Even if Cao Cao doesn’t look back, he knows that the bearer is not others. It is publicity and the position of Zhoumu has smashed so many votes. However, how can this position be lost in his heart?
He can’t care so much if he is in a bad mood. Since he wants to play, he should play hard. His face has been completely torn. There is no need to care about something else.
In the face of this group of people who are angry to the extreme at the moment, Cao Xing doesn’t need to say anything more. With Zhou Cang and others, he slowly turned to face this group of faces and smiled.
Looking at Cao’s nature at the moment, I can still laugh and make public that the whole person is also angry and rushing to drink and let his hand directly rush to completely solve Cao’s nature.
If the former Cao Xing faced these people to kill, he might be able to escape in a mess, but this time, in the face of these people, Cao Xing’s face directly raised a playful smile with Zhou Cang and others turning back and staring at publicity.
Cao Xing drank a lot and came to Zhou Cang with my broadsword. He immediately took the broadsword back and handed it to Cao Xing. At this moment, Cao Xing looked at these soldiers, including Zhang Yang, Gu Yang and others. Today seems to be just the right time.
Cao Xing roared with a pair of eyes, and generate’s blood was terrible. He rushed into this group of soldiers with a broadsword and then went on a rampage.
Holding a huge broadsword, Cao Xing’s hand kept harvesting people’s heads, and Zhou Cang and others followed closely, also holding a knife and constantly slaying the invading enemy.
Cao’s martial arts is good, and now it has reached the peak of budo’s six folds, and Zhou Cang has reached budo’s seven folds. The soldiers behind them are all fighting with great morale.
People finally didn’t give the candidate for the state shepherd to make public, which is completely offensive to make public. What’s more, old Lin and Meng always accept money from others, and now their positions are not given to others. Old Lin and Meng also feel very embarrassed.
Now make public gas from the heart also can’t care so many rules directly with their own hands more than a thousand people crazy and Cao street fight.
In anger publicity, it can be said that he tried his best to fight with more than a thousand hands. However, at this moment, Cao Cao’s side and Zhou Cang’s guards have more than 100 people. There is no hope of victory after this ratio of ten to one.
To make public is also a target of this point. It can be said that it is magnificent, but as time goes by, they are surprised to find that there seems to be some mistakes. Although there are more than 100 people in Cao Cao, in any case, that small group of people in Cao Cao is strong and has not lost to them.
I have been sitting in the rear commanding Zhang Yang and others, and I am very puzzled that this is unreasonable. However, Zhang Yang, Zhugu and others look closely and find that they can’t kill Cao Xing in a ratio of ten to one. Because of their thousands of soldiers, it seems that some people will jump out of the streets on both sides from time to time and take out their short swords to harass them.
Of course, after all, make public that they belong to the order of officers and men, and the ordinary street people are definitely not courageous. Therefore, these people are dressed like ordinary people, but they are actually from the ranks.
Make public to see here is gnashing his teeth with anger. He can see that these people are those who dress up as people in the street. It is they who are there. have it both ways keeps fanning the flames and finally induces the people in the county to push Cao’s nature to the position of state animal husbandry. He hates these people because it is itchy roots. He personally went to this pile of people with a sword.
However, this pile of leaders with weapons of war is very strange. Their bodies are decorated by the people, but each of them has a short dagger in his arms. Once people come near, they will not hesitate to pull out the dagger and dodge while fighting in melee.
Anyway, the average soldier is really nai. They can’t be led by Chewu. This group of people looks bustling, but each fighting capacity is strong.
If you ask them why they didn’t appear around Cao Xing, the reason is also very simple. Cao gave them other sex.
Cao’s walk into this county gives publicity and others the feeling that there are not many guards around him. Because of Jia Xu’s illness, Cao has taken away a large part of the soldiers to escort Jia Xu back, but these are just noodles.
When Cao Xing realized that people’s hearts won the day, he immediately let Che Wu take action. The action process is actually very simple. To put it simply, it is to go deep into the people and lay a solid foundation for the masses.
What Che Wu did on these birthdays was to preach Cao Xing’s goodness everywhere in every corner of this county. Everyone explained a series of policies made by Cao Xing in Bianyun County. It can be said that it would be good for the people if Cao Xing pawned this and everyone in Zhoumu got it.
Everyone is not stupid. People just think about it and feel the benefits of Cao Cao’s nature. Cao Cao’s people have done many good things. Everyone has heard of this. Anyway, if Cao Cao is pawned, Zhou Mu believes that Cao Cao will do more good things for the people.
