It’s to hand over the prisoner’s affairs to the charm Ji. Anyway, it’s just to get her to the light field to deal with the brainwashing worker after the prisoner surrendered. Her bewitching skill is extraordinary after adding the brain nucleus of the God-level soul-eating worm king. Except for a few who are extremely determined, most of them will be bewitched.
Although there may be some factors such as insufficient loyalty, low morale and instability, these factors can be gradually solved. Besides, throb has also collected many ghost methods and nine soul-eaters, and everything will be fine with these compulsory means and repetitive brainwashing workers.
Moreover, Charming Ji’s strategy in this respect is also very poisonous. First, she will send all the families of surrenders to other places to settle down, so that these surrenders will be concerned unless they ignore their families. Second, for some who refuse to surrender, Charming Ji will choose to make an example of others, but this division of labor will be done by those surrendering soldiers’ leaders, and the whole process will be recorded by a fixer to control and retain evidence. Third, all leaders need to pass ghost tricks or. Nine deep and remote soul-devouring insects to control those ordinary soldiers have made some staple goods poisonous methods to control them, and the fourth is the system of sitting together. Once a traitor appears in a certain army, not only will the traitor be executed by cruel methods, but the whole team and leader will be sitting together and punished by cruel punishment from execution to death.
These four strategies can make it extremely difficult to rebel again and again when you surrender, unless they want nothing, including their own lives and the lives of their families, and even if someone wants to sneak around, other people who cherish their lives in the same team will never allow traitors to appear in the team
Of course, it’s important that the brainwashing worker Charming Ji has compiled a whole set of brainwashing procedures, among which there are a few short stories, the main one of which is that Wing’s father is the personal bodyguard of Dawn King, but Dawn King has always been loyal to Dawn King, but he has a bad hobby, that is, he likes to enjoy the beauty of human beings. Every year, he orders the personal bodyguards to arrest those beautiful and pure places and then secretly detain them in the main city of Dawn King to enjoy them at any time.
However, Wing’s father has always been loyal to this and complained about it. One day, he loved a human country and was caught by him. The beautiful and kind princess persuaded Wing’s father to know that he had been doing something wrong and was ashamed.
Later, he saved the human princess and a group of imprisoned human princess Sophia, and spent several years in the mountains and forests, but the princess has been unhappy because the kind princess kept thinking that although she was saved, I don’t know how many beautiful girls will be killed every year.
Wing’s father has decided to take the risk of remoulding with the princess and remonstrate with the dawn king. Of course, the result can be imagined. Not only was his father burned by the dawn king’s light fire for three years, but even Princess Sophia was caught back by the dawn king’s minions and tortured to death.
Fortunately, Sophia has given birth to a wing wing, which is a hybrid of human beings and wing gods. Now she has grown up, and she can no longer hold back her revenge. She is eager to bring back a group of foreigners and push the demon king to rule less than the dawn king.
At the beginning, Lei expressed disdain for this story which was full of dog blood and illogical when she was planning to be charming. Especially, the hobby of enjoying the blood in her heart made Lei feel full of all kinds of irrationality. However, the rest of the stories were still provocative to human beings. After all, the beauty is that the rare resources in the human world were drunk by the morning king as a drink, and it is difficult to be angry at the moment.
Unexpectedly, Charming Ji told Leidong that Chenxi Wang likes to drink blood from his heart. It is true because Chenxi Wang thinks that doing so can increase his Shou Yuan and vitality, and he has a chance to break through the ranks of human beings. In the eyes of Chenxi Wang, it is no different from keeping pigs, sheep, cattle and dogs, and he will never feel guilty about it.
And that Princess Sophia is also true. At the beginning, she didn’t meet any kind-hearted wing guards, and there weren’t so many twists like stories. Instead, she was directly taken away by the morning king and died directly because no personal bodyguard of the morning king really went to a mere human woman to betray the morning king.
