It’s a victory if you can get the sixteen cauldrons. Besides, what Wang Haidong said is also true. If Mr. Liu doesn’t have any words, he won’t be able to come out at two o’clock in the afternoon. This guy is really coming.
A very ordinary black Santana is very inconspicuous. This car is estimated to be at least five or six years old.
Jin Pang, it’s called a bag with meat and no pleats. No one can see that such a civilian autobot will be a rich man, and he didn’t even let the driver follow him to keep it secret.
Jin Pang, the back of Wang Haidong’s car, said, "The old cat has already spoken, saying that you have been approved. Let’s go to Liu’s jewelry company first and then take their car to attend the auction."
This arrangement is a way for those who hold auctions to minimize their exposure opportunities. Wang Haidong is still familiar with such things, so she nodded without meaning
Liu Qingqing was a little unhappy, frowning with willow eyebrows. Oriole generally said crisply, "Look directly at how fast it is in the past. An auction has a local party to exchange information."
Wang Haidong laughed and said, "People who ate their bowl of rice accidentally went in for three years and didn’t go in. They are all very careful people. I told you that when you get to the place, you won’t say anything. Don’t say anything. Just think of yourself as dumb. Just do it in the afternoon and continue to maintain your high level."
Now it’s with Jin Pang, so it’s nothing for Liu Qingqing to say something too much, but when it comes to the auction session, it may bring some unnecessary trouble
It’s like Mr. Liu said that if you dare to touch the Sixteen Ding, the national treasure is an outlaw. It’s not impossible to have a lawsuit against your life. Therefore, Wang Haidong once again told Liu Qingqing to pay attention to his words and deeds. At this time, Wang Haidong was a little sorry to bring him over.
Liu Qingqing also seems to see clearly that Wang Haidong is a little unhappy in his heart, which makes him unwilling to shut up.
Liu’s jewelry company is the 12th floor of the landmark building in Jiangliu City. This international trade center has 30 floors. It is said that there were 32 floors at one time, but I heard that there is a 36-floor building near Huainan City, so I decided that the six-storey building is now 30 floors.
This is a typical ass-decided brain building.
Leading this decision directly led to the design of the whole building, which was 450 thousand, and the drawings were turned into waste paper. It was not necessary to design a 30-story building with an additional budget of 1 million
This place is called the World Trade Center, and the left and right buildings are in line with the international standards.
But then the World Trade Center in New York was hit by Uncle Hu, which was unlucky, and it was renamed the current World Trade Center.
The office of the International Trade Center is a status symbol. When I came to the Liu Jewelry Reception Center on the twelfth floor, many people were already sitting inside.
A few people who are familiar with Jin Pang Wang Haidong said hello to everyone in the circle. After Wang Haidong sat down, he carefully looked at the two groups of people in the hall.
Jin Pang is very skilled in introducing that "the gang in the east is from the sea. It is said that the five people behind the young man are veterans, and all of them are excellent."
I heard that she is a friend of Zhang Xiaofei, and the beautiful girl on the west side is from Beijing. It is said that there are some backgrounds at home, and although there are only two bodyguards around her, they are all black market boxing masters crossing the river, but I don’t know what people in Guangzhou have not come yet. "
Wang Haidong saw two groups of veterans as bodyguards at this time, but those who play black market boxing as bodyguards are even more capable of being an absolute master from the black market boxing arena.
The female is very beautiful, but it is like an iceberg for thousands of years. It is as black as a deep pool. The eyes are small and exquisite, the nose is purple and enchanting, the lips are small and broken, and the black stockings are tempting.
All these things together make the idle people’s hearts tremble as if they were polar eternal unmelted expressions.
This kind of costume is definitely designed by experts, which gives people a cold feeling visually.
And that Zhang Xiaofei friend is holding hands and playing happily, as if he doesn’t trust people.
But Wang Haidong can clearly see that this cynical young man is like a clockwork.
Chapter 15 Participate in the auction
If someone provokes this young man, it is estimated that waiting is a thunderous attack.
And this young man is just being cynical to hide his sharpness.
This Zhang Xiaofei is a bit less than the young man in front of him.
This guy doesn’t seem to be in the circle. After seeing Jin Fat and Wang Haidong came in, he didn’t pay too much attention to casually glancing at his eyes, but Liu Qingqing stayed for two seconds.