Wang Haoxuan and Zi Qingyun, two people, flying boat, just flew nearby, and suddenly thousands of miles ahead, a whole piece of dust was flat and waves of strong gas lang blew them out of the kilometers away!
If it weren’t for Wang Haoxuan’s quick pull on the purple rhyme, they must have been torn apart by the gas lang like that flying boat.
"Lin Yu! Master! " Purple rhyme can’t help but shout out glittering and translucent tears.
With all this noise, do Lin Yu and Master still have a way out?
Purple rhyme wanted to rush in, but Wang Haoxuan kept holding it. "Don’t go in the past now, they may still play against each other, but the past words will be hurt by their vitality fluctuations, which will cause trouble to Yuan predecessors."
Zi Qingyun knew that Wang Haoxuan had a point, but her heart was in a hurry.
She decided to wait a little longer, and after a while, she would rush to see it.
Feather in the dust Qian Fan’s jack-o’-lantern eyes braved the faint cold light and looked directly at Yuan Lan and Lin Yu. "Has Princess Yuan Lan had enough fun?"
Feather Qian Fan actually blocked Yuan Lan’s strongest killing and soul curse. See how many repairs are left. This made Lin Yuxin suddenly sink to the bottom of the ice.
"That bitch Yuan Wei actually taught you the soul curse!" Yuan Lan corners of the mouth hung with blood, and the whole manpower spread down Lin Yu’s arms and eyes were full of anger.
Feather Qian Fan hem cold way "is also her lead ghost azure for me so I have a chance to hand now white? All right, I won’t let you get in the way again, so I’ll send you to reincarnation first. Chapter 51 Storm.
The red light flashed and Qian Fan’s figure teleported to Yuan Lan’s side, and a claw jerked to Yuan Lan.
Feather Qian Fan speed crazy fast but there is a yuan spirit condition Lin Yu actually captured his speed. He took Yuan Lan into his arms and his body protected Yuan Lan!
Hum-a strong white light wave dispersed to feather Qian Fan, who flew hundreds of meters away by this white light and fell heavily to the ground.
But there was a blink of an eye and Qian Fan got up again.
This white light that destroyed a mountain didn’t hurt feather Qian Fan a little!
"Even the little body double doll that was given to you by the ghost azure can’t save you." Lin Yu and Yuan Lan attacked Yu Qian Fan one after another, and there was no emotion in his tone. "Now you still have to watch your master die before you."
Feather Qian Fan walked slowly to Lin Yu’s side and Lin Yu still took Yuan Lan’s arms and turned his back on Feather Qian Fan.
Looking at Yuan Lan seriously injured and dying, Lin Yuxin kept shaking.
I lost my master’s life after repeated injuries, but I was able to hide from his wings.
Seeing that Master was killed for protecting himself, he was sad, angry and manic … A number of negative emotions entangled Lin Yu and released a demon in the deepest part of his heart.
"Master, I won’t let anyone hurt you, I swear!" He looked Yuan Lan in his arms and said, "I’ll kill anyone who dares to kill you!"
"Hum!" Feather Qian Fan gave a contemptuous sneer. "Without the body double doll, I now see how you can stop me!"
Feather Qian Fan that dry bone claws toward Lin Yu back to grasp to want to carry Lin Yu.
When his bone claws are about to touch Lin Yushen, his vigilance can make him quickly take his hand back, but it is already not!
Shout-Lin Yu back steep raise a pair of red wings will feather Qian Fan bone claw pat into a pile of scattered bones!
Feather Qian Fan regardless of his hand bone quickly and Lin Yu pulled the distance back to hundreds of meters away.
"You … how is that possible!" Feather Qian Fan looked incredibly at Lin Yu’s pair of flaming eyes with red wings, showing a very humanized surprise. "Your existing Yuan Lingjing can actually transform!"
Lin Yu gently put Yuan Lan, slowly turned around, and stared straight at Yu Qian Fan’s mouth with a contemptuous sneer. "What’s the problem?"
Feather Qian Fan shura vitality perception of Lin Yu strength but he should perceive Lin Yu real level!
"What’s the matter? You are a demon shura with no realm! " Feather Qian Fan’s tone was incredible and she screamed, "I’ve never heard of such a demon shura!"
Wrapped in red shura vitality Lin Yu eyes glowing huhu shura magic flame staring at the feather Qian Fan hey hey strange laughed "just now, didn’t you want to kill my master? Haven’t you always wanted to rob me of my flesh? If you have something to do, just bring it on! "
Feather Qian Fan has never been afraid of anyone, but that was before the demon Shura appeared in Lin Yu.
Now he is in front of Lin Yu, although he has no heart, but his consciousness is extremely white. Now that feeling is called fear!
But if feather Qian Fan didn’t try, he wouldn’t give up such a great opportunity.
No matter how good the chance is, he will try to feather Qian Fan!
Shout-Feather Qian Fan dragged out a long ghosting image and once again turned into a sharp red light and swept away towards Lin Yu.
As soon as Feather Qian Fan started, Lin Yu’s wings moved behind him and crashed into Feather Qian Fan.
Two red meteors hit a mass of violent red explosion clouds at a high speed.
Brush brush …
These two red lights fly high and fast, and they are intertwined for one second. I don’t know how many times they have met.
With the exchange between the two men, Shura’s vitality fluctuated, and Fiona Fang shook for thousands of miles, and the sky instantly turned into a piece of red like blood!
Thousands of miles away, Wang Haoxuan and Zi Qingyun, two people at the top of the mountain, were also violently shaken and almost unstable.
At the same time, they were shrouded in red light and immediately swept up a very strong and thick murder.
Fortunately, this red light didn’t last long. The powerful spirit of the two people finally drove this murder out of the body.
"They …" Purple rhyme wrote all her worries, but she was afraid that her past would bring trouble to Lin Yu and Yuan Lan, who wanted to go but were afraid to go. The contradictory mood tortured Purple rhyme and she was going crazy.
Wang Haoxuan looked at the distance and said to himself, "Wait, maybe … the situation is not what we imagined."
Not long after, two red lights fell to the ground at the same time.
A piece of red mist gradually dispersed, revealing the shapes of Lin Yu and Yu Qian Fan.