But I don’t want to just bump into the emperor’s eyes. Suddenly, when I hang my head in a panic, I will smell the emperor’s widow. "Think about it when I get back. If there is any way to cure the shallow princess’s amnesia, tell me again."
Unexpectedly, the emperor’s temper will change so quickly. The doctors are stunned and then completely relieved. "Thank you for your kindness."
After a long walk, they slowly recalled the scenes in Fengyang Palace.
Seems to be shallow princess didn’t hate them so much-less never difficult them in front of them …
It seems that the shallow princess and the emperor are very strange-if they remember correctly, the shallow princess never paid her respects to the emperor from beginning to end after the emperor entered the door …
Feng Shao watched the doctors come and go in great quantities, but she was busy for a long time and didn’t find anything for her. It was a quack.
If she has such a small amnesia in modern times … whoa, whoa, okay, amnesia is really difficult to treat.
"Why were you so mean to them just now? Didn’t you tell me that even if I couldn’t recover my memory, it would matter?" Phoenix shallow ink shadow poured a cup of tea for you and then changed hands and poured himself a cup. Finally, while licking his mouth, he complained in disgust
Jun Mo Ying’s eyes flashed, and suddenly he reached out and gave her a hand.
Move fast almost didn’t let phoenix shallow spilled a cup of tea in his hand, but unfortunately it was smashed and made a "bang" soup.
Before she could swear, Jun Moying suddenly hooked her back and blocked her mouth.
He kissed her hard with warm lips, with a hint of overbearing brutality.
Phoenix shallow was shocked by his move and forgot to react, so he looked at him in astonishment.
It wasn’t until Jun Moying pried her mouth with a slightly discontented tongue that the tip of her tongue reached the depths of her throat, and it was only a little shallow that she quickly took a deep breath from the dreamy god, but her body lost strength because she had just suffocated for a moment, and she could climb her arm to the man’s shoulder and hang him half.
At first, he passively endured it, but I don’t know since when he was not good at it. He took a drag on his tongue.
After your ink shadow was surprised, it was more violent to suck * and ask for it
Perhaps it is because the intertwined taste is so wonderful that it gradually becomes so intense that it is inseparable.
When Ryukyu and Yue entered the door, they happened to bump into this scene and immediately made a big blush and hurriedly went out again.
It’s really happy that the emperor hurts the empress so much.
If only someone could be so gentle with her …
In the temple, the shadow of Jun Mo finally let the phoenix shallow, and then the phoenix gasped for a few cheeks like Xia dyed his chest, but it fluctuated with her breathing.
Actually, she really wants to ask, why did you kiss her suddenly?
But this kind of question can’t be asked by any quiet beauty, right?
"Shallow … chapter 145 I said is not this.
"hmm?" Phoenix shallow should be a gentleman ink shadow with two people at the moment posture leg forehead offset affectionately warmth.
Seeing that he didn’t talk, Feng Xiao frowned slightly. "You still mind a little, don’t you?"
She lowered her eyes to the novel, "Do you think I’m as stupid as a fool if I lose my memory?"
As she thought when she just woke up, the ancients treated people with amnesia as crazy.
"No, I don’t want this to be good." Jun Moying interrupted almost immediately.
It took a moment to go on, "I’m afraid I’m not happy."
Feng shallow when he is eager to comfort did not pay attention to the words, after all, the sentence "I don’t want" is really too strange.
"Well, since you don’t mind, don’t worry about it any more." Feng Shao put his arm around his neck with a smile. "But if you suddenly mind again, remember to let me know."
When the time comes, she will be well-advised to hide from his eyes.
"No little thing, there will be no such day." Jun Moying sighed in a few inaudible places.
He won’t mind if she stays like this, even if she never remembers the past.
Jun Hanxiao met a minister with a good personal relationship before returning to Wangfu, and he didn’t go back until he was invited to dinner.
A slim figure loomed in the dim light.
So the gate of Wangfu is not far from those guards, just enough to be kept away.
Jun cold night eyebrows a slight cu.
When he walked past Long Wei, he seemed to see the woman’s mouth move as if she had something to say to him.
But Jun Hanxiao guessed that this crazy woman had to marry herself or not to listen to her.
Is it because Jun Hanxiao didn’t resist turning his back on her when he was about to enter the door? "Even if you stay at the door all night, the king didn’t say that he wouldn’t promise you anything, so go back to Jiangnan as soon as possible!"
Long Wei clutch clutch palm didn’t speak.