It’s unheard of to say that people like Zhang Yang Zhu Zhai did anything good to treat the people during the period, so Cao Xing’s name has already reached a conclusion in the hearts of many people.
But then again, even though many people want Cao Xing to be a state shepherd, they are just ordinary ordinary people, and there is no way for the soldiers to decide who can be a state shepherd.
However, Cao Cao’s performance was deeply moved by everyone, and the post where Cao Cao lived collapsed. This is obviously because someone deliberately tried to assassinate Cao Cao, who was in a weak state and won many people’s sympathy. Then Cao Cao made up a bunch of feudal superstitions and pushed public opinion to a climax.
Chapter two hundred and ninety-seven Solid (2)
At first, the people knew Cao Xing, sympathized with Cao Xing, and finally recognized that Cao Xing could be alive and well, and the position of Zhou Mu must be someone else’s Cao Xing, so there was a scene of outrage.
Therefore, Cao nature will eventually reach the position of state animal husbandry. Although all these techniques arranged by Cao nature are quite subtle, even people are caught off guard by Cao nature. However, after making public to think about it, it can be said that Cao nature hates root itching and fights hard.
Although I really want to solve something on the spot, it’s a pity that Cao Cao’s martial arts are not low, and there are three or five soldiers who will take Cao Cao and Zhou Cang Chewu to fight to the death, and there is a steady stream of security around him.
The street scuffle has been played from noon to noon without a result. Both sides suffered heavy casualties and retreated, but it is impossible to give up like this.
He growled directly at the ugly Yang around him, "Go and tell the county magistrate in the county to close the gates around him and never let Cao Cao escape. And immediately inform the Tang army that I must slay Cao Cao here today!"
Make public is obviously angry to the extreme. A series of commands are aimed at Cao’s nature, and his hand is self-closed and ugly, and he did it step by step immediately without saying anything.
When the county magistrate in this county got the instructions, he seemed to have some difficulties. This publicity was not his direct leadership. Why did he listen to it? Finally, he was able to report it to Zhu Zhai because Zhu Zhai was the chief of Yunzhong County.
At the moment, Zhu Zhai’s Cao Xing and Zhang Yang also seem to have some subtle struggles. He can take advantage of it. In the end, his conclusion is that the two don’t offend and close the city gate for the time being. After all, at the moment, Zhang Yang has been like a crazy person, so don’t be crazy, but he is still prepared to wait and see the situation with the attitude of two don’t offend.
Although Zhu Zhai’s abacus was tried well, Zhu Zhai’s trouble came only one night when he closed the city gate. To put it bluntly, he didn’t want Cao Xing and Zhang Yang to have a good fight. It’s best for both of them to die together. Then he will take over the position of state shepherd.
However, at all times, a lot of mighty military forces appeared directly outside the county overnight. They lined up neatly and flaunted and waited outside without talking or moving for thousands of people. So they calmly stared at the small county town, which startled Zhu Zhai. He looked at the direction. This team of military forces should come from the north and said that it should be Cao Cao’s hand. At the moment, it was Chen Hu who led the team.
However, after Chen Hu arrived in this county, he really didn’t do anything. He just ordered his military forces to stay outside.
Cao Cao’s military forces were eyeing up outside, which made Zhu Zhai feel uncomfortable. He wanted to meet Cao Cao and asked what Cao Cao meant, but Cao Cao avoided him.
Although Zhu Zhai was shut out, living in Zhu Zhai’s heart at this moment is also a problem, that is, the outside army should not move before Cao Xing has completely released his words, which means that he is now less secure.
Zhu Zhai breathed a sigh of relief, and at the same time, some people had the same idea with him, that is, to make public. When Zhang Yang heard that Cao Xing’s army was out in the clouds at the moment, the whole people were startled. Now he has finally come for nothing. Cao Xing has arranged all this properly. He should have ordered Chen Hu to ambush with people and the army would appear when necessary.
It’s scary to fight it out with Cao Xing. If Chen Hu suddenly rushes into the county with his troops, he may not even have a chance to escape. If Cao Xing stays put now, let Zhang Yangyou have a chance to breathe.
After a full ten days, many people in these ten days were a little scared, but after ten days, the army came from Tangtang and finally drove out of the county seat to make public and directly mobilized his hand. This time, more than 7,000 soldiers were emboldened.
However, he still came to give instructions to the troops outside his city. Chen Hu saw the publicity troops coming without saying anything and charging with military forces.
