"Don’t say your cousin is very strong, you can’t lose. He believes that our Yu family will once again restore its former glory! Do you want to help him well? "
"Knowing Dad, I will help my cousin well. I also believe that with his leadership, our Yu family is indeed better than my leadership, but Yu Yinghu is …"
Appreciate watching yourself pick up this and let go of Yu Fulong. "You don’t care if you don’t talk to Tianchen. I think Tianchen should have made his own plans long ago. Otherwise, it is enough for Yu Yinghu to launch kill array regardless of others’ lives."
"I am white!" After Yu Fuchen answered, Yu Fulong appealed to congratulate Tianchen.
Li Fei jumped from a big tree, stretched himself and looked around. Few people stared at him. Even those who smiled repeatedly glanced at him in the distance did not plan to greet him in the morning, holding a newly-built kitchen knife and flying away in the distance.
Li Fei just walked away, and a beautifully dressed young woman got up from a stone bench in the park with a charming smile. A handsome guy next to her threw a glad eye and smiled and patted a salty pig hand. "You are so dishonest at a young age. Do you want me to stamp your hand with a kitchen knife?"
Revenge collapsed brother was obviously fans enough money silly said "kitchen knife? The kitchen knife is so good that my beautiful sister will let me kiss her. Just take two kitchen knives and cut off my hands!
"really! I swear! "
"But you you are yu home less master? Still want to kiss Fang Ze? Dream your big dream in the Spring and Autumn Period! " Say, then ignore spare collapsed brother walked towards the park while thinking about the kitchen knife guest Li Fei seems that the kitchen knife left by the hierarch is Li Fei weapon? Yu Tianchen doesn’t know when Youyu will surface, but it’s a pity that such a good little handsome boy will block the leader’s face and it’s estimated that there is no good field …
Chapter two hundred and twenty Home alone
Chapter two hundred and twenty Home alone
Beijing state guesthouse banquet only 100 seats? The banquet hall on the top floor alone has reached 100 seats, which is still a banquet for famous schools and dozens of families. The two floors also set up nearly 500 seats to entertain the small families and sects who got the news in Beijing. The whole family sects in Beijing, large and small, rushed to attend the banquet regardless of whether they were invited or not.
In order to be able to get more care from the soon-to-grow Yujia in the competition, or to be qualified to cling to the name, many people are not far from Wan Li, and even people flying from the other side of the world with the highest speed flying swords make the members of the reception Yujia feel funny, and they are even more proud that our Yujia glory will come again.
I dragged my tired body back to the main villa every morning. From now on, the main villa will be handed over to the master from my grandfather Yu Tianzheng, and the master will move into the old house of Yu’s and really swim around the world. I have to give up playing and shopping with Luo Li and Ai Zanger the next morning, and I was recruited into the old house of Yu’s by my grandfather early in the morning.
When I first entered Yu’s ancient house, I didn’t praise it when it was intact, so I was taken to grandpa’s room by a Confucian housekeeper.
This is a room full of antiques, where you can see porcelain from the DPRK and tri-colored paintings from the Tang Dynasty. Although they are all placed outside, they are all well protected from dust and cold, which makes people feel a sense of entering history.
Grandpa sat in the plush chair with a sad face. When he saw the morning coming in, he said, "Sit down. There are some things that need to be handed over to you today!"
It’s clear in the morning that grandpa’s serious imagination should be something with family core secrets that needs to be explained to himself. This new owner can also feel that the whole ancient house is shrouded in a law of Mo array at this moment, and his god knowledge feels that the law extends too far out of the house and is blocked by several prohibitions. It is even more difficult to imagine from the outside.
In the morning, I sat down as grandpa told me, and then I turned my eyes to grandpa. At this moment, my husband smiled, "It’s not so serious. It’s mainly to show outsiders that the most important secluded ring in the family has long worn your hand. His things are just vulgar, even if he loses his husband and needs someone, he can get everything back!"
