temporary law disappeared from the cold family square.
Although this array has disappeared, it has not disappeared from this vitality continent. Because the six-star array is too strong, almost the whole vitality continent has felt it. Although this array has been lifted by Ye Han, it has also left many people’s memories!
Several houses in a valley in the west of Yuanqi mainland, Lin Lizhong, although almost all of these houses are covered by trees in the valley, they can not cover the hearts and minds of people.
Although the cold mainland is big, it is the same sky after all, so they can still see the changes in the northeast of the mainland, and even if they can’t see them, they can feel the strong breath emanating from that day, which makes most people feel suffocated.
Naturally, there are also a few people who feel suffocated, but even so, they feel that the breath is strong and even panic, because it makes them aware of the danger.
At the moment, several masters of a house in this valley have gathered together. At this moment, their faces are all worried. Obviously, they are also worried about the sudden appearance of the sky. They are worried that they will encounter this force in the future, and their owners are more worried that this force will be their own enemy.
However, there are several familiar figures among these people, and soon one of them listens to a cold hum. "What do you have to worry about? Isn’t a strong man born? It won’t be a problem if he doesn’t fight against us. Maybe we can get this person’s help if we are lucky! "
The speaker looked about fifteen or sixteen years old last year, and his face seemed to vent for a long time, but he couldn’t shake it, and this time his face was even more disdainful.
After listening to this man’s words, a man behind him sighed bitterly, "However, if you think so, I would be all wet. I guess where that man is now. Obviously, it is the two major towns of Bingyuan City and Bingling City. Let alone whether he will help us and ask him not to take refuge in that ice city. It would be lucky!"
Smell speech that young man immediately also one leng and then could not help but sneer at a way: "What are you afraid of? Don’t forget that my master is waiting to be repaired, not to mention who he takes refuge in and who wants to have my master. Will you still be afraid of him?" I think you’d better stop worrying! "
"Ha ha said is also our patriarch repair contour? How can it be that the enemy has one more expert to help? In this world, I want to be able to master his enemy before he was born! " Hearing this young man’s words, another person suddenly smiled and laughed
As soon as this person’s words came out, everyone was right, but soon after the previous juvenile words, the man suddenly sighed again. "That being said, don’t forget how the soul messenger died the other day. If it wasn’t for the discovery, maybe we didn’t know that he was dead today. If the master is the same person, it’s all right. If it’s different, then we can …"
"Hey DE old man you are not scared silly? Isn’t it better that they are not the same person? " The man the words sound just fell behind him and another man shouted at him disdain way
The old man called De didn’t get angry when he heard it, but he was unhurried. "I think it’s you who are stupid. Don’t you think about it?" If they are not the same person, then we are not equal to dealing with two mainland powers? In this way, no matter how powerful the patriarch is, after all, there is no superhuman powers. If they join forces to attack, see how you deal with it! "
"Hum, even so, what can we do? Don’t forget our patriarch, but we are cultivating a natural son. I want to say that the natural son has such a strong potential. In the future, it is inevitable that he and the patriarch will become a strong man in the mainland. What is the reason to be afraid of this? I think you’d better figure out how to explain your daughter’s eating inside and picking outside! " Hearing this’ de old man’, the man immediately grunted again.
"You …"’ Old Man De’ suddenly felt angry, but when you think about it, he still felt that he was not angry. It was necessary to be angry, but if you count yourself in that case, you will get what others want. It’s not worth it.
Silent for a while, the old man didn’t haggle over every ounce with them, but the worry in his heart could not be waved away. There was always a sense of foreboding in his heart, and he always felt that there would be some unpredictable danger waiting for him!
They are different from the Han family in the northern ice city. Although there are also some experts in the discussion hall, their faces are not so calm. They are all "old man Di" and their faces are full of worries.
"Hanshan, what should we do now? It seems that the cold family has the help of a strong man. The strong breath in the past must be the one who wiped out dozens of our masters. Now it seems that he must have repaired and made progress before he can derive astronomical phenomena! " Suddenly there was a very angry sound in the hall, in which one person was looking at another person with a full face of anger.
That another person is obviously Hanshan, the head of the Hanshan family. This ice city master cloud was eventually wooed by him into the Hanshan family power. However, because this Hanshan repair is not very strong, no one will listen to him all the time, and no one in the whole ice city has the strength to make everyone honest. Although the ice city power is strong, the bitter people can lead the pack!
"Don’t worry, we don’t know who helped the Cold Family yet. Maybe a master practitioner happened to pass by. We attacked the Cold Family and didn’t want to help it. We should have enough reasons to deal with the Cold Family. Maybe we can bring that person to our side then!" Hanshan smell speech, although equally worried, had to find a reason to comfort himself and comfort everyone.
However, his comforting words still have a little effect on himself, but those people don’t listen to him at all. This reason sounds plausible, but if you have a little brain, you can tell him nothing. This is to amuse yourself and everyone at the same time.
Perhaps there is such a strong person in this world, and it happens that this person also has the heart to help the weak, but that was a night ago after all. Now it has passed a night since the defeat of the cold family in Bingling City. How can that person still stay in the cold family? It is obviously different that passers-by happened to pass by.
This statement doesn’t make sense, but everyone can figure it out. Since the man didn’t happen to pass by, it is very likely that the cold family invited reinforcements, so it is impossible to turn against each other. Therefore, that person will always be the enemy of the ice city in the future, so that not only can the cold family get away with it, but it may also cause trouble for itself in the end.
"Could it be that Lengyuan’s old man is wrong? I heard that the pioneer came back and told me that he was a young man about fifteen or sixteen years old. Could it be that Lengyuan practiced rejuvenation?" Everyone thinks almost the same, but Hanshan thinks deeper. In his memory, the only cold family that can get strong reinforcements is their ancestor Lengyuan.