It’s not too secret that the morning king is so fond of it, because he is not the first one to do it, and he will never be the latter one in the future, and some powerful people have gradually followed suit.
Willy, after listening to it, also felt that the life of these winged gods was so superior that it really decayed to some extent. At the beginning, Willy felt a little guilty about killing people in the light field, although his heart was as hard as stone, but after listening to that story, he really didn’t feel much guilty
Besides this, the crimes committed by the pterodactyl clan against human beings in the light field are really countless. After sorting out the information, Charm Ji compiled all these evil information into all kinds of outrageous stories. Of course, brainwashing after the war will be somewhat exaggerated, but if you think about it carefully, many people with a little wisdom will suddenly realize and then hate riding on the human head, especially the morning king, the chief culprit in the mainland, will certainly bear and attract a lot of hatred.
In fact, since ancient times, there have been many people with lofty ideals in the light field. They have learned the truth and the sins of the winged protoss by counting fools. Many people have organized resistance, but these human organizations have either been directly strangled by the winged protoss or have been crawling in the shadows like rats, and these people have a unified name called heresy
Chapter six hundred and twenty-seven Tyrannosaurus rex
….. and these so-called heresies are a very important part of the optical domain strategy of willy.
The history of light field has been extremely long, and various heretical organizations have been published for a long time, but all of them have been suppressed with one exception. In the end, they are all hidden and deeply cautious, taking root and sprouting in the human world.
What willy has to do is to light a fire in this morning mainland, which is both a signal and a starting point for starting a prairie fire. As this fire burns stronger and stronger, more and more heretics will join in this monstrous industrial fire that can subvert the morning mainland.
Dawn continent is the smallest of the complete continents in the light field, but even this smallest continent, the total population of human beings still reaches several billion and is divided into more than a dozen countries.
Although the two methods of fighting spirit cultivation and magic cultivation will greatly weaken human beings and make it difficult for them to achieve peerless strength, there will always be people with genius qualifications or access to various opportunities, and eventually they will become very powerful. Of course, there is no aura environment to cultivate this power-oriented simplified achievement method. It is absolutely impossible to achieve such a level of deification.
Although the population of the whole wing protoss is more than one million in the strong clan, the dawn king is the weakest wing protoss, and the total number is about 20 thousand to 30 thousand
Some of them are scattered in fortresses such as Thunder Attack to guard against alien races, and some of them are scattered in more than a dozen forts. Of course, at most, the population in the Dawn King’s Catholic City is too sparse, and the winged gods have to continue to suppress human beings and at the same time cultivate and make human masters form an army on a large scale, such as the Knights of Iron Blood.
According to the information of throb, it is similar to the pure wing protoss and the iron knights. There are about 50 troops of this level in the whole dawn continent, which are formed by drawing elites from human countries.
In addition, there are two human forces, which are also ten thousand troops and are also composed of human beings. However, this is terrible, and the two human forces will never be inferior to the willy-nilly demon army.
It is absolutely impossible for human beings to cultivate such a powerful army by themselves in this world, but the wing protoss have a lot of resources and treasures in their hands, so the wing protoss will choose ignorant boys and girls in the world of billions of people. These boys and girls are well-qualified and have great potential.
These children have been taken to many cities to receive the most rigorous brainwashing training and excellent cultivation techniques. Those who are unqualified or have heretical ideas will be secretly executed.
In this kind of selection, King Chenxi has accumulated two forces with the lowest strength, namely, the Great Fighting Division or the * * Division, among which there are dozens of well-equipped and experienced warriors who often participate in the war in the Shura domain.
Moreover, the training mechanism of these two armies has been perfect, and the personnel turnover, loss and supplement are coherent and smooth.
However, these two armies are not the strongest in the mainland at dawn, but the king’s pro-guard army at dawn. The number of this army is only 10,000, and the people with pure wings form an army. Every soldier has the high-order earth strength of then, and the baby level is no less than 200.
