Zhou Hanjun Yan went black.
☆, Chapter 16 Kissing
Seeing this scene, Fan Zhenhai laughed and pointed to Zhou Hanhan’s gloating. "I didn’t expect you to get beaten one day when you were young. Haha, good, good. Finally, someone can clean you up. It’s really fun!"
Smell speech Zhou Hanjun Yan Hei has no edge, but he didn’t refute what it means to stare at the warmth with faint eyes, like saying, Ye, you have been run like this by others. Are you still not responsible?
Warm language skimming her face, whatever it is, it must be that he was wicked before, and I don’t know how to make Fan Zhenhai think about it. Now, if you seize the opportunity, you will naturally get revenge, and you will complain about it. What’s the matter with a few words of ridicule? It’s cheap enough, okay?
Looked at Zhou Hanhan’s eyes flashed a little bit in bitterness, but he was still holding her big hand and venting his anger like a tight one.
Warm eyebrows, light frowning, and getting rid of them can get him to hold on harder.
Fan Zhenhai Gherardini watched two people’ flirting, flirting’, which is obviously a little sloppy. In his impression, no one in this world can make this day not afraid, not afraid of a small bow, and suffer a loss. He can feel that the little one has wronged others’ roots and doesn’t take him seriously. Ha ha ha, I miss him more, more crazy, and more eye-catching. He also has this ability today. Ha ha, the more he looks, the happier he can’t help laughing again.
Zhou Han glared at him with indignation. "It seems that you are really chatting. Do you want me to ruin your place and give you a chance to rebuild it?"
Fan Zhenhai was not annoyed, but walked over and threatened, "You are ruined. You are not afraid, but I guarantee that if you dare to ruin this place, hehe, you will never want to chase other girls in your life."
"You …"
"What about me?" FanZhenhai there is quite a little success like pick eyebrow way "Lao zhou and hannan are blocking you? Hehe, then add another one. The three of us will join hands to keep you. "
Zhou Hanhan’s teeth are grinding and creaking, but this time he didn’t say anything malicious.
When he saw Fan Zhenhai, he was stunned, as if he were not used to him. Then he smiled proudly, as if he wanted to vent his depression from Zhou Hanhan. Finally, he looked at the warmth and said, "I can watch this little joke because I have touched you today, but it’s a once-in-a-century thing. I have to rush this tree and give it to you willingly!"
"How does this make?" Warm consciousness refused, and then took a look at Zhou Hanhan to signal his position. This was his trouble and he refused.
"How to make not? Makes makes ha ha ha … "
Weeks not cold hum for her clearance "to send is also I send where it’s your turn to court? Old disrespect! "
Fan Zhenhai gloated, "But people don’t want you to send it. When the old man just didn’t hear it, it’s more disgusting than me sending you, okay?"
"You …"
"I what me? Don’t believe it? Then ask someone to see if it’s right? "
Zhou Hanhan turned to look at the warmth. "Do you dislike Ye more?"
Warm-fitting deaf-mute
Zhou Hanhan cursed "conscienceless" in annoyance, and turned his head to stare at Pan Zhenhai and said, "Then I don’t want you to send it!"
FanZhenhai pie pie mercilessly stepped on one foot again. "I don’t have a word with you. You’re the escort. It’s a pity that my boyfriend is in the lobby. Gee, I finally have a higher level with you and I’m more gentle and affectionate than you. If I were you, I wouldn’t hesitate to choose someone …"
Hit the voice, turn to warm, give a thumbs up and praise, "Girl, your eyes are right."
It’s really embarrassing to be caught between these two people. Can she go? Before we say anything, didn’t we accompany her to meet someone? Why are you dawdling here? The strangest thing is that those people can’t hear you?
She was thinking that she was suddenly dragged by Zhou Hanli and went straight to his arms. She was amazed and looked up. He was also looking down and locking her tightly. Every word was as serious and solemn as clear and with some kind of oath. "I will prove how wrong she is, but I am willing to give her a chance to correct it. Anyway, the generation is very long, isn’t it?"
"Zhou is not cold!" Warm heart suddenly messed up, trying to earn but being hugged tighter by his arm.
After Zhou Hanhan said those words, he pursed his lips and said nothing, but his look was very decisive, just like throwing caution to the wind, so he made people tremble and had the determination to cross the rubicon.
