I was thinking about Xiao Yan’s footsteps stopping in front of the stone tablet with the word "Lu" in the seal character.
A bamboo curtain was locked, and two people were on duty outside the cave No.6 after hearing the bamboo curtain.
Xiao Yan has a good memory of faces. He recognizes that these two people are from the Planning Bureau, but at the moment they look like ordinary tourists when they are idle to soak in hot springs.
When they saw Xiao Yan, they looked behind Xiao Yan and made sure that Xiao Yan was alone. After that, one of them unlocked the lock and the other one looked around with training.
The bamboo curtain quickly closed when Xiao Yan entered the cave. Less than half a second later, it "clicked" and locked.
It seems that something terrible will happen if you wait for a second with some monster.
In a dark hot spring in the cave, there is a candle standing on a floating plate burning with a faint light.
Then this light Xiao Yan saw two people sitting in the hot spring. One was Wei Chongyang, and his face was not as serious as usual, as if he were nervous.
There is another person he knows well.
News, press conferences, summits, festivals, competitions … Almost all major events have his figure. Every day, when you open the projection, you can see his serious, resolute and upright face.
It’s Blue Star President Cheng Qianfan.
Chapter 1. Chapter 1
Cheng Qianfan sat on a stone pier with his back against the rock wall.
When Xiao Yan entered the hot spring grottoes, he fixed his eyes on each other like an eagle.
"Hello" Xiao Yan spoke first.
"Hello" Cheng Qianfan nodded. "It’s getting late, and it’s not suitable for a long talk here, so I won’t be polite."
Paused, Cheng Qianfan said in a sarcastic tone, "I don’t hold the frame in front of you. After all, you are Xiao Zhi’s brother and I don’t know each other."
"Mr. President is too modest to be on a par with you," Xiao Yan said.
"You may not be on a par with me, but Xiao Zhi must be."
Xiao Yan didn’t speak.
He had long guessed that Cheng Qianfan had come in person and must have known him with Xiao. Although lingshan scenic spot was in good shape, it was not enough to attract the president’s attention.
Cheng Qianfan expressed his intention that "I hope you can cooperate with me to participate in the World Tree Project"
Xiao Yan noticed that the word "cooperation one" forced him to cooperate, and it certainly could not be a good thing.
Cheng Qianfan’s "Blue Star Ecology is in jeopardy, and the World Tree Project is my deduction attempt for the future development of the Blue Star environment. I hope that it will be purely acquired. People don’t just want to profit from it, but really want to build their land."
Xiao Yan suddenly realized, "You don’t want Xiao to be a participant in the plan, do you?"
Cheng Qianfan nodded his head, half of his body disappeared in the shadow, and a bit of Yinzhi appeared on his face.
That all makes sense. Participants in the World Tree Project need the Senate and Parliament to jointly vote for Xiao Zhi, who has crushing economic strength. If he votes, his support rate must be far ahead.
Cheng Qianfan can’t interfere in the voting too much, but the president, he effectively dissolved the parliament and re-elected members to vote again
He can further deal with Xiao Zhi by exercising this force.
Xiao Yan mused, "Do you want to dissolve the parliament after Xiao Zhi’s successful election and then choose to support my people to reorganize the parliament and let me be elected?"
Cheng Qianfan praised, "Although you don’t care about the world, you have a high sensitivity, which is worthy of Xiao’s cultivation of children."
Xiao Yan muttered to himself, "This will explain everything. You just let the institute people come to Lingshan with great fanfare to let the masses see my high reputation."
"That’s right"
"The other three people? Even if I replace you, can you ensure that the other three people are not replaced by Xiao Zhi? "
Cheng Qianfan smiled confidently. "The other three people have already decided. You won’t decide such an important matter by democratic voting, will you?"
Xiao Yan "…"
Discuss that the president will fly back to Lanjing in the early hours of the morning. There is a planning plan to protect him from leaking anything.
On the other hand, Xiao Yan did not give a definite answer or refuse after careful consideration.
In fact, he lacks interest in the world tree project. There is still a small part of the island that is undeveloped. He does not lack land.
After winning the election, Xiao Yan will get a piece of land in the northern suburb near his newly purchased mine.
It is called the "cold winter field". Due to the influence of radioactive dust, it is difficult for sunlight to reach the surface, which makes it inconvenient for a canyon to cross it at low temperature all year round.
Due to the serious pollution and the lack of species, a large area of bare ground is ugly and has no ornamental value.
A word is always a place where birds don’t shit.
But after careful consideration, Xiao Yan decided to join the World Tree Project.
It has long since disappeared in Xiao Yan’s mind. He agreed that the only reason was that he didn’t want Xiao Zhi to go near him and leave the island.
The winter field faces the outlying islands across the sea and is adjacent to other mines. If Xiao Zhi obtains territory, it is equivalent to camping in front of Xiao Yan’s house.
Do others sleep soundly on the side of the bed? Xiao Yan can’t let this land out just for this.
Thought of here, Xiao Yan had to admire Cheng Qianfan’s wrist to plot an open plan and plan it successfully. He pushed back his enemy and supported a confidant to kill two birds with one stone.
Even if the plan fails, Xiao Yan and Xiao Zhi are brothers and it won’t be too ugly.
Xiao Yan can’t help but sigh "Jing Jing"
He is packing for a field trip to Beilin City, packing with him, and there are many employees in Lingshan who are reluctant to go fishing.
Hear Xiao Yan sigh Aochen to "explain to me" eyes.
Xiao Yan described Cheng Qianfan’s various means.
AoChen cold hum "ordinary emperor".
Xiao Yan "Oh"
"What are you holding?"