But saying this is also their most nai decision!
Smell the shinohara snow face without any waves, she is slowly set her eyes on the summer Fei Mian body silence for a long time before a deep tone "temple know! Please keep this matter a secret in the Imperial Palace! "
"Please rest assured that I will not talk nonsense!"
The doctors are all respectful and devout. They are the new doctors who have entered the palace!
Five years ago, Taitai Hospital was surrounded by Tainv Temple and beheaded. They knew that this seemingly weak Tainv was actually tough!
Cure too much in succession. Shinohara Snow sighed and sat beside Xia Fei Mian. She gently wiped Xia Fei Mian with silk gauze and her cheeks were covered with rouge. She was as sad as loss!
Maybe she once hated her and blamed her, but in the end, she felt that there were still a few good people who really treated her this day!
It is she who loves herself too sharply and too sharply. She gave her the country of South Xia and would rather let her be in danger many times!
But it is precisely because of her temper that she has created her own resolute character now!
Right and wrong seems to be no longer important!
"The temple is coming soon! There are still old slaves here. Why don’t you go to the Taihang Palace first? "
Aside for a long time, Mammy Yue looked at Shinohara Snow and Xia Fei Mian’s eyes and shed tears again!
Maybe it’s time to lose a moment and be covered with dust before you can be thorough again!
After knowing the true story of the temple, she still pretended not to know anything. Even in her heart, she had already regarded the temple as her own daughter!
And this obsession also reflects the memory of Qi and Chu emperors!
"Sister Yue, thank you very much!"
Shinohara’s eyes drooped unexpectedly, sleeves wiped the corners of her eyes, and her eyes became more and more clear, and she looked at Mammy Yue with admiration!
"The temple is serious! Taking care of you is a blessing for an old slave! You go and get busy. It’s up to you after the southern Xia kingdom is over! "
Walking from Weiyang Palace to the door, Shinohara Snow still doesn’t trust to look back for a long time!
I always don’t know, maybe it’s because the mother emperor has become what she is now. She is particularly prone to tears recently!
But it’s still unstable. In the abyss of the palace, she has to arm herself forcefully!
No, it’s not because this southern Xia kingdom is her mother emperor’s lifelong effort!
Pulling the door of Weiyang Palace, a cool breeze blew away the ups and downs of Shinohara snow!
She almost instantly converged all the expressions on her face and turned it into that uncompromising hall of women again!
"The temple ordered that from now on, no one can get close to Weiyang Palace without permission! Not even his imperial daughter! "
In the future, the imperial secretary at the door will be frightened and there is an illusion that the southern Xia kingdom is about to change!
Shinohara Snow looked at the sunset, her cheeks were tight and stiff, and she breathed slowly. When she was about to step up the steps, her thin shoulders were suddenly covered with a cloak with warmth!
"Be careful when it gets cold!"
Looking sideways, Shinohara’s tired forehead suddenly dyed. She leaned against Lou Zhan and asked, "Why are you here?"
Lou Zhan’s smile is not strong enough to support the weight of Xiao Xue. "I don’t mean that there is a banquet tonight, and forsythia is waiting for a simple grooming in Weiyang Palace. Let’s go together!"
Shinohara smiled softly in her heart. "You are so comprehensive every time. What should I do if you don’t?"
This is a joke. It seems like a joke. It’s better than feeling. Just blurt it out!
However, even so, Lou Zhan’s look has not changed. He walked with Xiao Xue and said, "When there is no me, I will definitely meet others!"
This point to stop Shinohara snow no longer ask Lou Zhan and no longer say!