This one and two excuses also calculate, if two people have been slow to break through, it is really a headache every day.
Zhu Yuyan reasoned and finally decided that tonight, he would first use a method to make a kind of color and taste ecstasy in the wine. This medicine is extremely difficult to be found in the wine. If the weight is well controlled, the drinker will be drunk.
Usually, Zhu Yuyan always dislikes this medicine, which is neither poisonous nor malicious enough. Who will be free from this thing? But it’s her turn today, and Zhu Yuyan is glad that she brought this humble thing when she went out, which can be regarded as a solution to her urgent need.
Don’t drink wine when you get married, but it’s always the same as drinking wine. Isn’t it easy for her to put this medicine in Song Kui’s cup?
It can be said that Zhu Yuyan and Song Que are not a family that doesn’t enter a house. She has come up with such a method, and Song Que is naturally not bad.
Originally, if the guest was absent from the groom’s office and had to toast, it would be possible to pretend to be drunk and hide in the past.
But both of them are lonely, and they have no relatives. In a place like this, you can’t make up a few friends and even have no guests. You can’t get drunk by yourself, can you? This doesn’t make any sense!
Song deficiency is also forced to be nasty, but it gives birth to two ideas like Zhu Yuyan, thinking of avoiding this robbery first
As a result, I have been going out to wander the rivers and lakes with the secret medicine of Song valve, but I have never been short of Song. I will put the medicine in my daughter-in-law for the first time, and I don’t know if it was a fate in my previous life.
This is a good show. Zhu Yuyan drugged Song Que’s cup, and Song Que quietly drugged Zhu Yuyan’s cup.
Hey, if it’s not a couple, look at it. It’s all the same idea!
It’s a pity that things didn’t work out. I hope this cup was misplaced when it was brought here. In this way, these two people can be regarded as accidentally drinking their own medicinal liquor for each other.
Although both of them know martial arts and pharmacology, this wine can detect something wrong as soon as it enters, so they can temporarily resist one or two.
It’s very unfortunate that Zhu Yuyan was afraid to call Song Que today to find out that she would know martial arts. Before Song Que entered the bridal chamber, she specially configured the magic door secret medicine and ate it. At that time, she really became a fragile lady.
Zhu Yuyan fainted and wondered if she accidentally put the medicine in the wrong cup. Is that self-inflicted now?
Song Jian saw that Zhu Yuyan was just a glass of wine and fell down. I don’t know whether it was her own medicine or whether she was not good at drinking. After all, she is still a weak woman, and she is very good at drinking.
Before Song Que was glad that he had survived, he noticed something was wrong. When did he make a move?
But for a moment, he couldn’t stop the medicinal properties of this wine. Song Que was in a hazy state at the moment. His heart was not good. He bowed his head and struggled to see his wine glass, which was carved with patterns. It turned out that he had prepared it for Zhu Yuyan.
I was unconscious in the past, and I didn’t know whether to cry or laugh. My medicine finally came to me. This is waiting for fate! Before this, Song Que didn’t expect that he would have such good luck.
Have a nice wedding candle. This newly-married couple actually slept until dawn because they drank their own medicine. Even if it is said, no one will believe it, right?
Song Que was the first one to wake up because of her physical strength. Last night, both of them were knocked down by a glass of wine. But they all slept at their desks. Song Que felt fine. But how can a weak woman in Zhu Yuyan stand it?
Although the day has gradually become hot, it will be summer, but if I really sleep for such a night, I am afraid I will catch cold. Song Que knows that it is really wrong to have such an accident, but since he drank the wine last night, it is because Zhu Yuyan himself is not good at drinking.
How do you say that he can’t run away from this responsibility? Song Que quickly reached out to explore Zhu Yuyan’s forehead. Sure enough, this head was burning hot and I thought it was a cold night.
This, after all, the two of them have become close. What is not taboo? Song Que directly put people in the bed to cover Zhu Yuyan’s quilt, and then rushed out in this night without changing the wrinkled marriage and ordered people to find a doctor.
But who ever thought that the main family would get married and specially gave a banquet to the servants of the government? The whole government was drunk as a fiddler and still hung over!
This person can’t find Zhu Yuyan, who is still sick. He can’t help Song, so he ran to yiguang and invited a doctor himself.
Although Song Que and Zhu Yuyan’s marriage were not advertised, they should know or know in this city, especially Song Que, who came to ask for a doctor in a groom’s uniform. This old doctor will not mistake one for another no matter how old he is.
Is the first day of the wedding, he ran to yiguang to ask the doctor. The old doctor looked at Song Que’s appearance, but how can he do things so carelessly?
Song Que didn’t know how the old doctor lamented him. He hurried back with people. If Zhu Yuyan was a martial arts man, he wouldn’t be in such a hurry. But the old housekeeper said that his daughter-in-law was a sickly girl since she was a child. It’s not up to Song Que not to think much.
Song Que’s side just woke up as soon as he went out to ask the doctor, Zhu Yuyan. It’s a pity after waking up! Think of her Zhu Yuyan has always been a legacy. Why is it always an accident when you get to Song Que?
Zhu Yuyan patted himself on the head and barely woke up. Her secret medicine for dispersing power needs two days before it can be released, which means she has to be an ordinary person these two days.
Martial arts people who have a headache and brain fever will be fine for two days. Martial arts experts are even more cold and hot, and they rarely get sick. Zhu Yuyan doesn’t know how long he hasn’t been sick. This time, he really has to suffer.
It’s just that although I accidentally drank my own medicine, looking at Song Que like that is not a good drinker. Last night, it was a mistake. Besides, she is now in a fever and illness. Song Que is not here at this time and hasn’t come back for so long. No one must have gone out to find a doctor at his request.
It was also last night that the whole house was probably drunk, so it was not easy to find a sober one.
Zhu Yuyan was thinking about it. Suddenly she raised her hand and touched her face. If this easy thing is not changed, it will be invalid when Song Que comes back.
Without martial arts, Zhu Yuyan rarely experienced an ordinary girl’s illness. She stumbled up and washed herself with the water she had prepared in a copper basin, which easily revealed a face of national beauty.
Zhu Yuyan sat on the dresser with a strong brace, opened the dresser and took out her easy tools. Fortunately, she simply covered her face. If she really brought a piece of it, she would be unable to see people even at the moment.
Which woman doesn’t love beauty? So does Zhu Yuyan.
Zhu Yuyan is a little weak, shaking his hands in front of the mirror to make up for himself, hoping that the lack of Song will come back slowly, otherwise it will really spill the beans.
Why do you think she was upset at that time? It happened that choosing such a road was a few times of sin.