"Kaori son, what do you insist on? Why do you want to stay here? "
"Because there is someone I value, Lian, you know, I decided that things would not change even if it was you." Xiao Xun smiled confidently and he would compromise.
"I’ll get straight to the point. You need medication."
"Is this necessary?" Xiao Xun said sadly
"This is a must, and I have bought a hospital and come here if you have anything to do."
"Well, I’ll go out first," he said, wearing a mask.
"Isn’t it an inspection?"
"I know it’s okay when I see you so energetic." I went out before Xiaoxun spoke, leaving a cool back for N65 to dazzle with rain and light rain.
"I know it’s okay when I see you so energetic." Leave a cool back for Xiaoxun before Xiaoxun speaks.
In a short time, Wan Wan broke in and saw Xiao Xun awake and said happily, "Xiao Xun, you are awake!" "
"Well, I’m sorry to have worried you!" Xiao Xun, return to absolute being.
"Little Kaori should be the one who said I’m sorry, but your brother wants you and me to stop the gun," said Nangong Muze remorse.
"It’s okay! Elder brother you also don’t be so self-reproach, and don’t tell dad about it, "said Xiao Xun.
"But Xiao Xun …"
"Well, stop it. I want to be alone. Go back and have a rest first!" Xiao Xun pretends to be "I’m tired"
"Then you have a good rest. I’ll go back and make something to eat and bring it to you later." Xiaoyu said thoughtfully.
"Well," he says, close your eyes.
Wan Wan and others don’t want to disturb Xiao Xun’s rest, so they all quit.
"Does the car have a brain?" Che Xiaoyu asked
"Well, there is" Ouyang Xuan found his hand in the car and handed it to Xiaoyu.
"Xiaoyu, do you really want to check the doctor and nurse?" Yaowen
"Well, it’s all right to check it," he said, and his brain, fingers and keyboard jumped rapidly
After a while, the light rain stopped
Wan Wan leaned over and said, "What’s the matter?"
Xiaoyu didn’t say anything, but handed it to Wan Wan.
As a result, my eyes widened and I said, "How is that possible?"
"What’s the matter?" The nangongshan muze asked
"As the nurse said, we can’t find anything and we can’t even find out who the director of this hospital is," Xiaoyu said.