It is this invincible army that maintains the dominance of the dawn king and ensures the absolute dominance of the pterodactyl people in the mainland.
….. Fortress No.15 has been completely controlled by willy in just half a day, almost at the same time, the other army belonging to willy in ancient times is being sent here one by one, and the fortress is full of many troops.
Although Lei Long, a sworn brother, was mostly fooled by willy at one time, his feelings really developed into brotherhood with getting along with him. Although Lei Long’s strength in repairing has reached the level of deification, he has never put on the style of deification and strength in front of willy.
In recent years, when throb was running around, Lei Long helped throb to expand its territory in the desert and establish the city’s integration forces, which can be said to have made great contributions, and Lei Long has never complained about it
The young man who looks like a man with seven points of similarity is much more calm and just trained than when he was confused and rigid, especially in the abyss of nine places, where he suffered losses several times and survived, which prompted his rapid mental growth.
Lei Long, who has been wandering in the desert for twenty years, is wearing a gorgeous red armor at this time. He looks burly and tall, and his crotch is riding a Tyrannosaurus rex, which was lowered by him to the peak of Yuanying. Tyrannosaurus rex is born with a huge body and can be ignorant and cultivated to the peak of Yuanying. It should be an old guy who has lived for many years.
At the peak of Yuanying, it stretches out and is about seventy feet high, just like a mountain.
Willy has seen a Tyrannosaurus Lei Long once in these years. The first feeling is how this guy looks like Godzilla in his own generation. Of course, this is a joke, because the strength of this Tyrannosaurus rex is far from Godzilla’s gadgets.
Tyrannosaurus Terrestrial is not only taller and stronger than Godzilla, but also a monster beast of the earth at the peak of Yuanying. If there is a Godzilla in front of it, it is estimated that it is a slap in the face.
As we all know, it is very difficult for human beings to bring down some adult monster beasts, even if they are very strong, even if they are brought down, it is hard to say that one day the monster beast will be brutish and bite its master.
It is the safest and best to raise monster beasts from the blood sacrifice of cubs, and the tiger that eats the soul is one of them. However, several wise human monks are not willing to just raise one or two monster beasts. They are obsessed with the Tathagata to control a large number of monster beasts to form great strength and want to cultivate a powerful monster beast army for themselves.
This kind of people is not to say that an exception has failed, but that they have only achieved a small part, for example, they can only control a very small part of the special monster beast
However, after a lot of research, they found that the monster beast will also form a circle of influence, and most of the monsters in the same circle of influence have the same homology, that is to say, a powerful flying bird monster beast is difficult to control a group of lower-order animals even if it is very powerful.
However, the closer the blood ties are, the more powerful the party can make the weaker one subordinate to the stronger one. It is also a common phenomenon in the monster beast community, but this phenomenon mostly occurs in the same family or blood-bearing population, but it is difficult to subordinate the stronger ones of other races. At best, they are afraid of running away.
Therefore, it is reasonable for Lei Long to accept this Tyrannosaurus rex. The brontosaurus is a pure dragon species. This dragon species was born in the ancient times and belongs to the top ranks of the food chain. Although it is slightly inferior to the pure four beasts, it can be regarded as a second beast.
Lei Long, by nature, is a kind of ancestor-level, sub-god beast purebred lineage. Now, the more powerful the monster beast is in the universe, the easier it is to build some veins with the top of the food chain in the ancient times. For example, the tiger that eats the soul with the thunder is a white tiger with a trace of four god beasts.
The whole process is like that, the number of the top-level beasts in the food chain is really pitiful, and the fertility is poor to the point of infertility because of too strong physical life, and it is extremely difficult to find a mate because of the scarcity. Therefore, some beasts let their lives be inherited by blood, for example, white tigers will build some impure blood tiger monsters with some low-grade tiger monsters, and those tiger monsters will form various tiger monsters from generation to generation, and the blood of white tigers will gradually thin, and a large part of them will disappear in the long history, while some of them will be tenaciously born and have an appearance.