Jizhao really nestled in his arms motionless.
Later, when it was quiet, she finally fell asleep …
A good half-ring driver’s voice came from the driver’s seat. "Is Mr. Bu still going to Ji’s house?"
Yan Ye city so setting her arms to sleep in the past guy should be a light.
Ji Zhao felt a splitting headache when she woke up the next day, so she couldn’t help pinching her head.
Sit up from the bed and gawk at her room. Suddenly she came to Rinrin WeChat to wake up. She just reached out to get it, but when she saw the red face, she was stunned for a long time before she picked it up.
With red, she really reflected the broken memories of last night before she got them back.
Section 133
It wasn’t a dream. She really got married with Yan Yecheng.
"Little lazy pig woke up?"
A voice full of spoil men sounded from her head, and Ji Zhao’s consciousness lifted her eyes and Ji Yang smiled at her.
Vomitted to stick out tongue JiZhao "elder brother"
Ji Yang glanced at Ji Zhao’s red eyes and looked at her. "Are you registered?"
JiZhao nodded for fear of being JiYang see her mood directly bowed his head.
Jiyang chuckled and caressed my girl’s hair. "Get up and wash up. Yan Ye City is cooking in the building. It should be ready soon."
Ji Zhao couldn’t help but look up in surprise. "Yan Yecheng lived here last night and didn’t leave?"
"Yes, I didn’t leave," said Jiyang, patting Jizhao on the shoulder. "Get up and wash, and I won’t accompany you to have dinner with Yecheng. Jishi is very busy recently. I’ll go to the company first, huh?"
JiZhaoWen not frowned "elder brother JiShi busy recently? I haven’t seen you for days. "
Jiyang’s smiling face can’t see the strange "grace is very busy"
JiZhao lip-synching half ring finally asked out "elder brother, are you still with Koch?"
"Zhaozhao Company has nothing to do with you. Don’t worry about it." Jiyang smiled faintly. "It’s okay. Brother knows it."
Ji Yang said this, and Ji Zhao couldn’t say anything more until Ji Yang left her room.
I don’t know what happened. Just now, Jiyang’s words made her feel very uneasy and inexplicable.
When she washed out and asked for the floor, it rang at this time.
If she walks over to her assistant.
I directly picked up the little assistant voice at the end of the conversation. "Sister Ji, I just sent you a WeChat. Did you see it?"
Ji Zhao was stunned. "No, what’s wrong?"
The little assistant angrily said, "Tian Xin who robbed you of the concert venue seems to be not only a Bushi person, but also a stepping foot in the grand theater. It seems to be quite arrogant for the master to deal with your affairs in the past two days." Everyone generally calls her master.
When I heard that Gersho’s face didn’t change much, I asked calmly, "Even if she has a problem with me, it’s not necessary for an irrelevant person to go out. She’s not good."
"I heard, but I also heard that whether it is true or not remains to be confirmed." The little girl stressed that it was only after Kan Kan said, "Ge Shu seems to have raised Tian Xin. Ge Shi introduced Tian Xin to Bu because he was not involved in film and television. I always heard that Tian Xinlai’s singing ability was the same. It was because Bu always looked at Ge Shu’s face and spent a lot of money behind the scenes to win it out."
"And listen to step’s department said Tian Xin frame can be big is that the step always even step’s senior Hua Dan to put up with her a few minutes"
The little girl said more and more angrily at that end, but compared with the little girl Ji Zhao’s face, it seemed indifferent.
It’s really, it’s really true that Ge Shu has a position in Yan Ye City, and even the evil dogs around her follow Ge Shu.
Jizhao sneered. Before she could speak, the bedroom door was beaten from the outside. She also said something to the little assistant and hung up.
"Who are you talking to?"
As soon as Yan Ye City came in, he put a ring around Ji Zhao’s waist.
Suddenly, the pungent smell of oil smoke from the man’s body made Jizhao frown, and her consciousness was about to withdraw from the man’s arms.
How can a man let her go easily? Holding your nose and looking at the man with discontent, "Yan Ye City, you smell like oil smoke."
The man raised his eyebrows. "Dislike me?"
Ji Zhao shook his head consciously. "No, I just can’t get used to the smell of oil smoke."
"I smell like smoke …" The man smiled coldly. "Who am I to get up in the morning and make breakfast for you?"
Ji Zhao "…"
The man pinched her face and "give me your hand from your nose"
Jizhao refused to let a man do it himself directly, and moved her holding her nose and hands.
"melodramatic what?" The man said in a faint tone, "It’s good to smell the habit. After I cook at home, if you can’t smell my oil smoke and don’t let me touch you, what’s the point?"
Anyway, he said it all by Li Jizhao, but he was too lazy to reason with her.
"Let’s go and eat."
The man said with a big hand on her waist, pushing her to go upstairs.
"Don’t worry, Yan Yecheng, I have something to ask you." Jizhao has something to say and pulls the man’s arm.
Yan Ye city side eyes will see a woman with a very serious expression. Looking at her, she couldn’t help but laugh and scrape the woman’s nose. "What’s wrong with this? Still so serious. "
Ji Zhao upturned his face and smiled, "Yan Yecheng, I came to have a concert at the Grand Theatre today."
Yan Yecheng immediately smiled and asked, "Do you want to say something like this when you let me drive me away after breakfast?"
"No," Ji Zhao shook his head, his eyebrows curved and his face was still smiling. "I was occupied by someone today, and all the tickets were sold, but I was told to change the venue. Do you think I can be willing?"
"Can’t" Yan Ye city smell echoed nodded "you tell me who it is and I’ll handle it for you"
Ji Zhao leans on the man’s arms, and his fingers are deliberately drawing circles on the man’s chest. "It’s a star. I heard that the back is quite hard."
"Who dares to bully my woman?" The man’s lips are hooked, and his eyebrows are reflected with puffed up. "I really don’t believe that there are people in Yaozhou who I can’t handle."