Looked at Fan Zhenhai face slightly changed before folding the playful expression cough a "cold cold feeling, check on the ceremony, the old is still there" This little head for the first time to see his affection for the girl is strong and rare.
"You can go." Zhou Hanhan kicked people out without hesitation.
Fan Zhenhai Hu Qiao Qiao snorted. "You are so ungrateful. If it weren’t for the fear that Lao Zhou’s family would be ruined, you wouldn’t care if I didn’t stay here, would you? But the old warning you passion overlord hard bow what … "
He raised his voice and stopped touching his nose. He also felt that he was a little old and embarrassed to say this. He smiled warmly. "Girl, it’s actually not too small. You can just accept it. Anyway, there is not much more than one."
Warm already blushed from embarrassment smell speech also don’t talk, she also can’t say what is staring at weeks cold heart regret shouldn’t have come with him, he is more difficult than the deep end also invited two helpers echo each other!
Fan Zhenhai walked around, and it was quiet and quiet, which made people feel flustered and heard each other breathing.
Weeks not cold also maintained a one-arm hug her posture don’t give up, while the other slowly lift brushed her face and low voice dumb "family that three people are so good? Let you dislike me so much and refuse my kindness again and again, just draw a line with me and keep your distance? "
"Zhou Zhou doesn’t feel cold …" The warm voice shook her head and tried to avoid his hand, but she didn’t have half a point. Where did she hide, he chased it? The cool fingertips crossed her eyebrows a little bit, causing chills. She was afraid that this reaction would resist even harder.
Two people stick to each other, and when she struggles, she can accidentally rub against his body, and in the long run, the atmosphere will be a little fragrant.
For one thing, he likes her, and for another, he’s not a saint and a beautiful woman, so it’s strange to seduce him so much that he can control it.
So his eyes darkened, he breathed, his chest heaved, and the indescribable place screamed. He suddenly hugged her and took two steps forward, pushing her against the tree and hoarse, "Don’t touch again."
Warm and innocent, the little girl felt his change before he spoke, but she couldn’t move, okay? Do you want him to poke himself like that?
She’s not crazy. Besides, she’s really a little flustered. If she were an apprentice with bad intentions, she wouldn’t be forced to do this. If she had a way to escape, she would shout loudly, but now she seems to have nothing to do but struggle.
She didn’t dare to delve into the reason why consciousness escaped.
"Zhou Hanhan let go!" She lost her charm and shouted a warning without any weight.
Weeks don’t cold nature more won’t listen to that gently brushed face hand has landed on her lips, can’t help but feel the tender beautiful eyes are getting darker and darker, and the storm wants to devour everything.
Warm afraid of the body also dare not move again, she is difficult to leave her face to avoid the eyes that make her palpitation. "Zhou Zhou is not cold, you calm down and listen to me. I am not abandoning you. I am …"
Zhou Hanhan interrupted "I know you can’t accept me"
Warm bite a tooth cruel way "is the reason? No, I said you should also know that I have a sacred them, and my body and mind are also them. I won’t like others anymore, understand?"
When she spoke, his fingers were still on her lips, and he suddenly hooked his lips. In an instant, his whole face became charming and unruly, like a poppy exhibition, releasing thrilling beauty. "Are they physically and mentally?" Never like anyone else again? Hehe, you haven’t known them for long, have you? Do you give the body or the heart first? "
"What do you mean?"
"It means that if you give me your body, will your heart fall on me?"
"Can’t answer it? Then let’s try! " He suddenly bowed his head a few centimeters away from her lips.
Warm and eager, "No, I won’t be cold if I answer it. I am together because I like them."
"Are you? But I heard that once a woman gives birth, she will give up her heart. I want to try. "
"But I don’t want to try with you!"
Weeks cold lazy voice full of temptation "what? I’m sure you won’t suffer. I’m definitely not worse than them, or do you want them to be honest? "
Zhou Han was silent for a moment and said again, "OK, then warm me in another way. You’ve got my heart. Do you want to take me with you?"
"I don’t want to!" The warmth is going crazy by him. What kind of routine is this? What is the way to change it? It’s just importune.
"The answer is really simple, but what do I want to do for you?"
"I don’t want well …"
"It’s not up to you."
His lips finally covered!