I wipe my breath so loudly that I am not afraid of the death of the elite. Luo Linge smiled and said, "Jiang Feng fishing for fire and worrying about sleep, go home and knit."
Liu Zhe gradually overflowed with cold sweat, and it was the first time he met such a strong opponent. "Don’t break Loulan, we’ll talk about two less."
"A line of egrets is right for you." Seeing that this fellow is going to collapse, Ringo pursued it while winning.
Liu Zhe’s speech pair
Seeing that Liu Zhe has been defeated, Rowling intends to destroy it in one fell swoop "if you can’t leave the original grass, you will pull it down."
Liu Zhe finally couldn’t hold back the tears. She looked at Rowling and said, "Eldest brother, I lost my life for twenty years and finally met an opponent."
"Say" Rowling is domineering.
Liu Zhe looked at her face with a small sweet cloud and looked at the jealousy. Rowling knew in his heart that he was not wronged. Attached to Rowling’s ear, he said softly, "Eldest brother, that beauty is deliberately making you jealous."
"really?" Rowling was overjoyed to see Liu Zhe.
"Don’t you trust my eyes after a life-and-death battle?" Liu Zhe said with a lonely face
Rowling thought it was also man show who could match his opponent’s eyes naturally. Suddenly he looked up proudly and took a look at Yunrou and said to Liu Zhe, "Ask you a question."
"Big Brother, please say something."
"Do you love me?" Rowling asked shyly.
"I what? Fuck, "Liu Zhe suddenly fell and went belly-up, got up and burst into tears and said," Eldest brother, I’m really willing to worship the wind. "
"I’m serious," Rowling said
"I know, please don’t come." Liu Zhe wanted to cry.
Now he finally understands that when he was a child, his master said a word that really meant a long way to go.
The only thing that excites Liu Zhe is that he has finally successfully entered their group and played his shameless magic. Finally, he was solemnly asked by them to "go away."
But he moved all the chairs himself, and sitting behind Rowling, others couldn’t say anything
However, for Liu Zhe, it is a piece of cake. The kung fu is brought to the extreme, and there is no difference because of others’ contempt and ridicule. The more excited he is, the more he sits behind Luo Lin, and he can observe the girls across the street to find the right target.
It seems that Yunrou can give up. That’s man show’s territory. Ringo Mata is afraid that Rowling will give himself an impulse. He can’t rob himself. Yunrou is interested in Rowling, but it’s not his dish.
In addition, the pure beauty is abnormal. However, when I contacted Liu Zhe for a moment, I found that Michelle is a little devil with an angelic appearance, an elf-like figure, but a devil-like character. A word can blow people to pieces and lose their faith and confidence.
Imagine how evil it would be for such an evil girl to be with a man in man show.
At that time, Liu Zhe fantasized about a real story, and it was very likely that Euchel would dress up sexy and seductive every day to make people spray blood, and then suddenly turn around and say, "That’s inconvenient."
This is definitely something that will make men collapse. All Euchel has also been filtered by Liu Zhe.
Yu Hanlei, this girl is too pure, too quiet, too delicate and touching, so that Liu Zhe can’t bear to pollute such a pure flower that hasn’t bloomed yet. A man show pervert should also have a way to pick flowers.
Liu Man and Xi Yu Liu Man belong to the wandering type of Youcher and Han Lei, not too crazy, not too quiet or Liu Zhecai.
In the end, Liu Zhe will be able to cast his eyes off Xi Yushen. This charm is like a Leng Yan rose, but a smile on the bamboo fence brings people a feeling as comfortable as a spring breeze. Even with a shallow smile, it has a little wisdom and quiet charm that makes people linger.
Liu Zhe decided that he wanted to love Xi Yu. In other words, he wanted Xi Yu. In short, he wanted Xi Yu.
"I’m an animal, but I’m a low-key animal." Liu Zhe is a man who dares to think and be a man. Once he decides, he is unambiguous, just like he left home without packing.
"I said don’t be so stingy, okay? At any rate, I’m also a great person from the mainland. Which one is not flattering me? Now I’m taking the initiative to show you kindness. You’re ungrateful. Give me something to eat less. I like that chicken ass." It seems that if people eat more, Liu Zhe feels hungry.
"What is the status of your mainland rivers and lakes?" Rowling disdained to glance at Liu Zhe. I really didn’t find that this man show guy looks a little better than himself. It’s like coming out of a ravine.
"Haven’t you heard that there is a sharp brother who is popular among men, women and children in mainland China?" Liu Zhe was frightened.
Everyone shook their heads "no"
"So I told you that you are ignorant. Even I have never heard of what you are doing. Brother Sharp takes you to the mainland to play. Where is the world much more wonderful than these empires? Of course, it is also much more dangerous. But you can rest assured that no one dares to touch you because of Brother Sharp’s Jianghu status." Liu Zhe vowed that something had to be done.
When he spoke, he had already had enough food and clothing by himself. He picked up Xi Yu’s chopsticks and directly clipped the chicken butt that had been eyeing for a long time.
Then I saw Liu Zhe sticking a chopstick into the chicken’s ass, and everyone wanted to waste him, but he didn’t say, "You know a ball. This is a method developed by Brother Sharp, who has been eating chicken’s ass for 20 years, so that you can completely infiltrate it with a taste."
"You’d better eat by yourself." Everyone looked frightened.
"You are so unlucky and unhealthy. What ideas have been instilled in young people by current education? I am really worried about the future of Gulai Empire." Liu Chenai shook his head.
"Then can you save the Gulai Empire?" Everyone is sweating