See Wang Haidong thoughtful Chu river said, "since you think about this matter is involved in the provincial leadership, it is best for the provincial leaders to uncover their flaws, even if you find them, but the credit is also the leadership, and there is no loss in the river city. The leadership is also the British decision, and in the end, I believe that the leadership will not forget your credit. If you return to the city, it is also a certain thing.
In Zhang Wenshan, in the end, he will learn a lesson. Therefore, at this time, you should pay attention to patience and care for the mayor. It is very correct to do so. When you get to the position of mayor, you will have the same idea as Gu Mayor. "
Butt decides thinking, and the mayor and the mayor must see things differently.
Chapter seventy Dongling town mayor gift
The Chu doorbell rang when the Chu River gave directions to Wang Haidong Road.
Mrs. Li Qiuqian of Chu River went to the door and soon turned back and said, "Old Gu is Xiaolu from Dongling Town."
Not many people can let Li Qiu come in, but the so-called old village head behind Li Qiu also let the Chu River ring. When he was young, he let Dongling Town know.
And his wife Li Qiu was also at that time. Later, after graduating from college, he gradually came to such a point in politics.
This mayor Lu is the village head Lu Yi of Damazhuang, Dongling Town.
This guy is now the mayor of Dongling Town.
Sue wan here at this time is obviously a bit inappropriate, so after Lou mayor came in, Sue wan and Chu Tianqing went upstairs.
Wang Haidong looked at a middle-aged man in his early forties with a bronzed skin, and he knew that he was the kind of person who often did farm work. Such a person is a real township cadre. Like Wang Haidong, at best, he will be transferred back to the city when he puts out exercise cadres, while such a person as Lu Yi is a truly rooted township cadre.
At this time, Chu Jiang said, "Xiao Lu, is your father in good health?"
At that time, the village chief of Damazhuang is now over seventy years old, so even if he wants to see an old village chief, he can’t afford it now.
Lu Yi gave the gift to put it. "My father’s body is still good, but he wants to come and see you in Chu, but the journey is bumpy. I didn’t let him come over. Our Dongling Town Road really needs to be repaired. I don’t know if such a thing can be considered in the city."
This guy looks like a fool with a square face and a simple and honest face, but in fact, just when he arrives, he just thinks about building roads in the city. Of course, the Chu River won’t get caught, and it’s not up to the politics and law Committee to remember that one person has the final say.
Therefore, at this time, Chu Jiang said, "Dongling Town Road was almost built with Gaotang Town? It was also built according to the national highway standard, but because of the coming and going of iron ore cars in Dongling Town, the roads in Dongling Town are different at this time, but the roads in Gaotang Town are good.
At this time, you have to find the reason yourself. If it’s a road, the iron mine will take the big head. Otherwise, I can’t explain it to other towns and villages in the city. It’s just that Mayor Wang of Gaotang Town is here, and you can exchange experiences with each other. "
If you want the Chu River to promise to come out to build roads in the city, how about this? It may be as simple as that. There are many people and things involved in building roads, so the Chu River will not casually promise.
Of course, if the iron ore surface promises to take the lead, then it’s not that the city can’t support it at this time.
But Lu Yi’s heart is also white. Now it is impossible for iron ore to take money to repair subgrade. The iron mine in Gaotang Town is not as beautiful as it looks. It just needs technical transformation, so you can’t do it without money.
What’s more, it is even more impossible to take money to build roads at this time.
Therefore, Lu Yi said, "Chu Ji, you also know that a lot of money for iron ore technical transformation is taken from the surface. Therefore, it is impossible for iron ore to take out money to transform such things."
However, I’m not here specifically to build roads, but because the police station and procuratorate have been too strict with our Dongling town recently, which has made our Dongling town cadres panic.
That’s why I came to Chu Ji. I hope you can say hello to them. If you can’t find anything, you can quickly end this matter. "
Chu River escaped a cigarette Lu Yi hurriedly took out a lighter and lit it with the help of a lighter. The speed response was quite fast, and even Wang Haidong was unable to react. Obviously, it was not a day or two for Lu Yi to practice this trick to curry favor with the leadership.
Chu River took a mouthful of smoke before saying, "You have a deep water there, so you can’t get involved. Tell me the truth. Did you get involved in this matter?"
If you have something to say, go to the organization and confess, so you will always feel sad. If you have nothing to do with this matter, you’d better let others be guns to make the city people pay considerable attention to this matter. "
The 10 million in Gaotang Town actually caused human lives. Although it is said that this thing is a traffic accident on the surface, what is going on in the end? It is very scary to estimate that after the truth comes out.
Lu Yi immediately said, "Without this thing, I don’t know what’s going on at all, and the funds in the iron mine have always been directly supervised by our town in the city, that is, when we go to alms at festivals, but the comrades in the face have already asked our cadres to show their work. If we go there like this again, I’m afraid something will happen."
Chu river is very impolitely said, "what can go wrong if something goes wrong?" If they are psychologically innocent, then tell them what they are afraid to find at this time.
If you have something to confess, be honest with me. At this time, whoever dares to make trouble will never be light. Raodongling Town is a good place and many cadres like to go there. I don’t mind suggesting that the organization department change a few Dongling Town cadres. "
In two words, Lu Yi is a little embarrassed. Dongling Town is really a good place with oil and water. This is different from Gaotang Town. This place is poor and there is no difference between oil and water distribution and distribution here.
But Dongling Town is different. There is a big enterprise named Dongling Town Iron Mine, which is quite rich. It is said that Dongling Town cadres change every five years. Although it is a bit exaggerated, the frequency of cadre replacement in Dongling Town is indeed faster anyway.
Lu Yi couldn’t go on with this topic, so he brought himself a box containing a Qing Dynasty pastel vase and a pair.
Wang Haidong took one look at the style and annual moire and concluded that it should be official kiln porcelain in Kangxi years.
At this time, Lu Yicai said, "I got a pair of vases, and I kept them in my hometown, so I brought them here."
Looking at this bottle of Chu River, I also like pastel very much. It is rare to keep it in such a good condition. Moreover, this thing is much more pleasing to the eye than a single vase.
After reading it, Chu Jiang said, "It’s good, it’s good to copy this thing. It’s very heart-felt to be able to copy it to such a point that I have seen similar vases and this one in my museum. It’s very thoughtful of you."
Lu Yi immediately said, "Just remember that you like it. I’d like to appreciate this thing, but I don’t understand it."
Chu River walked over and said, "You guy, I asked you to study hard before, but you just didn’t listen to you and beat you with a stick to learn. You just didn’t regret it now. If your education is higher, it may not be no progress. It’s a little late to regret it now."
Chu River knows that Lu Yi is a very cunning and clever person, but he didn’t study hard, so he went home without graduating from junior high school, and it was quite good to be the mayor.