That’s a little weird. Why would Zhang Junjie do that? Even good buddies seem a little too much.
And for Zhang Junjie to stand out for himself, he didn’t show too many surprises. It seems that this is the same.
Sun Zhiping also noticed another point, that is, Zhuo Jianqiang called Zhang Junjie’s name, but Zhang Junjie called Zhuo Qiang "Strong Brother".
This is very unusual.
The word "elder brother" in Zhang Junjie’s position is not casually called. Not everyone can be called elder brother by him except relatives.
"It’s reasonable to say that you are late. Is it time for dinner?" Zhuojiang touched the belly.
Bi Jian just shouted a "member" at the door.
When the clerk came in to order, Zhang Junjie asked, "Who is this international friend?"
"Kristi is from Chile, and this is my good brother Zhang Junjie." Zhuo Qiang introduced two people.
"It’s very kind of you to dump all the daughters of the municipal party Committee, but Miss Christie is really beautiful and beautiful." Zhang Junjie said carelessly.
After listening to Ba, a few people are almost lost. Zhuo Qiang actually talked with the daughter of the Municipal Party Committee. This is the biggest news I heard today.
Of course, the bigger news is that he finally dumped the daughter of the municipal party Committee
Zhuo Qiang is really blessed. Although everyone has never seen the daughter of the municipal party committee, they know through the grapevine that this daughter of the municipal party committee is a beauty queen in the university.
What is Zhuo Qiang’s ability to get into the municipal party Committee to remember his daughter? A few classmates looked at each other and felt that Zhuoqiang’s image was too ordinary.
Moreover, even if the daughter of the municipal party Committee is more beautiful than Pan Anshuai and Takeshi Kaneshiro, there is no background and no potential, which is also impossible
If this kind of thing is known to the municipal party Committee, I don’t know how to die.
But ZhuoJiangYan is good to sit here and say there must be many unknown reasons.
Christie stared at Zhuo Qiang at this time, and a volcano was about to erupt.
Zhuo Jiang did not show weakness. He looked back at Christie and said, "What are you looking at? She was my girlfriend, but it’s no wonder that you showed up halfway. "
Christie thought for a moment that Zhuo Qiang didn’t know his girlfriend before, which seems to be nothing wrong. Does he have to wait for himself to meet and not fall in love for life?
"Then you should be careful." Christie can warn Zhuo Qiang bitterly.
ZhuoJiang turned slightly looked at a Zhang Junjie crossly.
At this time, Zhang Junjie knew that he had said something wrong and said, "I’m sorry, Brother Qiang. You see, I don’t have the door to mix with those people every day."
"I’m not talking about this. I’m talking about Tian Ji’s daughter. You don’t want to talk nonsense about the girl’s reputation." Zhuo Qiang didn’t want Jing Tian’s own business to be publicized everywhere, which was not good for Jing Tian.
He has failed her and let her be hurt by rumors, which is not what he wants to see.
Zhang Junjie struck the table. "You must never talk nonsense about what I said just now. If you let me know who dares to talk nonsense, don’t blame me for ignoring the friendship between classmates."
Zhuo Qiang just laughed. "You still talk like a gangster."
Zhang Junjie smiled and said, "Hurry up and eat."
The people’s reaction to Zhang Junjie was a little awkward. Who is the boss of Nanxi?
Zhang Junjie, the boss, behaved so submissively in front of Zhuo Qiang, which surprised everyone and I don’t know why.
"You are quite interested in your ex-girlfriend," Christie said to Zhuo Qiang with a strong sour taste.
Zhuo Qiang pretended not to hear Zhang Junjie say, "Where can I go after dinner? I’ll discuss something with you."
"I haven’t seen you for so long, so I have to have a long talk about what I say, so I don’t have to sleep on my feet, hehe." Zhang Junjie said and glanced at Christie.
After the whole dinner table, Zhang Junjie Zhuo Qiang talked with two people, and others could occasionally insert a sentence or two, which made Bi Jian very anxious
He invited his old classmates to dinner tonight, but he had something important to talk about. Now Zhang Junjie has completely put him aside and talked with Zhuo Qiang. It’s no good going like this.
The same is true of Sun Zhiping. He came to Zhang Junjie tonight, but Zhang Junjie didn’t seem to see it, which made him psychologically unbalanced and at the same time he was afraid that his eyes would fall tonight.
Listen to the meaning in their words. After dinner, we have to talk about it separately. Everyone suspects that the two of them are more than just ordinary iron buddies.
Finally, when Zhuo Qiang went to wash his hands, Bi Jiancai took the opportunity to say to Zhang Junjie, "Brother Junjie, I really want to see you today and sometimes we can talk about it in detail."