It was a little different from what I imagined, so I looked at it a few more times.
Lin Mei is also looking at her. To be precise, her eyes have been fixed on her since she entered the door. If there is substance, the emotions inside are complicated and hard to say. It is always negative energy.
Warm, I don’t want to study more. I take off my coat and put it on the back of the chair. Then I feel comfortable sitting on the desktop. There is nothing but a pot of tea and two teacups. There is not even a menu.
This hongmen banquet is too unprofessional.
Warm lips with a smile mocking expression instantaneous stimulation Lin Mei impatient first mouth "miss wen is not identify here as their own? A guest after all. Where are your rules? "
Warm and painless, he replied, "We are all guests here, even if you treat me, can’t we be the host?" Well, even if your host pretends to be the host, you will be polite if you don’t meet me when the guests come? "
"Ha ha, it was a good eloquence. No wonder those people were lost in their minds."
Warm and lightly brushed my hair. "I am still fascinated by their beauty and talent. It turns out that there is eloquence. Thank you for pointing it out and making me more confident."
Lin Mei choked and sneered, "Is it ridiculous to say beauty in front of me?"
Looking at her warmly, her eyes are not aggressive. "Yes, you are really beautiful. I can’t help but be amazed at first sight, but you are beautiful, but you can’t stand it."
Lin Mei’s face changed. "What do you mean?"
Warm and leisurely way: "It is said that a woman is like a flower, but it will be boring if she looks at it for a long time. In my opinion, a beautiful woman should be obsessed with it more and more, which makes people forget to sleep and sleep. That is the attitude that a beautiful woman should have."
"Are you laughing at me boring without culvert? Then you are so ignorant. How did you get to where you are today? I’m telling you, it’s an entertainment kingdom that I personally created! I am not an able person to watch vases! "
Warmly shook his head. "You are not only beautiful, but also talented, but you are unique and lack of purity."
"What did you say?"
"Don’t want to admit it? Or do you want to argue that people in this world can’t live if they are too kind? No, I think everything is an excuse. I don’t object to treating the wicked by means. I will fight back mercilessly, but you are not in your eyes. Right and wrong and good and evil are not as important as you. You can kill everything by hook or by crook. "
Lin Mei became emotional. "What do you know?"
Warm sneer "do you want to say that you are because of love? Is it because you love someone that you become like this? You did everything to love him and be with him? You moved yourself by being crazy, didn’t you? Even after more than 20 years, you are still immersed in it. Maybe you dare not think about it or dare not face it … "
"Shut up!"
Lin Mei seems to have been stripped naked, and sitting there, she can escape. Her expression has become a little horrible, staring at the warmth as if she were going to eat her.
The warmth stopped stimulating her. I wish I had poured myself a cup of tea and drank it to moisten my voice.
After half a ring, Lin Mei gradually calmed down and looked out of the window, ignoring the warmth. Speaking of it, "I really love him so much that I can be desperate to be with him. I don’t even want to be a birthright. I know that his family has such a good family and pays so much attention to the lintel. I told him that I was his lover, but … I put myself so low and loved him so lowly, and he still didn’t accept me …"
Hearing the warmth here, I can’t help but interrupt, "You are mistaken. Dad didn’t go to various hospitals to study. He really wanted to show off the parents and his alias. It didn’t make people think much."
Lin Mei took a deep breath and continued with a few eloquence. "After he left, I thought maybe I was too tight to make him feel too stressed and shit. I didn’t immediately chase him back. When I wanted to give him some, I wanted to figure out who loved him the most and was the best for him, but I waited and waited until he came back with Lin Yuyan to get married …"
Warm is so curious that I have to interrupt again. "Wait, who is Lin Yuyan?"
☆, Chapter 66 My beloved wife
I heard her ask Lin Mei what a pleasure it seemed to me. Suddenly I laughed and laughed, and the cuttlefish fluttered, and my eyes were full of tears before I stopped panting. "You don’t know who she is? Haha, you don’t know who she is! "
Warm ridicule asked, "I don’t know who she is, so please you?"
Lin Mei readily admitted, "Yes, I was so pleased. Isn’t it ridiculous when my daughter doesn’t know who her real mother is?" "This is karma," she said, laughing uncontrollably. "You robbed Wen Jun, but others didn’t know your real name until you died. Now you don’t even know your own daughter. Hehehe …"
Warm smile interrupted, "but my mother can accompany my father to live and die together, but it’s nothing to be able to share the same name." They are buried in a grave and will be together forever, and no one can divide them. "
Smell speech Lin Mei expression envy some twisted up angrily unwilling way "that again? The tombstone is not written with her name, and who knows that it is her Lin Yuyan buried inside? "
"The name is just a symbol. Is it that important?"
Lin Mei seemed to hold on to the last straw and said bitterly, "It’s important. Anyway, in my opinion, it’s not her buried in that grave. Lin Yuyan is a strange woman named Wu Aiqi!"
I shook my head at her self-deception, warmth and pity. "Are you still unwilling to face it?" Wu Aiqi, the name of my beloved wife, is taken by my father, and it is my father’s deepest confession to my mother. Isn’t it more meaningful than Lin Yuyan? "
"Wu Aiqi? My beloved wife? No, it’s not. It’s all in your head! It’s a coincidence! " Lin Mei seems to have suffered a severe blow. Her delicate face has faded and her blood is white, which is somewhat frightening.
The warmth didn’t continue to stimulate her. Anyway, she should be white. No one can save her if she has to live in her own story.
Lin Mei muttered to herself for a while. Suddenly, she picked up the teapot and filled it up eagerly. After drinking it, she filled it up and drank it dry. It was like drinking wine. It happened that the more she drank, the more awake she became. She suddenly swept everything on the table to the ground. The teacup and teapot broke and clattered.
The door pushed Wu and Lin Mei’s bodyguards in from the outside. One of them was cold and hard. He didn’t ask Wu anything. He was worried. "Are you all right, miss?"
Warm shook his head.
Lin Mei looked a little embarrassed. "Everybody out. Who told you to come in?"
Wu didn’t move warm gave a sign for him. He didn’t go out until Lin Mei, the bodyguard, turned away from the door without hesitation and fell into a strange silence again.
The most warm thing is that you can’t hold your breath and don’t talk. Looking at the scenery outside the window, there is a small backyard with some ordinary flowers and plants. In addition, there is a small vegetable field that is not a vegetable, but a plant with the same origin of medicine and food
For example, today, many cold flowers and plants have withered, and only they are protected by plastic wrap and grow green and gratifying.
Warm can’t help but see a few more eyes.
Lin Mei couldn’t help sneering when he looked at it calmly. "That was when Wen Jun suggested that the boss should plant it because the medicinal materials could be used as food to increase delicacy and nutrition, and the boss adopted it and made the habit of making the food taste really better."
Warmth followed her words and asked curiously, "where is this boss?" I just saw when I entered the door that the greeting person was very young, at most thirty years old. "
"Hum that boss was more than forty years old when he received WenJun. How can he do it now? When you walk in the door, you see that it’s his son who has been taking over for many years, but it’s a pity that the craft is not good and he doesn’t always cook. "
Warm and noncommittal
Lin Mei had ordered something warm, and she didn’t notice that there was a pager sitting there. Lin Mei was talking directly to her. "A plate of stir-fried bamboo shoots and melons, a plate of home-made tofu, a flavored eggplant and sweet and sour lotus root, and a soup, mushroom soup and two bottles of white wine. Your father brewed his own white wine."