The brass scorpion was finally angered and repeatedly made strange calls. Does it know that this little girl’s opponent has to fight with each other?
Angry brass scorpion jerked its tail and tried to fly the little girl away with its thick tail.
It’s a pity that scorpion overestimates himself.
The little girl stretched out her one-handed scorpion tail easily and was immediately fixed in its place. She couldn’t move!
"Go!" The little girl drank a low hand and pulled a poof and a scorpion’s tail next to her, and was immediately pulled by a powerful force.
"So tough!" Lin Yu face a slight change to see the little girl seems to be old, but I’m afraid this strength is not weaker than his teacher Yang Luoyun.
"Let’s go" know that this fourth-order monster beast demon core and himself Lin Yu said toward the purple rhyme.
Two people just turned around and found that the little girl didn’t know when she was in front of them.
What happened when Lin Yu saw the little girl’s appearance?
Although the little girl looks thirteen or fourteen years old, she is so beautiful that even the purple rhyme can’t help but look crazy.
"How can there be such a beautiful little girl …" Purple rhyme murmured admiringly that if the little girl’s strength was not too shocking, she would like to walk over and pinch her smooth and beautiful face.
Compared with the purple rhyme reaction, Lin Yu’s reaction is more exaggerated and thorough
His whole portrait was struck by lightning, and he seemed to be numb and unable to move. His eyes looked straight at the little girl’s mouth and shouted out, "Master? Chapter 31 Abduction
Lin Yu couldn’t help but be shocked because this little girl looks exactly like his little girl’s master except that her eyes are black!
"Master, what is this?" Lin Yu hurriedly spirit and his mind little girl teacher communication way.
The little girl teacher was silent and didn’t know what to think. At this time, the little girl said, "Who are you? Do you know me? What do you mean by my master? "
The little girl’s face was blank, but the earth breath she inadvertently revealed gave Lin Yu the illusion that she was really her little girl master.
Just when Lin Yu didn’t know the answer, the little girl’s master suddenly said, "Lin Yu asked if she was called Yuan Lan."
"Are you Yuan Lan?" Lin Yu asked carefully.
The little girl cocked her head and thought for a long time. "It seems that … I don’t remember anything … Yuan Lan. Yes, my name seems to be Yuan Lan."
Little Lori snorted, "Lin Yu, try to get her to go with you. No matter what you do, you must never let her leave you!"
Lin Yu wanted to ask something, but when she thought of the little girl, Master never liked to ask anything by herself, so she choked back her curiosity and stopped asking.
What Master Yu Xiaoluoli wants to do by herself is to "kidnap" another little girl, which makes Lin Yu very embarrassed. Isn’t this an animal behavior?
Lin Yu really has no experience in this respect.
Former Lin Yu has read some romance novels, which describe the abduction of little loli, and all of them said to the little loli, "Will my little sister and uncle buy you Sugar-Coated Berry?"
"Little sister will take you to a fun place!"
"Little sister uncle help you check your body …"
"What a mess!" The little girl obviously knew what Lin Yu was thinking, and she was very angry and scared that Lin Yu could think of another way.
"Little sister …" When I mentioned these three words, Lin Yu felt that she was worse than an animal. "Go with big brother and help you find your family, okay?"
The little girl Yuan Lan shook her head very firmly. "I have no family."
"This ….." Lin Yu is in trouble. He really can’t figure out what method to kidnap the little girl.
At this moment, the little girl Yuan Lan teleported to the side of the half-dead brass scorpion and easily pierced the brass scorpion body with five fingers and took out the demon core from its belly.
For yuan LAN tough Lin Yu has been numb, but he didn’t expect yuan Lan to swallow the demon nuclear in one bite!
Boom Yuan Lan’s vitality suddenly fluctuated, and the brass color vitality spread out from Yuan Lan’s body, turning dozens of meters of flowers, plants and trees around him into brass.
"How did she eat the demon nuclear? What power did she have to turn all the wood into brass? " Lin Yu stunned to see this scene for a long time failed to huanguo to god.
Purple rhyme took a white look at Lin Yu. "I didn’t see the guy. It’s just brass, but it’s not really brass. Is brass inside or wood on the outside? It’s like what you’ll become or wood later!"
Yu Yuanlan doesn’t know what to eat raw demon nuclear purple rhyme. She simply won’t say it.
Anyway, she just needs to feel that she knows more than Lin Yu.
Lin Yu naturally won’t care about these. His low spirit is like pleading with Zi Qingyun. "Is there any way to get her to come with us?"
Purple rhyme stare big eyes with incredible color "what? So you like this? Beast! "
Lin Yu hurriedly put his hand over Zi Qingyun’s mouth and whispered in Zi Qingyun’s ear, "It’s not that you want to beg you like this!"
"You put your hand" Zi Qingyun squinted at Lin Yu Lin Yu, only to find that he really had some hurriedly put his hand.
Yuan Lan returned to the front of the two men and said, "Good bye."
Say yuan LAN turned and walked so fast that Lin Yu quickly shouted "Wait!"