First of all, a thousand crossbowmen fired a fierce shot at the publicity soldiers three hundred paces away, and several arrows plunged into the publicity soldiers’ bodies. The publicity soldiers all screamed and fell to the ground, facing Cao Cao’s archers, and they could avoid it.
Moreover, Cao Cao’s equipment can be described as the first-class arrows in the hands of these archers, which can be described as made of fine iron. Anyway, Cao Cao’s most important thing now is money, so these things are effectively shot out of his hands by these archers, even if he wears a layer of armor, it can’t be prevented. After several rounds of arrows to make public, the soldiers there have suffered heavy casualties
There is no way to make public the sudden attack of soldiers in the face of Chen Hu, which can make people’s sea tactics keep piling up here to get close to Chen Hu and others. Several bodies have been lost in the battlefield for several rounds of arrows, but with one exception, soldiers are all made public, and at this moment, infantry and cavalry are finally going to walk up to Chen Hu and others.
But see here Chen Hu is contemptuous smile directly raised his hand xuanhua axe behind soldiers drink a "brothers, did you see the shaking head? I’m telling you, that thing is money, that thing is power, that is, to make us prosper, and that thing will kill them all with me, which will change our life trajectory! "
Chen Hu’s remarks are a little straightforward, but it is his directness that has aroused the fighting spirit of the soldiers behind him. As Chen Hu’s blasting sounded, several cavalry charged with Chen Hu.
This time, the publicity soldiers were so miserable that they were attacked by numerous arrows, and their morale had been damaged by most of them. Now they are facing a group of deadly crazy opponents
The decisive battle of these soldiers made Zhang Yangjun feel a wave of fear and morale fell sharply. In this way, Chen Hu was the first to cut down several knights with a xuanhua axe, and then the cavalry behind him also launched a fierce attack on Zhang Yangjun. After only one round, Zhang Yangjun array was completely washed away, and then Zhang Yangjun was a thousand miles away, and Chen Hu took people to pursue his remaining soldiers crazily.
When the news reached Zhang Yanger, the whole person looked a little trance, and then Zhang Yangshi felt that he was completely paralyzed and sat on the stool. The whole person did not know what to do, and Yang Chou was also stupid at the moment.
When they first entered this county town, they had a terrible hatred for Cao Cao, and they hoped that Cao Cao would personally die in their hands. However, at this moment, they discovered that they were not hating Cao Cao, but fearing it.
Cao Xing moved his army to the outside of the city as early as ten days ago. If Cao Xing was willing at that time, he could always let the army attack the city and forcibly kill it, and then directly go to Zhang Yang and others to settle accounts. JASON ZHANG and others might have a run.
However, Cao Xing didn’t do this. His behavior surprised everyone. He waited quietly in the same place and didn’t let his army do anything until Zhang Yang raised his army.
Now that you’re at this point, Cao Cao is welcome. When Chen Hu directly destroys the potential and tightly closes the round, he will directly make public the army department and defeat it here. It can be said that making public the army is vulnerable.
Thought of here, make public that the whole person is almost desperate. Cao’s nature is not stupid, nor is it that it is not expensive for nothing. Cao’s nature just wants to defeat it completely with positive strength.
Make public lost counsel in the city and lost the military outside the city, which can be said to have been a complete defeat, while Yang Chou and others are also dying.
However, at this moment, something that completely scared Zhang Yang and others came again, and Cao Cao actually asked them to meet.
This scared the publicity and others to be silly. Cao is their political enemy. His intention is to make public and others to eradicate the self-supported solid and others at one stroke. The first suggestion for publicity is to escape now.
Make public think that this may be the only way to make him expect that when Yang et al. stepped out, the whole person suddenly panicked, and the three people who were now locked in the door came back again, and at the same time exhaled and gasped. He found that there were already many eyeliner around their residence. At this moment, those people have changed their suits, flying fish and embroidered spring knives. There is no doubt that they are the Royal Guards.
Here, Zhang Yang and others were completely desperate. They knew that this time it was really impossible to hide. When the Royal Guards walked into their home and knocked on the door, Zhang Yang, Gu Yang, Chou and others were scared out, and the whole person collapsed on the ground and did not know what to do.
However, there are still some things that must be faced. Now that they have participated in the game, there is no chance to retreat.
When the Royal Guards brought Zhang Yang to the hall, Zhang Yang found that there were not only him but also other county chiefs in the hall. At this moment, everyone’s expressions were almost scared and he didn’t know what to do.
It wasn’t long before Cao Cao came in and looked at these chiefs’ faces and finally showed a calm smile.
Chapter two hundred and ninety Changes