It dawned on me that I had long felt that the feeling of wandering outside the ancient house of Yushi was to "spy on the military situation"! I couldn’t help scratching my head in the morning. It seems that my experience is not enough. I can’t even tell if my grandfather is pretending or not. Then I relaxed my body and put my grandfather on the sidewalk in the morning. "The deep and remote ring has been in your hand. Our Yu family has been disconnected for too long, and I don’t know if it is still a thousand years ago. It is impossible to get the information of the deep and remote department from the head of Dark Dragon. If you have the ability, you can go and receive the deep and remote space, or reorganize it and lose something in the Yu family.
See the morning to listen carefully to the master continued, "There is still a cooperation achievement method in the master’s hands. Without this cooperation achievement method, our family will feel that the sun is too heavy to marry as soon as possible. However, although this method has a time limit for the true spirit of the family, it will feel that it is extremely difficult to rise to the yellow level in the later stage. If it is not for the practice circle in the past two hundred years, our family will be able to update the fastest day in *K novel network. However, this advantage has become weaker and weaker after the revival of Gu Wu in recent ten years, and now it is even weaker. If you don’t come back, I’m afraid that the prestige of China alone will be able to protect the family for more than ten years at most, and when other influential experts gradually expand to an overwhelming advantage, it will be our downfall! Your father and my son became victims early, and it is hard for those forces who are eyeing our family with malicious intentions to endure our family’s remoulding! "
Hearing my grandfather talk about this tortuous morning is also a little sudden. I learned from my grandfather that my father Yu Tianlong was the first master at the prefecture level and that the prefecture-level forces challenged the top masters at that time. Although the strength classification was much lower than that in situ at that time, I believe that if my father was not killed at that time, I am afraid that in the ten years since the rise of Gu Wu, it is a good place to practice, and the strength can be raised to the realm of terror. It is not too difficult to buy some rare gazelles with a huge amount of money.
However, Yu Tianlong was killed and fell into the Kaya mainland with Tianchen, and he was seriously injured. Later, although he recovered, he was injured again in the invasion of the undead. At this time, Tianchen’s father was only 4 o years old. If the earth was not bruised by a drop and a reward, I am afraid that his strength would not be weaker than the yellow level!
It’s a pity that there are many allies of Yu family, but more enemies have come from Yu Tianzheng to take charge of Yu family for five years. Families and forces have been suppressed for many years. I don’t know how many times, when Yu family has no suitable heir, Shi Yu will have to hide its strength and scare others with Yuwei, but it will eventually be provoked by a certain family. If it doesn’t return, I’m afraid that the most powerful family in Yuan Hua will fall apart and collapse in the next decade.
However, for Youyu, there is also a method to match the hegemony tactic, which has aroused great interest in the early morning. However, if we can get the family’s hegemony tactic to study it, I feel that it is impossible to paste the forces that Grandpa said are eager to bite a piece of meat for their family. If Yujia’s strength is strong enough, how dare they come?
"Do you have to receive Youyu before you can cooperate with this achievement method?" As for the way to receive Youyu, I learned from my master’s mouth that it must be the owner of Yushi’s family who is responsible for informing the person in charge of the contemporary dark dragon that Youyu will form a large array in Dreadwind as soon as possible to test whether the owner of Yushi’s family is qualified to receive Youyu, but only after the establishment of the family can there be several people through the large array, and all of them are masters who are about to disappear in the later stage of Xuanji (who knows where they went).
Although Tianchen can use the abnormal defense of Golden Body and bully Yu’s true spirit to fight against the sky-breaking array of kill array in the sky, if it is replaced by a large array of 36 yellow-level masters and 72 sky-level masters (the name of the anti-sky array is large array in Dreadwind), I’m afraid even the abnormal Golden Body can’t resist so many super-masters’ attacks, not to mention the fact that there are laws to help the combined bonus array attack, which makes Tianchen dare not imagine.
Master smiled and asked, "Do you think China can combine these 100 masters?