Especially when I saw his face lost, as if she had a feeling of bullying children.
"All right, let me have a look at this matter." Zhang Tingda said 1.
Hearing Zhang Ting’s words, Zhan Hao looked up at Zhang Ting with his head down. "Sister Zhang Ting, are you serious? Are you really willing to help me tell Lord Hong?"
"Yes, I helped you. I helped you. Are you finally happy now?" Zhang Ting looked at his smiling face and said.
"Hey hey, I knew Zhang Ting’s sister was the best for me." Zhan Hao threw a charming face at Zhang Ting with satisfaction.
Busy Zhang Ting stretched out his hands and made a stop gesture in front of him.
"Come on, come on, stop laughing. You make my hair stand on end."
Zhan Haoma gathered his face and smiled, but he was so happy that even though he was desperately trying to gather his face, his smile was still very obvious.
"Go back to your room and rest. You are the injured now. Now I am your doctor. I order you to go back to your room and rest now." Zhang Ting got up to help him and gave him this order
Because his wish is about to come true, Zhan Hao’s face can’t hide his smile at this time.
Even now, Zhang Ting wants him to go back to his room immediately, and this time, people agreed happily and did it.
Zhang Ting watched this guy walk back slowly in the yard, and the figure secretly sighed. How could she be so stupid? She promised someone another thing.
On this day, I have been looking for opportunities to talk to Lord Hong about Zhan Hao in Zhang Ting until everyone has returned to their rooms to sleep. Zhang Ting still hasn’t found the opportunity to talk to others about this matter.
In the middle of the night, Zhang Ting took her two children to sleep in the big bed in the room.
Suddenly I heard Qingxia calling her name outside the door.
A Zhang Ting or listen to the wrong until qingxia called her name several times after Zhang Ting this just slapped from the bed to wear a coat and hit the door.
"What happened to Qingxia?" Zhang Ting is holding a candle lamp to shine on people outside.
"Great, Zhang Ting girl, you are awake outside. Jia Fu people say that Jia Fu’s wealthy family is going to have a baby in the middle of the night today, but it hasn’t been born yet. Now Jia Fu people want to invite Zhang Ting to visit you." Qing Xia was anxious to tell Zhang Ting.
Zhang Ting a listen to face expression also became nervous.
"You go and talk to Jia Fu people first, and say that my horse will come soon." Zhang Tingma turned around and went into the house.
Green summer should be a "yes" and soon left the door.
Into the room Zhang Ting first saw two children.
Fortunately, both children are very sleepy, which usually can’t wake them up even in a thunderstorm.
See they didn’t wake up Zhang Ting this just rest assured to change my clothes casually tied a hair softly out of the room.
When I walked to the corridor outside the hall, Zhang Ting suddenly turned in a direction and went to the pharmacy where she usually put medicine.
It wasn’t long before she came out with a medicine box in her hand.
Jia Fu people were sitting there in a hurry when they came to the outer hall.
When people saw Zhang Ting coming, the horse got up from the chair and "Miss".
Before people say that finish, Zhang Ting made a stop sign at him.
"You don’t say the specific things. I’ve heard Qingxia say. Let’s start now."
Jia Fu people nodded their heads and led Zhang Ting out when they heard Zhang Ting’s words.
Halfway through, Zhang Ting suddenly remembered two children who were still sleeping in the room.
"By the way, after I leave, please wake my mother up and let her go to my room to look after the two children."
After explaining this sentence, Zhang Ting continued to follow behind Jia Furen out of Hao’s courtyard, and a carriage was parked outside.
Because it was late at night, Zhang Ting sat in the carriage, and because he was so sleepy, he quickly fell asleep again.